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Patent # Description
US-9,480,206 Decoration hanger
A hanger for hanging of garlands and the like around a doorway can be removably placed within a doorway, where it is secured by pressure and friction, thereby...
US-9,480,205 Combined packer and stuffer means
An agricultural baler of the rectangular type has a feeder of which the movement is directly derived from and synchronized with the movement of the...
US-9,480,204 Brake mechanism for agricultural baler
A baler has a chamber, a plunger, wherein the plunger is connected to a plunger driving mechanism that is adapted to reciprocally move the plunger in the baling...
US-9,480,203 Harvester feed housing cleaning with pressurized fluid
A harvesting apparatus having a frame to be advanced over an area in which a crop is grown and a harvesting assembly on the frame configured to process severed...
US-9,480,202 Automated selective harvesting of crops
Various embodiments include a device for selectively harvesting crops on a plant. The device can include a picking apparatus. The picking apparatus can be...
US-9,480,201 Lawn mower
In a lawn mower for mowing lawns on a ground having a drive shaft adapted to transmit a rotational driving force of a operating motor (prime mover), three...
US-9,480,200 Multi-blade lawn mower cutting system with overlapping cutting circles
A multi-blade mower includes at least two spindles spaced apart from each other. In one example implementation, two blades are mounted at different heights on...
US-9,480,199 Seeding machine with seed delivery system
A seeding machine with a seed meter and a seed delivery system for moving seed from a seed meter to a furrow formed in the soil. The delivery system has an...
US-9,480,198 Swivel drawbar hitch mechanism for pull-type implement
A drawbar hitch mechanism has a fore-and-aft extending receiver, a gearbox assembly coupled to the receiver and a tongue assembly attached to the gearbox...
US-9,480,197 Stabilizer for a lower link of a three-point hitch
A stabilizer for a lower link of a three-point hitch of a tractor, includes a first stabilizer element and a second stabilizer element, which is supported so it...
US-9,480,196 Vertical tine tiller
A vertical tine tiller that includes a chassis, an engine attached to the chassis, a handle assembly extending from the chassis to allow an operator to control...
US-D770,722 Bank box for holding money
US-D770,721 Cemetary monument
US-D770,720 Powered pallet truck
US-D770,719 Powered pallet truck
US-D770,718 Shopping cart component
US-D770,717 Shopping cart component
US-D770,716 Shopping cart frame
US-D770,715 Drying mat and tray
US-D770,714 Mop
US-D770,713 Two head cleaning apparatus
US-D770,712 Hand-held cleaning utensil
US-D770,711 Head for a vacuum cleaner
US-D770,710 Laundry ball
US-D770,709 Vacuum cleaner
US-D770,708 Cleaner
US-D770,707 Washing machine
US-D770,706 Washing machine
US-D770,705 Washing machine
US-D770,704 Washing machine
US-D770,703 Washing machine
US-D770,702 Washing machine
US-D770,701 Washing machine
US-D770,700 Washing machine
US-D770,699 Washing machine
US-D770,698 Washing machine
US-D770,697 Washing machine
US-D770,696 Dishwasher and/or components thereof
US-D770,695 Cleansing station for cleaning rotary atomizers for painting robots
US-D770,694 Pet wash enclosure
US-D770,693 Retractable pet leash
US-D770,692 Combined swing door and door frame of an animal enclosure
US-D770,691 Facemask
US-D770,690 Workout glove
US-D770,689 Protective helmet
US-D770,688 Helmet
US-D770,687 Bicycle helmet
US-D770,686 Hair ornament
US-D770,685 Cosmetic product container
US-D770,684 Holder for hair styling tools
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