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Patent # Description
US-D655,102 Chair
US-D655,101 Chair
US-D655,100 Seating furniture
US-D655,099 Seat
US-D655,098 Chair
US-D655,097 Seat for motor vehicle
US-D655,096 Driver seat for a truck
US-D655,095 Display
US-D655,094 Substrate with a camouflage pattern
US-D655,093 Mini toilet brush
US-D655,092 Brush handle
US-D655,091 Dog bone lint roller
US-D655,090 Beverage container carry strap
US-D655,089 Utility pack strap
US-D655,088 Basket sides
US-D655,087 Bin
US-D655,086 Tool case
US-D655,085 Flexible storage container for mattress pads
US-D655,084 Carrying case for portable electronic device
US-D655,083 Stitchless leather wallet
US-D655,082 Multi-use handbag
US-D655,081 Electronic device holder for a wrist band
US-D655,080 Wrist-worn shopping bag grip
US-D655,079 Denture bath
US-D655,078 Sock toe
US-D655,077 Flexible foot cushion
US-D655,076 Arch support for athletic shoe
US-D655,075 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D655,074 Footwear
US-D655,073 Hat
US-D655,072 Stadium coat
US-D655,071 Mariachi suit
US-D655,070 Pants
US-D655,069 Strapless bra
US-D655,068 Confectionary
US-D655,067 Confectionary
US-D655,066 Chocolate tablet
US-RE43,231 System and method for joint source-channel encoding, with symbol, decoding and error correction
.[.Disclosed is a.]. .Iadd.A .Iaddend.system and method for joint source-channel encoding, symbol decoding and error correction, preferably utilizing an...
US-RE43,230 Optical disk including a barcode pattern formed by a laser using pulse width modulation
An object of the present invention is to provide a marking forming apparatus, a method of forming a laser marking on an optical disk, a reproduction apparatus,...
US-RE43,229 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, including multiple heat treatment
A semiconductor device manufacturing method having forming first and second insulating gate portions spaced from each other on a semiconductor substrate,...
US-RE43,228 Tape cassette for use with a printing device
A tape cassette is used in a printing device with a drive shaft. The tape cassette includes a cassette casing which houses a printing tape and defines a feed...
US-RE43,227 Method and system of remote monitoring of image forming apparatus
A method and system for monitoring and controlling machines, such as printers, copiers, facsimile machine and other image forming machines. A server is used for...
US-RE43,226 Optical multiplexing device
An optical multiplexing device includes an optical element having at least one set of diffractive elements, and an optical reflector. The reflector routes,...
US-RE43,225 Method and apparatus for enhancing an image using data optimization and segmentation
A method and system are disclosed for generating enhanced images of multiple dimensional data using a depth-buffer segmentation process. The method and system...
US-RE43,224 Data aided symbol timing system for precoded continuous phase modulated signals
Data aided carrier phase and symbol timing synchronizers are implemented at baseband as digital modulators isolating input signal inphase and quadrature...
US-RE43,223 Dynamic memory management
In a method, system and apparatus for management of dynamic memory in battery-powered devices, information is stored in dynamic memory, such as SDRAM chips....
US-RE43,222 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
A semiconductor integrated circuit device with reduced consumption current is provided. A first step-down circuit stationarily forms internal voltage lower than...
US-RE43,221 Structured cabling system and method
A structured cabling system includes a plurality of data cables (6A-6F), one end of each cable being secured to a jack of a multiple jack assembly (1) and the...
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