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Patent # Description
US-9,462,749 Selectively harvesting fruits
A method of selectively harvesting fruits includes generating a first series of images of a plant while the plant is moved to expose hidden fruits, identifying...
US-9,462,748 System and method for calibrating alignment of agricultural vehicles
A control system for an agricultural vehicle includes a controller configured to calibrate alignment of a conveyor outlet of the agricultural vehicle with a...
US-9,462,747 Vertically storable engine and mower
A walk behind mower is configured to be stored in a vertical position or orientation. In one implementation, the mower disables a brake release based upon...
US-9,462,746 Outdoor power equipment unit having encapsulated, housing free electronic controller
This invention relates to an outdoor power equipment unit, such as a mower, having an electronic controller comprising a circuit board with a plurality of...
US-9,462,745 Lawn and tree fertilizing device installable on a sprinkler system
A lawn fertilizing device for installing in a water system. A chemical substrate that is to be applied to vegetation is disposed in an enclosed container. The...
US-9,462,744 Agricultural tool with electronically controlled downpressure system
An agricultural tool for a tractor tool bar comprises a unit, such as a planter unit, that includes a ground contacting member for performing a working...
US-9,462,743 Variable geometry meter roller
An agricultural metering device with a variable geometry meter roller is provided. The agricultural metering device includes a meter roller having a plurality...
US-9,462,742 Distribution machine with a device for remotely supplying at least one auxiliary tank comprising an air exhaust...
A distribution machine including a supply device for a self-regulated pneumatic supply from a main reservoir containing product toward at least one auxiliary...
US-9,462,741 Floating manure agitator
A floating manure agitator that floats on the surface of a manure lagoon and that may be remotely controlled to agitate manure supernatant into a slurry with...
US-9,462,740 Long distance electronic load sense signal communication for implement control
An agricultural system including a tractor and an implement powered by the tractor. The implement having a plurality of hydraulic fluid using devices, at least...
US-9,462,739 Agricultural implement with compound hinge arrangement
An agricultural implement is provided that includes a compound hinge arrangement that allows for compact folding adjacent frame segments such as wing segments...
US-9,462,738 Walk aerator
A walk aerator comprises a housing supported by a plurality of wheels that include a pair of drive wheels. The drive wheels are pivotally mounted to the housing...
US-9,462,737 Agricultural implement with a scraper internal to a rolling basket
An agricultural implement having a rolling basket. A stationary blade is disposed inside an inner chamber of the rolling basket and attached at ends of the...
US-D768,950 Platform shuttle
US-D768,949 Shopping trolley
US-D768,948 Window washer
US-D768,947 Foam cleaning sponge
US-D768,946 Sponge
US-D768,945 Anti-mildew and antiseptic sticker
US-D768,944 Dust collector
US-D768,943 Cleaner
US-D768,942 Family garment sanitizer
US-D768,941 Animal enclosure
US-D768,940 Helmet with hydration facility
US-D768,939 Article of headwear that includes a concussion sensor and a noise reduction element
US-D768,938 Reflective work shirt or similar article of clothing
US-D768,937 Cosmetic container
US-D768,936 Cosmetic container
US-D768,935 Cosmetic compact case
US-D768,934 Hair stylist's chair accessory with mounting straps
US-D768,933 Hair product organizer
US-D768,932 Combined nail buffering device and cap
US-D768,931 Nail buffering device
US-D768,930 Razor handle
US-D768,929 Razor handle
US-D768,928 Water tank for hair straightening apparatus
US-D768,927 Facial mask
US-D768,926 Capsule containing washing products
US-D768,925 Capsule containing washing products
US-D768,924 Capsule containing washing products
US-D768,923 Capsule containing washing products
US-D768,922 Capsule containing washing products
US-D768,921 Capsule for washing products
US-D768,920 Dispenser for e-liquid
US-D768,918 Dispenser for e-liquid
US-D768,917 Vaporizer
US-D768,915 Electronic cigarette
US-D768,914 Electronic cigarette
US-D768,913 Light fixture cover
US-D768,912 Lighting fixture
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