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Patent # Description
US-D649,369 Student desk with stool
US-D649,368 Student desk with seat
US-D649,367 Chair
US-D649,366 Chair
US-D649,365 Garment hanger
US-D649,364 Display
US-D649,363 Collage photo frame
US-D649,362 Absorbent article material with surface indicia
US-D649,361 Absorbent article material with surface indicia
US-D649,360 Disposable fireplace liner
US-D649,359 Wipe substrate
US-D649,358 Powered paint applicator handle
US-D649,357 Golf bag top and handle
US-D649,356 Golf bag top
US-D649,355 Golf bag top
US-D649,354 Golf bag top
US-D649,353 Golf bag top
US-D649,352 Tote
US-D649,351 Luggage
US-D649,350 Tool container
US-D649,349 Toolbox
US-D649,348 Eyeglass holder
US-D649,347 Holster for an electronic device
US-D649,346 Pet waste collection container
US-D649,345 Baby carrier
US-D649,344 L-shaped key holder with a head end and a whistle end
US-D649,343 L-shaped key holder
US-D649,342 Medical supply life box
US-D649,341 Multi-weight case
US-D649,340 Boot clip
US-D649,339 Footwear
US-D649,338 Footwear
US-D649,337 Shoe outsole
US-D649,336 Shoe outsole
US-D649,335 Shoe outsole
US-D649,334 Shoe spike attachable cover
US-D649,333 Gaiter
US-D649,332 Split dog image
US-D649,331 Underwear
US-D649,330 Super absorbent panties
US-D649,329 Patches for a glove
US-D649,328 Solar glove
US-D649,327 Drum gloves
US-D649,326 Banana glove
US-RE42,984 Data security method and device for computer modules
A security method for an attached computer module in a computer system. The security method reads a security identification number in an attached computer...
US-RE42,983 Slideable vascular filter
A collapsible medical device for use, e.g., as a vascular filter. The device includes a mandrel having a distal end and a stop spaced proximally of the distal...
US-RE42,982 Antimicrobial release system
.[.The present invention relates to medical devices that are inserted or implanted into patients and that have antimicrobial coatings that release free radicals...
US-RE42,981 Method for changing performance controlling parameter for mobile telecommunication terminal
Disclosed is a method for changing a performance controlling parameter of a mobile telecommunication terminal, in which the parameter is changed by using an SMS...
US-RE42,980 Method for applying a resist layer, uses of adhesive materials, and adhesive materials and resist layer
A method in which a resist layer is applied to a base layer is disclosed. The resist layer includes an adhesive material, and the adhesive force of the adhesive...
US-RE42,979 Method to route an incoming call, telecommunication terminal, and destination terminal selection arrangement
If a terminal (MOB_T) receives an incoming call and this receiving terminal (MOB_T) is not suitable to handle this incoming call, the receiving terminal (MOB_T)...
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