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Patent # Description
US-D651,002 Vehicle seat
US-D651,001 Vehicle seat
US-D651,000 Overhead structure for an infant seat
US-D650,999 Wall hanger for modular caps
US-D650,998 Wall hanger for modular caps
US-D650,997 Paper product
US-D650,996 Sheet material with surface pattern
US-D650,995 Sheet material with surface pattern
US-D650,994 Wipe substrate
US-D650,993 Sheet with pattern
US-D650,992 Lobed cosmetic applicator
US-D650,991 Part of handbag
US-D650,990 Document bag with strap
US-D650,989 Tablet computer trifold portfolio
US-D650,988 Handbag
US-D650,987 Neck-supported food and beverage carrier
US-D650,986 Medication storage and delivery device
US-D650,985 Bottle holder
US-D650,984 Umbrella skeleton
US-D650,983 Shoe lace fastening system
US-D650,982 Footwear
US-D650,981 Footwear
US-D650,980 Shoe outsole and periphery
US-D650,979 Curvilinear shoe sole
US-D650,978 Shoe midsole
US-D650,977 Shoe
US-D650,976 Golf shoe
US-D650,975 Footwear
US-D650,974 Shoe
US-D650,973 Shoe
US-D650,972 Pair of shoes
US-D650,971 Baby bib
US-D650,970 Sports team novelty championship belt
US-D650,969 Sock support
US-D650,968 Glove
US-D650,967 Glove
US-D650,966 Chocolate confection
US-RE43,052 Graphic interface device and method in digital TV
A graphic interface device and method in a digital TV. The graphic interface device includes: a transmitting side for coding various forms of user graphic...
US-RE43,051 Enabling a service provider to provide intranet services
A method and system allows a service provider to provide Intranet services remotely by assigning private virtual servers to customers. Each customer addresses...
US-RE43,050 Medical electrode and release liner configurations facilitating packaged electrode characterization
An electrode includes a conductive adhesive layer and a conductive foil layer having a void therein. One such electrode may be mounted in conjunction with...
US-RE43,049 Rigidly-linked articulating wrist with decoupled motion transmission
The present invention is a device having a rigidly linked jaw that is decoupled from an articulating wrist. The device provides for articulating motion as well...
US-RE43,048 Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging with harmonic contrast agents
Apparatus and methods are disclosed for the detection and imaging of ultrasonic harmonic contrast agents. The harmonic echo effect is detected through alternate...
US-RE43,047 MMS based photo album publishing system
An MMS publishing system comprises a management tool, an authoring tool, a storage facility, a message router, and a rendering server. The management tool...
US-RE43,046 Maintenance system for a telecommunication installation
The invention provides a portable and autonomous assistance device to derive information on faults in a private telecommunication installation comprising...
US-RE43,045 Multi-chamber MOCVD growth apparatus for high performance/high throughput
In one embodiment the present invention is a method of conducting multiple step multiple chamber chemical vapor deposition while avoiding reactant memory in the...
US-RE43,044 Electrically conductive pavement mixture
An electrically conductive paving system that has enhanced conductivity of the conductive graphite/asphalt layer. This is achieved by incorporating into the...
US-RE43,043 Picture signal transmitting method and apparatus
A picture type identifier, indicating one of intra-picture coding (an I-picture), forward or backward predictive coding (a P-picture) and bi-directionally...
US-RE43,042 Bipolar method and structure having improved BVCEO/RCS trade-off made with depletable collector columns
In accordance with the invention, there are various methods of making an integrated circuit comprising a bipolar transistor. According to an embodiment of the...
US-RE43,041 Control module for flywheel operated hand tool
A control module advantageously reduces cost and enhances reliability, design flexibility, ease of assembly, and performance of a flywheel operated hand tool....
US-RE43,040 Advancing/retracting mechanism
An advancing/retracting mechanism having a pair of cams is disclosed. The advancing/retracting mechanism includes a first cam, a second cam, and a barrel. The...
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