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Patent # Description
US-8,136,194 Disposable finger mounted instrument cleaner
A disposable finger mounted instrument cleaner (2) of the type having a semi-circumferential protective body (4) with a swiping expanse (6) to generously...
US-8,136,193 Side broom having memory recall and method for performing the same
The present disclosure relates generally to debris collection devices. In particular, the present disclosure relates to a debris collection vehicle utilizing a...
US-8,136,192 Head for a powered denture brush and a denture brush incorporating the same
A head for a denture brush that is detachably connected to a powered handle and a denture brush incorporating the same. The head includes a housing having a...
US-8,136,191 Scaffold arrangement and method for repairing the edge structure of a concrete bridge
A scaffold arrangement for repairing the edge structure of a concrete bridge. A steel-structured bent comprises a vertical beam that can be anchored by support...
US-8,136,190 Method of custom fitting an article of footwear and apparatus including a container
A method and apparatus for custom fitting an article of footwear is disclosed. A container holding the article of footwear includes a steaming assembly that...
US-8,136,189 Method for controlling washing course of washing machine
A method for controlling operation of a washing machine is provided. The method may include performing heated washing courses at different temperatures while...
US-8,136,188 Combination pipe cutter and can lid opener and method of use thereof
A combination pipe cutter and can lid opener comprising a means for cutting and a means for opening a can having a lid. The combination pipe cutter and can lid...
US-8,136,187 Slow acting pocketed spring core and method of manufacturing same
Spring cushions (10) having slow-acting pocketed spring cores (12) characterized by the individual springs of the cores (12) being pocketed within...
US-8,136,186 Pillow assembly
A multi-purpose pillow assembly. The assembly may comprise long short pillows with an underbody pad extending between them. A sleeve surrounds the long pillow...
US-8,136,185 Transport carriage for the patient-bearing surface of an operating table
In a transport carriage for the patient-bearing surface of an operating table, comprising a chassis (10), two supports (58) which are arranged thereon and each...
US-8,136,184 Mitigation of brake failure
A method and system for mitigations brake failure in a medical device. The method and system includes a motion system for at least one movable load. Each...
US-8,136,183 Modular multiple bed unit
A modular multiple bed unit having first and second beds connected together at right angles using mating rail brackets each defining a quick-release coupler. A...
US-8,136,182 Air mattress assembly
An inflatable air mattress assembly for use with a vehicle is provided. The vehicle includes a bed having protruding wheel well compartments, opposed sidewalls,...
US-8,136,181 System and method for retractable furniture unit
A retractable bed is disclosed which can be raised and lowered in a vertical fashion. The retractable bed includes a frame for holding a mattress; and a...
US-8,136,180 Removable guardrail framework
The invention discloses a removable guardrail structure. The guardrail is connected between the two upright posts of a bunk bed and provided with two ends,...
US-8,136,179 Pop-up drain stopper linkage assembly
A pop-up drain stopper linkage assembly includes a lift rod, a connecting bar, a pivot rod and a drain stopper. The bottom end of the lift rod forms an...
US-8,136,178 Retractable rotating spa speaker system
A spa speaker apparatus having a housing with a speaker mounted therein, wherein the speaker can be extended and retracted with respect to the housing and the...
US-8,136,177 Assembled water reservoir
An assembled water reservoir includes plural boards. Each board is provided side by side on side walls of a tank unit. The water reservoir also includes plural...
US-8,136,176 Skimmer vent for pool with pool cover or pool liner
The present invention involves a pool system including ventilation for offending gases from the pool.
US-8,136,175 Device for feces collection
A device for the collection of feces samples for laboratory diagnostic tests includes an upper layer and a lower layer, both with a semicircular or rectangular...
US-8,136,174 Urinal
An object is to provide a urinal which prevents offensive odors, reduces the consumption of urinal cleaning water and prevents clogging of the urinal drain pipe...
US-8,136,173 Sink drain treatment kit
A kit for use in treating a sink drain so that drain remains both open and clean includes an unclogging device and a strainer, which though packagable or...
US-8,136,172 Scented toilet seat
A scent delivery device, the device comprising a standard shaped toilet seat, a hollow inner channel that runs in the body of said toilet seat, a set of holes...
US-8,136,171 Automatic toilet cleaning device
The present invention discloses an automatic toilet cleaning device. A toilet seat is provided above a bowl and includes a toilet lid and a seat plate. By a...
US-8,136,170 Powered helmet with visor defogging element and accessories
According to the invention, a helmet with a defogging visor is disclosed. The helmet may include a shell, a visor, a defogging element, and a power source. The...
US-8,136,169 Headwear cooling system and associated method
A combined headwear and cooling system preferably includes a headwear, a mechanism for introducing and circulating external ambient air, and a mechanism for...
US-D656,295 Headstone enhancement
US-D656,294 Aerial work cage
US-D656,293 Forklift truck
US-D656,292 Product protector
US-D656,291 Rough terrain crane
US-D656,290 Integrated winch head
US-D656,289 Pushover trailer axle jack stand
US-D656,288 Set of cart baskets
US-D656,287 Container
US-D656,286 Soleplate for electric iron
US-D656,285 Electric steam iron
US-D656,284 Paint tray
US-D656,283 Steam mop
US-D656,282 Pet amusement device with ball track and catnip receptacle
US-D656,281 Pet toy having ball shape
US-D656,280 Portable pet food container
US-D656,279 Hummingbird feeder
US-D656,278 Knee and shin protector
US-D656,277 Back scratching device
US-D656,276 Back scratcher
US-D656,275 Make-up case assembly
US-D656,274 Hair clip
US-D656,273 Eight shaped hair clip
US-D656,272 Color chart
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