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Patent # Description
US-7,987,543 Working method and cleaning device to clean a swimming pool
In a working method for a cleaning device (2) that moves back and forth in a swimming pool (1), control thereof is such that the cleaning device (2) moves from...
US-7,987,542 Automatic swimming pool cleaners and bodies, feet, discs, and other components thereof
Devices for cleaning vessels, especially swimming pools, are discussed. The devices may include repositionable in-line valves, with the valves typically moving...
US-7,987,541 Steam washing method for washing machine and washing machine with the same
The present invention relates to a method of a washing machine having a tub (21) for holding washing water, a drum (31) rotatably mounted in the tub (21), and a...
US-7,987,540 Laundry machine system for enhanced process automation and control
A control system for a laundry machine provides a system for engaging a laundry machine in a drop-off mode, allowing an operator to use the machine as necessary...
US-7,987,539 Fungicidal detergent compositions
Disclosed is the use of the compound of formula ##STR00001## wherein R.sub.1 is hydrogen; or C.sub.1-C.sub.5alkyl for the fungicidal treatment of hard...
US-7,987,538 Bed support system and method
A bed support system may include first and second rails each including at least two legs connected at a top thereof by a handle. A first adjustable strap and a...
US-7,987,537 Pillow structure
A pillow structure substantially has a bottom board 1 mounted at a bottom inside a pillow body 10 and at least one resilient pad 2 controlled by an adjuster 4...
US-7,987,536 Animal-themed sleep system
A sleep system includes a sack and a sleeping bag. The sack includes an exterior surface, an interior surface, a closed end and an open end. The exterior...
US-7,987,535 Shower corner seat assembly
A shower corner seat assembly is made up of a seat plate and supporting bracket frame. To fit in the corner, the seat is generally triangular like most others,...
US-7,987,534 Shower curtain rod
A shower curtain rod is a multiple-sectional rod composed of two supporting rods and at least one extension rod pivotally connected between the two supporting...
US-7,987,533 Shower water toy construction system
A shower water construction system for a child/user, which also functions as a showering system and utilizes a pre-existing bath/shower unit as a supporting...
US-7,987,532 Retractable shower expander assembly
A shower curtain support system consists of a support guide member having a center portion, two opposing ends, two holders, and an attached shower curtain. The...
US-7,987,531 Portable floating hot tub
A portable floating hot tub that is easy to assemble and take down and can be used in environments with extremely cold and turbulent water. The hot tub has...
US-7,987,530 Flushing sitz bath basin
A sitz bath helps patients suffering from hemorrhoids and other conditions to void their bowels. A flushing sitz bath utilizes an attached liquid filling tube,...
US-7,987,529 Method and apparatus for defecation and urination
An apparatus for discharging bodily wastes has a receptacle for holding a person's bodily waste products, including an upwardly facing opening for receiving the...
US-7,987,528 Pedal operated device
A linkage for moving a hinged member from a first position to a second position. The hinged member may be a toilet seat, the lid of a toilet seat, or any other...
US-7,987,527 Toilet ventilation device
One embodiment of a device for transporting odor-containing air from a region including an interior airspace of a toilet bowl to a drain line that connects a...
US-7,987,526 Protective gear for the body and methods of making the same
An item of protective gear for a body, including a section of shell material and a section of a relatively softer flexural material joined in a unitary...
US-7,987,525 Helmet
A helmet for use by an operator or rider of a motorized vehicle, such as a motorcycle or snowmobile, includes a ventilation system with an air intake subsystem,...
US-7,987,524 Upper garment for patient
A long-sleeved, pullover-type upper body garment has a continuous slit, which runs up the side of the garment from the bottom of garment body to an arm pit, and...
US-7,987,523 Quick release garment
A quick release garment such as a vest including a quick release system for easy removal by a wearer in an emergency situation wherein activation of the quick...
US-7,987,522 Systems and methods for providing modular camouflage
Systems and methods for retaining camouflage material from the natural surrounding of a user. A device includes a retaining mechanism and at least two coupling...
US-7,987,521 Shirt with reinforced front
A shirt is described that uses a double layer of fabric, strategically located across its front to protect the torso of the wearer.
US-7,987,520 Concealable shoulder-supported harness system for a belt and a clothing attire utilizing the same
A concealable shoulder-supported harness system for a belt fastened around the torso of a wearer, includes a support portion adapted for operative engagement...
US-7,987,519 Disposable infant bib
A disposable infant bib including a thin one-piece body formed of a waterproof outer layer and a biodegradable paper inner layer fixedly attached thereto via an...
US-7,987,518 Child knee pad
The preferred embodiment of the inventive subject matter is a knee pad for assisting an infant in crawling. The knee pad comprises of a central portion having a...
US-7,987,517 Protective eyewear with metal lenses
Protective eyewear for protecting a wearer's eyes during a sporting event. The protective eyewear comprises a frame and a metal protective section. The frame...
US-D642,765 Robot
US-D642,764 Lightweight high load capacity folding utility cart with ergonomic handle
US-D642,763 Trolley for medical equipment
US-D642,762 Iron
US-D642,761 Connector for a cleaning device
US-D642,760 Dust mop head
US-D642,759 Cleaning sheet
US-D642,758 Cleaning sheet
US-D642,757 Laundry hamper stand
US-D642,756 Optical connector cleaner
US-D642,755 Handle for a vacuum cleaner
US-D642,754 Vacuum cleaner shaft
US-D642,753 Washing machine
US-D642,752 Washing machine
US-D642,751 Dishwasher panel
US-D642,750 Deer cleaning cart
US-D642,749 Container for pet waste
US-D642,748 Retractable lead for dogs
US-D642,747 Pet collar
US-D642,746 Pet watering base
US-D642,745 Animal watering device
US-D642,744 Ponytail extension
US-D642,743 Cosmetic holder
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