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Patent # Description
US-9,345,201 Plant cultivating apparatus
There is provided a plant cultivating apparatus for saving space in an early stage of growth of plants, increases an amount of plants cultivated per unit space...
US-9,345,200 Cutting tool with a variable pivot system
A hand operated cutting tool includes a first cutting member; a first handle including a second cutting member, wherein the second cutting member is coupled to...
US-9,345,199 Landscape edger with adjustable connection mechanism
An edger is provided that includes a cylindrically shaped attachment member that includes at least one tooth for interlocking relationship with another...
US-9,345,198 Residue chopping and distribution arrangement for a combine harvester
A residue chopping and distribution arrangement (48) for a combine harvester (10) comprises a first straw chopper (50) and a second straw chopper (52) arranged...
US-9,345,197 Combine harvester with even crop distribution
A combine harvester has a thresher rotor assembly having a thresher rotor and a grate. At least one distribution device is disposed beneath the thresher rotor...
US-9,345,196 Cotton handling system with mechanical sequencing
A cotton handling system is provided for a cotton harvesting machine with an onboard accumulator and a baling chamber. The cotton handling system includes...
US-9,345,195 Air blast soft fruit harvesting device
The invention relates to the air blast soft fruit harvesting device comprising an air flow director (1), pulsator (2), distancing channel (3), segmented...
US-9,345,194 Automatic display of remote camera image
A farm vehicle includes a crop gathering mechanism to convey harvested crop material to a crop flow path passing internally through at least part of the...
US-9,345,193 Direct drive electric lawn mower
A direct drive electric lawn mower includes a driving device using an outer rotor electric motor formed of a stator, a rotor, a holder base, a bottom cap and a...
US-9,345,192 Mowing device
A mowing device for the treatment of vegetations is adapted for the attachment to a carrier and for the connection to a drive unit. The mowing device includes a...
US-9,345,191 Self-propelled harvesting machine having a vertically controlled header
A self-propelled harvesting machine includes a header, a hydraulic adjusting mechanism for adjusting the cutting height of the header, a height sensor for...
US-9,345,190 Method of manufacturing a commodity tank for air seeder
A commodity tank for use with an air seeding implement includes a series of panels arranged to form an enclosure defining a volume configured to hold a supply...
US-9,345,189 Sensor and sensor mount assembly for seed delivery system
A sensor and sensor mount assembly are described. The sensor may include a sensor body, window, and frame. When the sensor is mounted to a seed delivery system,...
US-9,345,188 Transitional blocking member of planting unit to control hand-off of seed from a seed meter to a seed delivery...
A planting unit for a seed machine is described. The planting unit includes a seed meter with a metering member that moves seed along a first path to a release...
US-9,345,187 Double bladed (opposite) coulter assembly
A double bladed (opposite) coulter assembly is provided. A second (opposite or mirrored) coulter blade is mounted on the same coulter assembly thereby...
US-D757,390 Safe in the form of a cinder block
US-D757,389 Automated teller machine
US-D757,388 Beach equipment cart
US-D757,387 Storage basket cart
US-D757,386 Combined storage and transport cart
US-D757,385 Waste receptacle with lid
US-D757,384 Dish stand
US-D757,383 Paint brush hook
US-D757,382 Windshield scraper
US-D757,381 Tool for a vacuum cleaner
US-D757,380 Tool for a vacuum cleaner
US-D757,379 Tool for a vacuum cleaner
US-D757,378 Vacuum cleaner base
US-D757,377 Retractable pet leash
US-D757,376 Harness and leash adapter
US-D757,375 Dog leash handle
US-D757,374 Base for pet bowl
US-D757,373 Single pet bowl
US-D757,372 Guard for an animal feeder
US-D757,371 Animal housing unit
US-D757,370 Pet stroller
US-D757,369 Structure for attracting and accumulating aquatic organisms
US-D757,368 Chin protector for a protective face shield
US-D757,367 Ear muff
US-D757,366 Chest device
US-D757,365 Ventilation garment
US-D757,364 Hair cutting device housing
US-D757,363 Nose hair cutter
US-D757,362 Hair dryer
US-D757,361 Hair dryer
US-D757,360 Lip tape
US-D757,359 Cigar cutter key chain
US-D757,358 Smokers' accessory
US-D757,357 Smoking pipe bowl having magnetically attached lid
US-D757,356 Electronic hookah bowl
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