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Patent # Description
US-D653,448 Religious memento box
US-D653,447 Eyeglass caddy
US-D653,446 Fishing rod storage device
US-D653,445 Insulated carrier bag
US-D653,444 Cell phone holster with belt
US-D653,443 Sports bottle holder with ball
US-D653,442 Shoe upper
US-D653,441 Shoe upper
US-D653,440 Shoe upper
US-D653,439 Shoe upper
US-D653,438 Shoe anti-slip attachment
US-D653,437 Shoe sole
US-D653,436 Shoe
US-D653,435 Shoe
US-D653,434 Shoe
US-D653,433 Shoe
US-D653,432 Portion of a footwear sole
US-D653,431 Leaf-shaped sandal
US-D653,430 Quilted vest
US-D653,429 Cape
US-D653,428 Glove
US-D653,427 Glove
US-D653,426 Pair of gloves
US-RE43,171 Data security method and device for computer modules
A security method for an attached computer module in a computer system. The security method reads a security identification number in an attached computer...
US-RE43,170 Previewing documents on a computer system
A method, system and apparatus for previewing documents on a computer system, the method comprising the steps of:--displaying a main document (102) which...
US-RE43,169 Universal modular pulse oximeter probe for use with reusable and disposable patient attachment devices
.[.A system and method of standardizing modular probe housings so that the standardized probe housings may be incorporated into probes adapted to work with at...
US-RE43,168 Polymeric latexes prepared in the presence of 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonate
A polymeric latex prepared by aqueous emulsion polymerization of a monomeric mixture comprising styrene and butadiene in the presence of a seed polymer prepared...
US-RE43,167 Exercise device
An exercise apparatus including two parallel, longitudinally extending hand rails, a longitudinally extending base unit, legs that connect the hand rails to the...
US-RE43,166 Gene encoding chondroitinase ABC and uses therefor
Nucleic acid sequences coding for the chondroitinase ABC gene and isolated chondroitinase ABE protein produced in a host cell transformed with a nucleic acid...
US-RE43,165 Card sheet construction
A card sheet including a top material having punched lines, the front side of the top material being printable. A carrier material of at least one polymer layer...
US-RE43,164 Tape cassette for use with a printing device
A tape cassette is used in a printing device with a drive shaft. The tape cassette includes a cassette casing which houses a printing tape and defines a feed...
US-RE43,163 High-speed network of independently linked nodes
A method of operating a network is beneficially conducted on a municipality or neighborhood level. The method in disclosed embodiments comprises installing a...
US-RE43,162 Semiconductor memory module, electronic apparatus and method for operating thereof
A semiconductor memory module (1) includes a circuit substrate (2), a first (100), a second (200), a third (300) and a fourth (400) rank of memory chips (3), a...
US-RE43,161 Photic image processing method
The present invention relates to a photic image processing method which includes steps of (1) processing a photic image unit to generate a photic image signal...
US-RE43,160 High speed differential signaling logic gate and applications thereof
A high-speed differential signaling logic gate includes a 1.sup.st input transistor, 2.sup.nd input transistor, complimentary transistor, current source, a...
US-RE43,159 Semiconductor light emitting device
A semiconductor light emitting device includes a hetero-configuration having an active layer, a first clad layer, and a second clad layer, the active layer...
US-RE43,158 Device for holding a paper sheet
Device intended to maintain a paper sheet close to the vertical in order to facilitate the viewing thereof, characterized in that it is comprised of first...
US-RE43,157 System and method for reassociating an account number to another transaction account
A method and system for converting a first transaction account device to a second transaction account device wherein a card number associated with, or defined...
US-RE43,156 Receptacle with shaped surface
The instant invention discloses a receptacle where the surface of the face along its width is flat in one plane and along its length has a constant radius. The...
US-RE43,155 Hospital bed and mattress having a retractable foot section
A patient support is disclosed having an adjustable length deck and a mattress positionable on the deck.
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