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Patent # Description
US-9,468,157 Three-dimensional planting construction
A three-dimensional planting construction comprises a three-dimensional framework (46), some water (5) and soil (4) for plants (22) to grow and some turnover...
US-9,468,156 Interlocking plant propagation and display tray and method of use and assembly
A plant propagation and display tray that is capable of interlocking alignment with at least one other tray and is capable of receiving and holding at least one...
US-9,468,155 Planting wall container structure
A planting wall container structure includes a container main body and a planting panel. When the stem of a plant is inserted through any one of hole sealing...
US-9,468,154 Tower planter growth arrangement and method
A tower planter growth arrangement comprising towers (2) allowing plant/crop production to be commercially competitive with commonly-used field cultivation for...
US-9,468,153 Automated system for analyzing phytotoxicity
A system for evaluating the phytotoxicity and/or injury of plants is described. Plants are planted in row sections and a cart is used to pass a radiometric...
US-9,468,152 Plant pruning and husbandry
A method of pruning plants includes generating a first series of images of a plant, identifying a first object displayed in the images as a fruit of the plant,...
US-9,468,151 Lawn maintenance device
A lawn maintenance device is provided. The lawn maintenance device has a generally planar rail system which is permanently inserted into the ground. The top...
US-9,468,150 Air blower
An air blower discharges an air flow generated by rotation of a fan from an outlet port of a fan case. An engine and a carburetor are disposed opposing to an...
US-9,468,149 Articulating floor of machine
A baler includes a frame, a pickup mechanism, and a pre-compression chamber coupled to the frame rearward of the pickup mechanism. A material flow is defined at...
US-9,468,148 Feederhouse arrangement for mounting a header to a combine
A feederhouse for attaching a header to an agricultural combine has a sill plate that supports a support beam of the header during operation of the header. A...
US-9,468,147 Combination of a towing vehicle and a harvesting machine drawn thereby that operate in a harvesting...
A combination of a towing vehicle, such as a tractor, and an agricultural harvesting machine drawn thereby, such as a baler or a self-loading forage wagon,...
US-9,468,146 Harvesting machine for formally trained orchards
The embodiments are directed to a fruit harvesting system that includes at least one end-effector coupled to a distal end of the manipulating arm and configured...
US-9,468,145 Seal for unloading conveyor arrangement
An unloading conveyor arrangement for an agricultural machine includes a conveyor having a discharge end, and a spout arrangement at the discharge end of the...
US-9,468,144 Lawn mower cutter blade
A lawn mower includes: a rotation shaft extending vertically in a downwardly-opening housing; and a cutter blade rotatably mounted on the rotation shaft. The...
US-9,468,143 Grass blade for a trimmer
A cutting blade for a hand-guided trimmer with a drive motor has a disk-shaped base member with cutting teeth disposed about a circumference of the base member....
US-9,468,142 Dual conveyor granular commodity dispersement system
A method and assembly for distributing a granular agricultural material. The assembly includes a container that is configured to be supported by a chassis of a...
US-9,468,141 Device for a self-regulated pneumatic supply with a means for regulating the air passage section
A device for a self-regulated pneumatic supply from a main reservoir containing product toward at least one auxiliary reservoir according to its filling rate,...
US-9,468,140 Harvesting device
An agricultural machine with an implement for working a row culture of working rows arranged parallel to one another, interference rows arranged at an angle to...
US-9,468,139 Implement hitch for a tractor
An implement hitch is disclosed for a tractor, wherein the hitch is fitted with a mechanism for stabilizing lateral movement of lifting arms of the hitch. The...
US-9,468,138 Implement for a tractor hitch
An implement hitch is disclosed for a tractor having arms for attachment to an implement, wherein the arms have part-spherical sockets at their free ends for...
US-9,468,137 Plant extracting assembly having detent
A plant extracting assembly includes a fulcrum; a lifting arm subassembly carried by the fulcrum in fixed relation thereto, the lifting arm subassembly having a...
US-D769,572 Automated teller machine
US-D769,571 Automated teller machine
US-D769,570 Self-service terminal
US-D769,569 Kiosk
US-D769,568 Casket cover
US-D769,567 Forklift
US-D769,566 Trash can
US-D769,565 Trash can
US-D769,564 Trash can
US-D769,563 Receptacle for debris collection
US-D769,562 Glove support
US-D769,561 Bucket
US-D769,560 Window cleaning appliance
US-D769,559 Sponge
US-D769,558 Brush for vacuum cleaner
US-D769,557 Vacuum cleaner
US-D769,556 Cleaner
US-D769,555 Washing machine
US-D769,554 Washing machine
US-D769,553 Washing machine
US-D769,552 Washing machine
US-D769,551 Artificial inseminator
US-D769,550 Dog shower
US-D769,549 Protective fly mask for horses
US-D769,548 Drinking bowl with bottle
US-D769,547 Drinking bowl
US-D769,546 Pet feeder mat
US-D769,545 Animal habitat
US-D769,544 Animal habitat
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