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Patent # Description
US-D644,020 Shoe upper
US-D644,019 Portion of an upper of a footwear article
US-D644,018 Double tongue snowboard boot
US-D644,017 Shoe upper
US-D644,016 Shoe upper
US-D644,015 Shoe upper
US-D644,014 Shoe upper
US-D644,013 Shoe upper
US-D644,012 Shoe upper
US-D644,011 Shoe upper
US-D644,010 Footwear upper
US-D644,009 Shoe bottom
US-D644,008 Shoe bottom
US-D644,007 Periphery of an outsole
US-D644,006 Footwear
US-D644,005 Shampoo collar protector
US-D644,004 Garment top
US-D644,003 Nursing camisole
US-D644,002 Heating element for neck warmer
US-D644,001 Confectionary
US-D644,000 Confectionary
US-D643,999 Confectionary
US-D643,998 Confectionary
US-D643,997 Food product with toast marks
US-D643,996 Confection
US-RE42,665 Homepage access method, product, and apparatus
A device, network access apparatus executes any program such as a servlet, applet, script, or web browser. When a user logs in or when the user executes a...
US-RE42,664 Method and apparatus for implementing parallel operations in a database management system
The present invention implements parallel processing in a Database Management System. The present invention provides the ability to locate transaction and...
US-RE42,663 Predictive modeling of consumer financial behavior using supervised segmentation and nearest-neighbor matching
Predictive modeling of consumer financial behavior, including determination of likely responses to particular marketing efforts, is provided by application of...
US-RE42,662 Endovascular electrolytically detachable wire and tip for the formation of thrombus in arteries, veins,...
An artery, vein, aneurysm, vascular malformation or arterial fistula is occluded through endovascular occlusion by the endovascular insertion of a platinum wire...
US-RE42,661 Method and apparatus for fast V.90 modem startup
A fast startup procedure for a modem system utilizes known characteristics of a previously established communication channel to reduce the initialization period...
US-RE42,660 Method of removing blocking artifacts in a coding system of a moving picture
A method of coding a moving picture reduces blocking artifacts. The method includes defining pixel sets S0, S1, S2 around a block boundary, selectively...
US-RE42,659 Large-capacity semiconductor memory with improved layout for sub-amplifiers to increase speed
A semiconductor memory such as a dynamic RAM having memory mats each divided into a plurality of units or sub-memory mats. Each sub-memory mat comprises: a...
US-RE42,658 Gate driver multi-chip module
A multi-chip module (MCM) provides power circuitry on a computer motherboard in a package of reduced size without sacrificing performance. The MCM co-packages...
US-RE42,657 Dual compression format digital video production system
An audio/video production system is implemented on a PC-based platform, preferably utilizing various forms of removable magnetic, optical, or magneto-optical...
US-RE42,656 Method and apparatus for scaling up and down a video image
An input video image having an arbitrary resolution is converted to another video image having a predetermined resolution of a display device to display the...
US-RE42,655 Mechanism for fixing probe card
In a mechanism for fixing a probe card, the probe card and a support frame are joined to each other about the axis of each of the probe card and the support...
US-RE42,654 Seal assembly
A seal for acceptance in an annular gland in a piston comprises an annular primary sealing element, an annular secondary sealing element disposed radially...
US-RE42,653 Semiconductor package with heat dissipating structure
A semiconductor package with a heat dissipating structure is provided. The heat dissipating structure includes a flat portion, and a plurality of support...
US-RE42,652 Near-azeotropic ternary compositions constituted by hydrogenated fluorocarbons and hydrocarbons, suitable as...
Near-azeotropic ternary compositions of hydrofluorocarbons with n-butane or isobutane selected from: TABLE-US-00001 A) 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (R134a) ...
US-RE42,651 Optical scanner having enhanced item side coverage
A dual aperture optical scanner which produces horizontal, vertical, and diagonal scan patterns. The optical scanner includes a housing having a substantially...
US-RE42,650 Fluid gauge proximity sensor and method of operating same using a modulated fluid flow
A system and method that use a fluid gauge proximity sensor. A source of modulated unidirectional or alternating fluid flow travels along at least one path...
US-RE42,649 Picture leveling/positioning template
The present invention 10 discloses an inexpensive, reusable, and compact picture leveling template where the design of the device 10 would allow the user 12 to...
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