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Patent # Description
US-9,433,156 Sap collecting arrangement
The arrangement (100) includes a sap collecting device (102) and a slide clamp (104). The sap collecting device (102) includes a tubing fixation portion (140)...
US-9,433,155 Animal incursion-resistant raised bed gardening system
Disclosed is a system having a base and a screened enclosure for disposition on the ground for growing plants. The base forms a hollow enclosure into which a...
US-9,433,154 Biodegradable landscape fabric
The present invention relates to a biodegradable landscape fabric comprising spunlaced cellulosic fibers which comprise 0% to 75% wood pulp fibers and 25% to...
US-9,433,153 Apparatus and method for clearing debris
Apparatus for drifting away loose items from an area, has a container with an outlet port and is rotatably supported on a base member. A top member is fixedly...
US-9,433,152 Caster wheel assembly of a pickup for an agricultural machine
A caster wheel assembly of a pickup for an agricultural machine, comprising a wheel on a carrier shaft mounted rotatably within a bushing of a pickup arm. The...
US-9,433,151 Caster wheel assembly of a pickup for an agricultural machine
A caster wheel assembly of a pickup for an agricultural machine, comprising a wheel on a carrier shaft mounted rotatably within a bushing of a pickup arm. The...
US-9,433,150 Apparatus for picking olives and the like
The apparatus for picking olives and the like comprises a support rod (2) suitable to be grasped; a shaker unit (3) comprising a containment box (7) suitable to...
US-9,433,149 Chopper drum module for sugarcane harvester
A chopper drum module and sugarcane harvester vehicle include a module frame distinct from a chassis of the sugarcane harvester having first and second drum...
US-9,433,148 Device for collecting and releasing debris
A device comprises a collection bin and a stationary front plate pivotably coupled with the bin via a hinge mechanism. The bin is rotatable relative to the...
US-9,433,147 Vertically storable engine and mower
A gas powered walk behind mower is configured to be stored in a vertical position or orientation without leaking contained engine fluids.
US-9,433,146 Front guard for a string trimmer
A front guard for a string trimmer is an apparatus that is used to prevent a user from cutting unwanted objects with the string trimmer. The apparatus includes...
US-9,433,145 Harvester for potatoes, beets and other root crops
A harvester for potatoes, beets or similar root crops is in the form of a self-propelled or pulled bunker harvester. It has an intermediate or transfer bunker...
US-9,433,144 Orifice selector module for liquid fertilizer distribution systems
An orifice selector module for use with flow gauges in a sprayer environment. The orifice selector module is retrofit into existing or new flow gauge assemblies...
US-9,433,143 Drop spreader for powdered materials
A drop spreader apparatus generally includes a hopper configured to hold a spreadable material, the container comprises an opening extending linearly across a...
US-9,433,142 Tool control system for agricultural seeders
A seeder includes a frame on ground wheels defining tool bars for seeding elements spaced across the frame. Each element includes a pair of parallel arms...
US-9,433,141 Wear liner for seed delivery system
A seed delivery system housing contains a transport mechanism for moving seed along a seed path through the delivery system housing. A wear liner may include a...
US-9,433,140 Visualization device
A device for visualizing control operations of an agricultural working machine includes a visualization device that visualizes at least one driving path to be...
US-9,433,139 Wing locking assembly for an agricultural implement
A wing locking assembly for an agricultural implement is provided. One agricultural implement includes a first frame section having a mounted bracket and a...
US-9,433,138 Retractable inductor
An inductor mountable to a frame member of an implement. The inductor is movable between a working position and a stowed position. In the working position, the...
US-9,433,137 Adjustable packer wheel seeding system and method
In one embodiment, a seeding implement includes a frame configured to couple to a tool bar, a parallel linkage coupled to the frame, and a ground engaging tool...
US-D765,940 Combined mailbox, brace and post
US-D765,939 Pallet truck
US-D765,938 Conveyor roller sleeve
US-D765,937 Trash can
US-D765,936 Belt clip for container
US-D765,935 Paint tray
US-D765,934 Pail handle
US-D765,933 Pail
US-D765,932 Handle for container
US-D765,931 String mop headband
US-D765,930 Cleaning article
US-D765,929 Lawn debris bag
US-D765,928 Floor cleaning implement
US-D765,927 Lint trap
US-D765,926 Carpet cleaning extractor
US-D765,925 Dishwasher door handle
US-D765,924 Dishwasher handle strip
US-D765,923 Dishwasher door
US-D765,922 Pet mat
US-D765,921 Combined bird house and bird feeder
US-D765,920 Finger warmer
US-D765,919 Mouth guard
US-D765,918 Protective liner for a ball cap
US-D765,917 Ventilation garment
US-D765,916 Ventilation garment
US-D765,915 Dental flosser
US-D765,914 Abrasive skin treatment device
US-D765,913 Nail polish bottle shaker
US-D765,912 Razor handle
US-D765,911 Single blade hair straightener
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