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Patent # Description
US-9,386,747 Stalk roll integrated crop scraper
A row unit for a corn header has a gearbox with a cast body and first and second rotatable shafts and first and second openings. The first and second shafts...
US-9,386,746 Wire harness integrated with rotational mold
In one embodiment, a method comprising rotationally molding a snout of a corn row divider assembly, the snout comprising a double-walled structure; rotationally...
US-9,386,745 Corn header for a forage harvester including a side separating mechanism
A corn header (4) for a forage harvester for harvesting stalked crop includes a set of cutting and intake conveyor mechanisms for cutting the crop in a...
US-9,386,744 Plant trimming apparatus and methods of using the same
A plant trimming apparatus comprising a container having top and bottom end regions and a grate supported therein. A cutting blade and a fan blade are rotatably...
US-9,386,743 Door lift and handle for walk behind mower
A lawn mower may include a blade housing configured to house at least one blade, an engine, a handle assembly, a door, and a bag lifting assembly. The blade...
US-9,386,742 Pull-type disk mowing machine transport system
A pull-type rotary mower comprises a frame with a transverse main beam mounted on transversely spaced field ground wheels for movement with a central hitch arm...
US-9,386,741 Cutting drum for agricultural machine
A rotatable cutting drum comprising knife holders for attaching cutter knives thereto. Each knife holder comprises a forward member and a rear member and a...
US-9,386,740 Attachable trimmer
An attachable trimmer includes a trimming unit, an arm assembly, a limit switch, and a rod assembly as the attachable trimmer is mounted onto a mower deck of a...
US-9,386,739 System for controlling mower drive wheels
A zero-turn-radius mower includes a chassis, a pair of drive wheels for supporting the chassis above a ground surface, an engine, and a pair of transmissions or...
US-9,386,738 Label based machine controls
In one embodiment, a method for controlling operation of a machine, the method comprising: scanning a smart label, the smart label affixed to a container...
US-9,386,737 Biodegrading mulching film seed attachment automating device having cutting open and adhesive coating means,...
The present invention concerns a biodegrading mulching film seed attachment automating device having a cutting open and adhesive coating means, and a seed...
US-D761,515 Dual layered coin holder
US-D761,514 In-garbage container
US-D761,513 Drying rack
US-D761,512 Sink accessory
US-D761,511 Combination paint cup with brush holder and roller wall
US-D761,510 Squeegee
US-D761,509 Cylindrical laundry hamper with outside pockets
US-D761,508 Hand tool
US-D761,507 Cleaner
US-D761,506 Door for washing machine
US-D761,505 Floor cleaning device
US-D761,504 Washing machine
US-D761,503 Washing machine
US-D761,502 Washing machine
US-D761,501 Container for clothes washing machine
US-D761,500 Wash arm
US-D761,499 Electronic dog collar
US-D761,498 Bag holder with handle for collecting dog excrement
US-D761,497 Floppy owl
US-D761,496 Knotted rope pet toy
US-D761,495 Pet collar with a detachable portion
US-D761,494 Combined pet food bowl and water bowl with elevated base
US-D761,493 Pet food storage device
US-D761,492 Styling station
US-D761,491 Styling organizer
US-D761,490 Dual head pedicure device
US-D761,489 Eyeliner application device
US-D761,488 Ashless tray
US-D761,487 Smoking device
US-D761,486 Bag light
US-D761,485 Compact multi-function LED lighthead
US-D761,484 Lighting component
US-D761,483 Luminaire
US-D761,482 Light fixture
US-D761,481 Ballast housing
US-D761,480 Lamp base
US-D761,479 Lamp
US-D761,478 Lamp
US-D761,477 High bay LED light rail
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