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Patent # Description
US-8,127,395 Apparatus for isolated bevel edge clean and method for using the same
An apparatus, system and method for cleaning a substrate edge include a bristle brush unit that cleans bevel polymers deposited on substrate edges using...
US-8,127,394 End-piece for a windshield wiper blade unit
The invention relates to an end-piece (20) for a windshield wiper blade unit, which end-piece comprises: an open hollow body (26) that receives a longitudinal...
US-8,127,393 Interchangeable retracting hair brush
An interchangeable retractable hair brush includes a retracting brush element and a brush case. The retracting brush element includes a brush base and a brush...
US-8,127,392 Convertible broom
A convertible broom having a broom head able to be selectively latched in either of two pivoted angular positions with respect to a broom handle. A latch...
US-8,127,391 Subtrate treatment apparatus
An inventive substrate treatment apparatus includes a substrate rotation unit which rotates a substrate, a brush to be brought into contact with at least a...
US-8,127,390 Robot for cleaning wall/window
A robot according to the present invention cleans the outer surface of a window/wall by performing automatic movement along the outer surface of the window/wall...
US-8,127,389 Portable curb ramp
A portable ramp system made according to this invention includes a pair of interconnected ramps for use with high-centering wheeled lawn equipment such as...
US-8,127,388 Gangway apparatus
A gangway apparatus (10) for transfer between vessels or between a vessel (38) and a fixed structure such as an offshore construction or a quay is disclosed....
US-8,127,387 Multi-purpose firefighting tool
A manually held firefighting tool has an elongated staff section having a first working member at one end and a second working member at the other end. The...
US-8,127,386 Air mattress
In an air mattress (1) including a plurality of levels of air mattress layers (5, 7) which are vertically stacked, in each of the levels of air mattress layers...
US-8,127,385 Infant head rest and angular support pillow
A method for securing an infant at a gently angled upright position employs an infant bedding system having a generally wedge shaped angular pillow; an angled...
US-8,127,384 Infant lulling device
A device for lulling infants to sleep comprising a pillow with a receptacle and closure, wherein the middle portion of the sides of the pillow are curved...
US-8,127,383 Titanium mattress member
A versatile support member constructed of a metallic mesh is provided in a bedding product. The support member is placed on top of the mattress core (whether...
US-8,127,382 Portable compact pillow system
A portable compact pillow system includes a travel carrier having a first half and a second half and also including a latching feature to secure the first half...
US-8,127,381 Collapsible litter apparatus, system and method
A collapsible litter carrier apparatus, system and method. Generally, the litter apparatus includes a frame assembly having a plurality of hingedly connected,...
US-8,127,380 Hospital beds with a rotating sleep surface that can translate into a chair configuration
A vehicle for use in hospitals, and the like, giving better mobility, steering, braking and passenger handling while providing comfort to the passengers from...
US-8,127,379 Reclosable locking tape
A reclosable locking tape for releasably attaching a fabric add-on to a foundation includes: (a) a substantially planar tape base to which is affixed at least...
US-8,127,378 Gusseted foot canopy for bed top sheets, blankets, quilts or beds and the like
A bed top covering includes a top portion; and a bottom portion. The bottom portion includes a gusseted foot canopy therein configured to allow feet of a user...
US-8,127,377 Bathtub transfer bench
A bathtub transfer bench includes a clamp member having a first arm for engaging an inner wall of a bathtub and a second arm for engaging an outer wall of the...
US-8,127,376 Water closet comprising variable soil exhaust system
A water closet has a variable siphon soil exhaust system with a flexible water bladder connected to a water inlet, a tension spring within the water bladder to...
US-8,127,375 Low profile helmet vents and venting system
A motorcycle helmet vent and venting system that is low profile and does not take up much space on the helmet shell. A motorcycle vent that pivots internally to...
US-8,127,374 Side positioned vision enhancement device mount
A device mount for mounting a vision enhancement device to an article worn on a user's head includes a first adjustment member operable to move a mounted vision...
US-8,127,373 Protective helmet having a microprocessor controlled response to impact
A method and system for reducing the concussive effects of impact. The system includes a helmet for protecting the head of a user. The helmet has a surface, an...
US-8,127,372 Polyisoprene aqueous emulsion and a method to fabricate gloves and related products
This invention relates to the method for fabrication of polyisoprene aqueous emulsion, gloves and related products thereof, wherein the aqueous emulsion is...
US-8,127,371 Tie stay clips and methods of making and using the same
Tie stay clips are disclosed. Methods of making and using tie stay clips are also disclosed.
US-8,127,370 Breakaway sport pants and method of use
Breakaway sport pants include right and left side zippers that do not have catch mechanisms. When the zippers are zipped, right and left connectors hold the...
US-8,127,369 Knee-mounted air deflector for motorcyclist
An air deflector is mounted to the area of the knee of a motorcyclist to prevent a stream of air from striking the motorcyclist's face. In one embodiment, the...
US-D655,475 Pallet
US-D655,474 Light duty cart
US-D655,473 Combined trash and recycling receptacle
US-D655,472 Sink storage unit
US-D655,471 Sauce leveler device
US-D655,470 Applicator with individually flexible pad and handle
US-D655,469 Fabric wipe
US-D655,468 Brush head for a vacuum cleaner
US-D655,467 Frame for wheeled, manually moveable pressure washer
US-D655,466 Wand
US-D655,465 Plunger
US-D655,464 Cat scratcher
US-D655,463 Cat scratcher
US-D655,462 Animal feeder tray
US-D655,461 Bird toy
US-D655,460 Aquarium
US-D655,459 Protective cover
US-D655,458 Braces guard
US-D655,457 Compact
US-D655,456 Flosser
US-D655,455 Nail applique
US-D655,454 Nail applique
US-D655,453 Nail applique
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