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Patent # Description
US-D655,921 Heat reflective material
US-D655,920 Fabric design in relief
US-D655,919 Dual baluster stain-paint roller
US-D655,918 Toothbrush
US-D655,917 Toothbrush
US-D655,916 Toothbrush
US-D655,915 Basket
US-D655,914 Basket
US-D655,913 Handbag
US-D655,912 Handbag
US-D655,911 Handbag
US-D655,910 Fruit jacket
US-D655,909 Sock heel
US-D655,908 Pair of open-toe dance socks with foot pads
US-D655,907 Upper for a shoe
US-D655,906 Upper for a shoe
US-D655,905 Upper for a shoe
US-D655,904 Upper for a shoe
US-D655,903 Crampons
US-D655,902 Footwear outsole
US-D655,901 Shoe outsole and periphery
US-D655,900 Shoe
US-D655,899 Sandal
US-D655,898 Foldable sandal
US-D655,897 Pair of footwear articles
US-D655,896 Gaiter
US-D655,895 Shirt
US-D655,894 Stowable jacket
US-D655,893 Pants with rear openings
US-D655,892 Bathing suit with rear openings
US-D655,891 Garment with low cut neck
US-D655,890 Glove
US-D655,889 Attachable sleeve
US-D655,888 Dog treat
US-D655,887 Ready to eat snack piece
US-D655,886 Square bottom taco shell
US-RE43,260 Method for clustering and querying media items
The present invention relates to managing media items in data processing terminals. More particularly, the present invention is directed to a method, a device...
US-RE43,259 Multiple speed transmission producing a low-range
A multiple speed transmission for an automotive vehicle includes an input and an output, a planetary gear system comprising first, second and third planetary...
US-RE43,258 Glue for cartilage repair
The invention is directed toward a sterile cartilage defect implant material comprising milled lyophilized allograft cartilage pieces ranging from 0.01 mm to...
US-RE43,257 Method and system of remote monitoring of image forming apparatus
A method and system for monitoring and controlling machines, such as printers, copiers, facsimile machine and other image forming machines. A server is used for...
US-RE43,256 Processing of images using a limited number of bits
The invention relates to a method as well as a system, a device, an encoder and a decoder, and a computer software product for image processing by the method....
US-RE43,255 Machine learning based upon feedback from contact center analysis
A signal monitoring apparatus and method involving devices for monitoring signals representing communications traffic, devices for identifying at least one...
US-RE43,254 Method of addressing messages and communications systems
A method .[.of.]. .Iadd.and apparatus for .Iaddend.establishing wireless communications between an interrogator and individual ones of multiple wireless...
US-RE43,253 Lightweight concrete compositions
A lightweight concrete composition containing from 10 to 90 volume percent of a cement composition, from 10 to 90 volume percent of particles having an average...
US-RE43,252 High efficiency low pollution hybrid Brayton cycle combustor
A power generating system is described which operates at high pressure and utilizes a working fluid consisting of a mixture of compressed non-flammable air...
US-RE43,251 Frame for a wall opening and methods of assembly and use
A frame is formed of side walls that are extruded from vinyl. The side walls have interior channels. The side walls may be formed to effect a female-male...
US-RE43,250 Articulating device
Disclosed is a method of moving an articulating mechanism (22,410) for a measuring device, comprising the steps of: releasing two bodies (14,16, 410a,410b)...
US-RE43,249 Roof assembly for road construction machine
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