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Patent # Description
US-9,439,348 Autonomous working device
An autonomous working device, in particular an autonomous lawn mower, comprising a computing unit. The autonomous working device is configured to cover a...
US-9,439,347 Manual lawnmower deck guard positioner
An apparatus for raising and lowering a mower deck guard/chute includes a platform attachment assembly configured for attachment to a movable platform, a...
US-9,439,346 Harvester for potatoes, beets and other root crops
A harvester for potatoes, beets and other root crops has digging shares arranged in a leading position in the travel direction of the harvester. A screen...
US-9,439,345 Method and composition for preventing plugging in micro-irrigation systems
An agricultural micro-fertigation water includes a phosphate fertilizer, a water-soluble organic acid and a water-soluble organophosphonate, and is prepared by...
US-9,439,344 Mirrored inductor segment pairs of an inductor box of an agricultural implement
An agricultural product delivery system for an agricultural implement includes an inductor box with an agricultural product inlet configured to receive an...
US-9,439,343 Precision super seeder
In embodiments, a seeder may include a frame including a seed box and a rear roller. In embodiments, the seeder may be configured to removably couple with...
US-9,439,342 Strip tilling system
Various strip tilling systems and methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, the strip tilling system includes: at least one strip tilling unit, said strip...
US-9,439,341 Multi-mode steering control for a vehicle
A steering system and method is described for a vehicle having steerable front and rear wheels, and a steering input device for receiving manual steering input....
US-9,439,340 Frame configuration for an agricultural tillage implement
An agricultural tillage implement includes a center frame section having a front frame member extending transverse to a travel direction, a rear frame member...
US-9,439,339 Tillage device for agricultural machinery or implements to reduce compaction caused by wheels in a field
An attachment for agricultural implements which tills soil compacted by the wheels of the agricultural implement it is attached to. In one arrangement the power...
US-9,439,338 Plow
A plow apparatus has a share to cut soil into clods, a moldboard connected to the share to turn over the clods, a beam connecting the moldboard to a motor...
US-9,439,337 Trowel improvements and handle lock
A collapsible hand trowel comprises a rigid scoop that has a forward end terminating at a point, a rear end, and two opposing side flanges that each has a pivot...
US-D766,540 Automated teller machine
US-D766,539 Transporting tray for motor vehicle wheels
US-D766,538 Refuse container
US-D766,537 Refuse container
US-D766,536 Pail
US-D766,535 Spherical hauling device
US-D766,534 Bag-securing members for waste containers
US-D766,533 Sand bag filler
US-D766,532 Container
US-D766,531 Glove air drying device
US-D766,530 Collapsible dish drainer
US-D766,529 Cleaner
US-D766,528 Cleaning tool
US-D766,527 Floor cleaning device
US-D766,526 Part of a vacuum cleaner
US-D766,525 Part of a vacuum cleaner
US-D766,524 Vacuum cleaner
US-D766,523 Post operative protection garment for dog
US-D766,522 Cat loft
US-D766,521 Helmet mounted rail
US-D766,520 Hearing protector
US-D766,519 Facemask
US-D766,518 Facemask
US-D766,517 Athletic helmet
US-D766,516 Helmet
US-D766,515 Helmet
US-D766,514 Multifunctional safety vest
US-D766,513 Wig base
US-D766,512 Translucent cosmetic product container
US-D766,511 Brush retention clip
US-D766,510 Wall-mounted back scrubber
US-D766,509 Bath sponge
US-D766,508 Combined callus remover and nail polisher
US-D766,507 Clipper with applied surface ornamentation
US-D766,506 Razor cartridge
US-D766,505 Shaving razor
US-D766,504 Double blade hair straightener
US-D766,503 Electronic cigarette rod
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