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Patent # Description
US-9,398,760 Fish farming plant, module, method and use
A fish farming plant is adapted for floating in free water. The plant comprises a substantially vertical inlet pipe and a corresponding outlet pipe for taking...
US-9,398,759 Indexing system for an in ovo injection apparatus, and associated method
An indexing system for an in ovo injection apparatus is provided. Such an indexing system provides a positioning scheme for an egg carrier carrying a plurality...
US-9,398,758 Pet leash assembly
Disclosed herein is a pet leash assembly having a weighted hand grip. The hand grip has a first end and a second end. A leash is operationally connected to the...
US-9,398,757 Laboratory animal stimulatory enrichment product
A puck formed from compressed paper strips is provided that has utility as an animal entertainment device and nest building material. The paper strips include...
US-9,398,756 Leash training device and a method of using the same to train a domesticated animal
A leash training device embodying a non-invasive and non-threatening method of using the same to train a dog is provided. The leash training device may include...
US-9,398,755 Pet garment
The present disclosure pertains to a dog garment comprising: a) a torso portion that substantially covers a back and lateral sides of a torso of a dog, wherein...
US-9,398,754 Low-dust animal litters and methods for making same
Low-dust animal litters made from one or more ingredients that function as an animal litter and one or more polyols that function to control dust in the litter...
US-9,398,753 Lettuce cultivar cielo verde
A lettuce cultivar, designated Cielo Verde, is disclosed. The invention relates to the seeds, plants and plant parts of lettuce cultivar Cielo Verde and to...
US-9,398,752 Lettuce cultivar fusion
A lettuce cultivar, designated Fusion, is disclosed. The invention relates to the seeds of lettuce cultivar Fusion, to the plants of lettuce cultivar Fusion and...
US-9,398,751 Maize hybrid X08F014
A novel maize variety designated X08F014 and seed, plants and plant parts thereof are produced by crossing inbred maize varieties. Methods for producing a maize...
US-9,398,750 Rice cultivar LaKast
A rice cultivar designated LaKast is disclosed. The invention relates to the seeds of rice cultivar LaKast, to the plants of rice cultivar LaKast, to plant...
US-9,398,749 Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH590799
According to the invention, there is provided seed and plants of the hybrid corn variety designated CH590799. The invention thus relates to the plants, seeds...
US-9,398,748 Hybrid artichoke variety NUN 04325 AR
The present invention provides a new and distinct hybrid variety of globe artichoke NUN 04325 AR. The new variety is of the Camus type having large ovoid,...
US-9,398,747 Brush clearing machine
A machine for clearing and converting woody biomass into a bio fuel is described. The machine may be mobile and may include a chipper. The machine may further...
US-9,398,746 Protection device that segregates burrowing animals from plants
A protection device segregates burrowing animals from plants. The protection device comprises a thread knitted into a boundary layer that is sealed with a...
US-9,398,745 Organic composition for protection of crops against black frost and the method for its application
The present invention is an organic composition for the protection of crops against black frost and the method for its application over the crops. The novelty...
US-9,398,744 Drive system for driving a chopper and feeder device of a harvesting machine
A drive system (1) for a harvesting machine has a drive train (4) connected by a coupling device (5) with a drive motor (6). The drive train (4) has a...
US-9,398,743 Electric motor
An electric motor includes an upper housing, a lower housing including a flange for mounting the upper housing thereon and a cone-shaped portion extending away...
US-9,398,742 Apparatuses and methods for moving windrow ends inward
Apparatuses for and methods of moving the ends of windrows inward are disclosed. The apparatuses of the present invention include a front end, a rear end and...
US-9,398,741 PTO control system
A lawn care device may include a cutting deck housing at least one blade, an engine configured to selectively provide for rotation of the at least one blade...
US-9,398,740 Leaf corral for a lawnmower
A leaf corralling apparatus including a deflector plate is provided for a lawnmower to prevent an amount of leaves or other debris from being diverted around a...
US-9,398,739 Planter with reversible individual meter control
A planter is described which utilizes individual seed meter motor drives at each row unit. motor controllers control each seed meter drive motor. Each...
US-9,398,738 Soil cultivation implement
The invention refers to a soil cultivation implement with two tool rows of hollow discs of a first hollow discs row and of a second hollow discs row. One hollow...
US-9,398,737 Soil cultivation implement
The invention refers to a soil cultivation implement with two successively and obliquely positioned frame parts, on which hollow discs on separately rotating...
US-D762,340 Tea light cremation urn
US-D762,339 Cart
US-D762,338 Shoe drying rack
US-D762,337 Multimodal cleaning brush
US-D762,336 Laundry sorter
US-D762,335 Vacuum cleaner
US-D762,334 Dishwasher
US-D762,333 Electronic module for a dog collar
US-D762,332 Pet carrier vent panel
US-D762,331 Safety cuff
US-D762,330 Protective liner for a ball cap
US-D762,329 Cosmetic product container
US-D762,328 Curved shaver cartridge
US-D762,327 Oval-shaped liner
US-D762,326 Electronic cigarette
US-D762,325 Vehicle fog lamp bezel
US-D762,324 Stylized signature lamp
US-D762,323 Glass pendant for decorative light fixtures
US-D762,322 Light fixture
US-D762,321 Light fixture
US-D762,320 Horticulture grow light
US-D762,319 Lighting fixture for banners and flags
US-D762,318 Stationary track light
US-D762,317 Helmet-mounted headlamp
US-D762,316 Attachable light for a paintbrush
US-D762,315 Lamp
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