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Patent # Description
US-9,392,752 Plasma growth lamp for horticulture
A lamp apparatus for horticulture lighting is disclosed. The lamp apparatus is a high intensity electrodeless plasma lamp with an optimized spectrum for...
US-9,392,751 Method for cultivating plant
A plant-cultivating method is provided which comprises a red light irradiation step (A) and a blue light irradiation step (B), wherein the step (A) and the step...
US-9,392,750 Pneumatically powered pole saw
A pneumatically powered pole saw is provided, the pole saw having gas actuated main valves configured for movement between first positions and second positions...
US-9,392,749 Power tool with vibration dampening
A power tool includes an inner housing (50) at least partially housed within and spaced from an outer housing (30). The inner housing supports a tool (102,...
US-9,392,748 Plunger for square baler
A baler having a reciprocating plunger within a main bale chamber for compressing crop material into bales. The plunger has a first guide mechanism for...
US-9,392,747 Finger drive for a crop feed roller
A crop feeding roller for a header includes a plurality of finger units within the roller each having a pair of fingers projecting outwardly for engaging crop...
US-9,392,746 Artificial intelligence for detecting and filling void areas of agricultural commodity containers
A system and method for transferring agricultural material from a transferring vehicle to a storage portion of a receiving vehicle, and detecting and filling...
US-9,392,745 Agricultural implement for reaping and windrowing
An agricultural implement is provided having mechanical activation and hydraulic engines for different sets and for functioning attached to a conventional...
US-9,392,744 Fork having tine with retaining feature
Conventional multi-tined implements such as cutlery and serving forks, pitchforks and front-end loader machine forks, all have smooth tine surfaces from which...
US-9,392,743 Agricultural autonomous vehicle platform with articulated base
An autonomous vehicle platform and system for selectively performing an in-season management task in an agricultural field while self-navigating between rows of...
US-9,392,742 Self-filling agricultural tender
The present invention relates to a self-filling agricultural tender with a conveyor assembly attached to the tender by a bin coupling assembly, a detachable...
US-9,392,741 Variable geometry meter roller
An agricultural metering device with a variable geometry meter roller is provided. The agricultural metering device includes a meter roller having a plurality...
US-9,392,740 Planter for rhizomes and the like
An apparatus for planting rhizomes includes a chassis having wheels to move in a primary direction over an area in which rhizomes are to be planted, the primary...
US-9,392,739 Batch seed coating apparatus
A batch-type particulate treating apparatus (10) includes an upright bin or hopper (20) equipped with a central, rotatable lifting augur (68) having a bored...
US-9,392,738 Land roller implement having multi-roller wings with fold-over subframes
A land roller implement with fold-out wings features at least one raisable/lowerable roller on each wing that is carried on a movable subframe that is pivotally...
US-9,392,737 Wavy disc blade with notches
A wavy disc blade is provided. The wavy disc blade includes a first side, a second side, a central portion having at least one opening, and a wavy portion...
US-D762,040 Multispace parking pay station
US-D762,039 Lid for an urn
US-D762,038 Decorative panel for a welding cart
US-D762,037 Trash can
US-D762,036 Iron
US-D762,035 Wine glass dryer
US-D762,034 Paint bucket hanger
US-D762,033 Wash bucket
US-D762,032 Bucket handle
US-D762,031 Nozzle
US-D762,030 Surface cleaning head for a vacuum cleaner
US-D762,029 Cleaner head
US-D762,028 Agitator tower for washing machine
US-D762,027 Washing machine
US-D762,026 Floor cleaning device
US-D762,025 Washing machine
US-D762,024 Washing machine
US-D762,023 Washing machine
US-D762,022 Washing machine
US-D762,021 Washing machine
US-D762,020 Bottle wash
US-D762,019 Dish rack
US-D762,018 Dog leash housing with flashlight and container
US-D762,017 Functional pet feeder insert
US-D762,016 Deer feeder
US-D762,015 Animal treat dispensing container
US-D762,014 Pet carrier vent panel
US-D762,013 Container for breeding small animals
US-D762,012 Helmet
US-D762,011 Ballistic shield
US-D762,010 Combined lipstick and lipstick dispenser
US-D762,009 Foam hair brush
US-D762,008 Hand dryer
US-D762,007 Shaver handle
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