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Patent # Description
US-9,420,754 Pepper hybrid DR0713PB
The invention provides seed and plants of pepper hybrid DR0713PB and the parent lines thereof. The invention thus relates to the plants, seeds and tissue...
US-9,420,753 Watermelon with improved processing qualities
A watermelon plant that produces fruit having (i) ultra-firm flesh and/or liquid-retaining flesh and (ii) soluble solids of at least about 6 brix.
US-9,420,752 Mobile drip irrigation with precise and uniform water distribution
Water is emitted directly onto the soil from drip lines pulled from a mobile drip irrigation device. The forward ends of the drip tubes are anchored and...
US-9,420,751 Plant manipulator
An embodiment of a plant manipulator is disclosed, which may have a flexible cylindrical member that is bent to hold a plant in a particular configuration to...
US-9,420,750 Wall-surface flower bed structure and method for forming wall-surface flower bed
The present invention is a wall-surface flower bed structure, wherein work efficiency is better, root damage when plants are transferred is prevented, and the...
US-9,420,749 Substance introduction method for plant and plant obtained therewith
A method for introducing a substance into a non-woody plant is provided with soft stem tissue comprising forming an initial hole into a stem of the plant,...
US-9,420,748 Systems and methods for pruning plants
An unmanned pruning vehicle includes a pruning device configured to prune plant material from a plant. The unmanned pruning vehicle also includes a processing...
US-9,420,747 Method of controlling crop flow to crop collection device
A conveyor system, that may be used with an agricultural harvester, such as a round baler, waste baler, combine, sugarcane harvester or cotton harvester,...
US-9,420,746 Round baler discharge apparatus
A round baler is provided having a frame, a baling chamber formed on the frame to form a round bale, a discharge region formed between the baling chamber and a...
US-9,420,745 Corn stalk material, a method and apparatus for preparing it
This invention is to a corn stalk material and its preparation method and apparatus. The corn stalk material is the peel of the corn stalk which is one or more...
US-9,420,744 Hydraulic system for collecting crop grain and crop residue in a single pass
A harvesting system for collecting crop grain crop residue in a single pass with a baler towed by a combine harvester is provided. The system includes a...
US-9,420,743 Harvesting machine for picking up crop including a container for feeding fluid to crop picked up by the...
A harvesting machine for picking up crop includes a container with a closable filler neck used to accommodate a fluid that is fed by at least one supply system...
US-9,420,742 Reaping machine with keyed anti-rotation device for blade mounting pin
A reaping machine includes a sickle bar that can rotate and at least one reaping blade arranged on the sickle bar. The reaping blade is supported so that it can...
US-9,420,741 Robot lawnmower mapping
A method of mapping an area to be mowed with an autonomous mowing robot comprises receiving mapping data from a robot lawnmower, the mapping data specifying an...
US-9,420,740 Riding lawn mower
A riding lawnmower includes left and right wheels, at least one caster wheel, a lawnmower blade or reel, and a control section. The left and right wheels are...
US-9,420,739 Modular seed hopper
A modular hopper assembly for use with a seed meter of a row unit for an agricultural planter is provided. The modular hopper assembly includes a base hopper...
US-9,420,738 Low rate metering wheel for coarse granules
A metering wheel includes a shaft having a longitudinal axis, a plurality of first wheel sections, and a plurality of second wheel sections. Each first wheel...
US-9,420,737 Three-dimensional elevation modeling for use in operating agricultural vehicles
Novel tools and techniques for creating and implementing three-dimensional guidance paths for use in conjunction with more or one agricultural vehicles...
US-D764,740 Lift truck mast
US-D764,739 Materials handling vehicle
US-D764,738 Materials handling vehicle
US-D764,737 Gantry crane
US-D764,736 Service jack
US-D764,735 Luggage dolly
US-D764,734 Steam iron
US-D764,733 Broom block
US-D764,732 Floor cleaning device
US-D764,731 Aquarium wall cleaner
US-D764,730 Manual laundry agitator
US-D764,729 Water supply nozzle for washing machine
US-D764,728 Water supply nozzle for washing machine
US-D764,727 Leaf bag attachment
US-D764,726 Vacuum cleaner
US-D764,725 Cleaning machine
US-D764,724 Air blower device
US-D764,723 Washing machine
US-D764,722 Washing machine
US-D764,721 Animal suit
US-D764,720 Stirrup handle and arch
US-D764,719 Harness patch
US-D764,718 Pair of water wicking workout gloves
US-D764,717 Hearing protector
US-D764,716 Football helmet
US-D764,715 Armour
US-D764,714 Cosmetic product container
US-D764,713 Cosmetic product container
US-D764,712 Cosmetic product container
US-D764,711 Cosmetic product container
US-D764,710 Cosmetic product container
US-D764,709 Brush drying rack
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