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Patent # Description
US-D642,392 Chair
US-D642,391 Infant positioning and support device
US-D642,390 Barrier structure
US-D642,389 Object holder
US-D642,388 Clothes hanger
US-D642,387 Clothes hanger for dry cleaning machines
US-D642,386 Lingerie hanger
US-D642,385 Electronic frame
US-D642,384 Free standing rifle shell holder
US-D642,383 Fogless mirror
US-D642,382 Absorbent article material
US-D642,381 Paper product
US-D642,380 Climbing backpack auxilliary pouch
US-D642,379 Hard case luggage
US-D642,378 Handbag
US-D642,377 Beltless tool holder
US-D642,376 Pepper spray canister holder device
US-D642,375 Multifunction infant carrier
US-D642,374 Bottle opener key fob
US-D642,373 Musical instrument case
US-D642,372 Umbrella
US-D642,371 Shoe upper
US-D642,370 Shoe upper
US-D642,369 Shoe upper
US-D642,368 Shoe upper
US-D642,367 Portion of an upper of a footwear article
US-D642,366 Portion of a side of a footwear article
US-D642,365 Portion of a side and quarter of a footwear article
US-D642,364 Footwear upper
US-D642,363 Shoe insert
US-D642,362 Shoe outsole
US-D642,361 Sandal
US-D642,360 Shoe
US-D642,359 Shirt
US-D642,358 Pants with rear openings
US-D642,357 Bathing suit with rear openings
US-D642,356 Belt
US-RE42,595 Command conversion interface between image provider and image requestor
A command conversion interface between an image machine with a plurality of hard keys and an image requestor is disclosed. When the command conversion interface...
US-RE42,594 Tissue cooling rod for laser surgery
A laser treatment device and process with controlled cooling. The device contains a cooling element with high heat conduction properties, which is transparent...
US-RE42,593 Photo-curable resin composition used for photo-fabrication of three-dimensional object
A photocurable resin composition suitable for photo-fabrication. The resin composition capable of being promptly cured by photo-irradiation, thereby reducing...
US-RE42,592 Battery pack for portable electronic equipment
A rechargeable battery pack for portable electronic equipment is includes a battery coupled to a charge/discharge circuit and includes a a first substrate for...
US-RE42,591 Moving-picture signal coding and/or decoding system resistant to transmission error
An input image signal is coded by an encoder to be outputted as a basic code string, and the basic code string is delayed by a code-string delay circuit for a...
US-RE42,590 Telephone line coupler
The telephone line coupler circuit has a single transmit opto-coupler whose output includes a DC bias component connected to a gate of a line seize switch for...
US-RE42,589 Enhanced MPEG information distribution apparatus and method
A method and concomitant apparatus for compressing, multiplexing and, in optional embodiments, encrypting, transporting, decrypting, decompressing and...
US-RE42,588 Control system for a two chamber gas discharge laser system
The present invention provides a control system for a modular high repetition rate two discharge chamber ultraviolet gas discharge laser. In preferred...
US-RE42,587 Method and apparatus for serving data
VPI/VCI of an ATM cell is translated into an internal ID by distribute VPI/VCI entries into sections in a table according to a portion of each VPI/VCI entry. A...
US-RE42,586 Method and apparatus for improving radio spectrum usage and decreasing user data delay when providing packet...
A method provides for operating a wireless communication system having packet data capabilities, and includes steps of: (a) sending a message from a mobile...
US-RE42,585 Information recording medium, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, recording method, reproduction...
Information recording media 101 and 102 usable for either a first recording density D1 or a second recording density D2 each include a user data area 106 in...
US-RE42,584 Optical disc recording and reproducing apparatus for performing a formatting process as a background process...
An optical disc recording and reproducing apparatus can record data, which is provided in a packet having a fixed length, on an optical disc without waiting for...
US-RE42,583 Brushless DC motor in washing machine
Brushless motor in a washing machine including a stator having a coil coupled to an upper frame, and a rotor having a lower frame entirely formed of a metal to...
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