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Patent # Description
US-9,380,752 Cotton variety P07X.8212.RF
A cotton variety, designated P07X.8212.RF, the plants and seeds of the cotton variety P07X.8212.RF, methods for producing a cotton plant, either varietal or...
US-9,380,751 Vertical hydroponic plant production apparatus
A vertical hydroponic plant production apparatus for allowing vertical hydroponic greenhouse crop production is provided. The apparatus comprises a hollow grow...
US-9,380,750 Automatic water sprinkler regulator
An automatic water sprinkler regulator is provided to control sprinkler coverage and times for water cycles. The regulator comprises control interface, series...
US-9,380,749 Drip tape irrigation emitter
An irrigation system is disclosed having a pipe and a continuous tape of irrigation emitters that is affixed to an inside surface of the pipe and extends along...
US-9,380,748 Vegetation protection system
A protective system for vegetation has an underground housing from which a protective canopy can be deployed. The canopy unfurls as it is deployed and its...
US-9,380,747 Method for selecting marker for diagnosis of nutritional status of plant, method for diagnosing nutritional...
The present invention provides a method for selecting a marker for diagnosis of the nutritional status capable of reflecting the status of a particular nutrient...
US-9,380,746 Environmentally controlled storage facility for potatoes and other crops
Facilities for storing large quantities of potatoes, other tubers, vegetables, produce, and/or other crops are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a facility...
US-9,380,745 Separating device
A separating device formed with rotationally driven components and stationary components has at least one crop-treatment element for processing crop. The...
US-9,380,744 Automatically engaging and disengaging header lock assembly
A header lift assembly for an agricultural harvester includes a lift cylinder and a lock assembly. The lift cylinder includes a sleeve and a piston, and the...
US-9,380,743 String trimmer head configuration and method
A trimmer head assembly and the method of configuring the trimmer head assembly. The trimmer head assembly has a housing that attaches to a string trimmer...
US-9,380,742 Autonomous implement
An autonomous implement comprising at least one drive unit including at least one drive wheel, at least one sensor unit configured to detect at least one...
US-9,380,741 Yard maintenance vehicle route and orientation mapping system
A riding yard maintenance vehicle may include a positioning module. The positioning module may be configured to store position information indicative of a...
US-9,380,740 Electric handheld broadcast spreader
A preferred embodiment of the invention generally comprises a hopper container attached to the top face of a spreader console having an electrically-powered...
US-9,380,739 Methods and uses for improved sowing of seeds
Methods and uses of controlling the flowability of a population of plant seeds and dust drift therefrom by placing individual seeds in contact with particles of...
US-9,380,738 System and method for determining implement train position
Leading vehicle position information can be used to determine a location and heading of one or more implements of a trailing vehicle in an implement train that...
US-9,380,737 Automated re-centering of steering system
A steering system and method are described for a vehicle having steerable wheels. A steering device may be coupled to one or more of the wheels. A parked state...
US-D760,990 Load cap
US-D760,989 Lifting jacks
US-D760,988 Barbecue grill and smoker ash pan
US-D760,987 Washboard for washing machine
US-D760,986 Washboard for washing machine
US-D760,985 Washboard for washing machine
US-D760,984 Sink accessory
US-D760,983 Sink accessory
US-D760,982 Bucket
US-D760,981 Scraper
US-D760,980 Laundry sorter with hanger
US-D760,979 Laundry hamper
US-D760,978 Blade for pool cleaner
US-D760,977 Brush for pool cleaner
US-D760,976 Tool for a vacuum cleaner
US-D760,975 Tool for a vacuum cleaner
US-D760,974 Tool for a vacuum cleaner
US-D760,973 Tool for a vacuum cleaner
US-D760,972 Tool for a vacuum cleaner
US-D760,971 Tool for a vacuum cleaner
US-D760,970 Tool for a vacuum cleaner
US-D760,969 Cleaner
US-D760,968 Dryer
US-D760,967 Washing machine
US-D760,966 Washing machine
US-D760,965 Pet waste scoop assembly
US-D760,964 Pet toy
US-D760,963 Poultry feeder
US-D760,962 Neck protection device
US-D760,961 Bow-tie shaped cosmetic container
US-D760,960 Dental flosser
US-D760,959 Dental flosser
US-D760,958 Dental flosser
US-D760,957 Combined back scrubber and applicator band
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