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Patent # Description
US-9,485,918 Treatment system to prolong life of cut flowers
The present disclosure relates to prolonging shelf life of cut flowers, especially during transport, as well as enhancing physical appearance and sensory...
US-9,485,917 Method for producing grown materials and products made thereby
The composite material is comprised of a substrate of discrete particles and a network of interconnected mycelia cells bonding the discrete particles together....
US-9,485,916 Agricultural baler needle stabilizer
An agricultural baler including a base unit, a plurality of ground engaging devices supporting the base unit and at least one tie system mounted to the base...
US-9,485,915 Combine harvester having a feederhouse
A combine harvester (10) has a feederhouse assembly (20) that comprises a housing (62). The housing (62) contains feederhouse rollers (64, 80), about which an...
US-9,485,914 Method and system for sensing a position of a vehicle or guiding a vehicle with respect to one or more plant rows
A first sensor is associated with the first arm to provide a first sensor signal response indicative of a first position or first movement of the first arm with...
US-9,485,913 Converging drum and stripper arrangement
A mowing implement includes an improved crop and forage material converging arrangement for a wide mowing implement equipped with a rotary cutter bar and...
US-9,485,912 Tree location sensing system for agricultural tree harvesters
A system for sensing the location of a tree trunk relative to an orchard harvester, which includes a body, including a distance sensor mounted on the body, a...
US-9,485,911 Multi-blade mower deck with mulch/side discharge conversion
A multi-blade mower deck with mulch/side discharge conversion includes a mulch gate mounted under the mower deck and connected to a vertical hinge under the...
US-9,485,910 Blade rotor for a mower and mower having such a blade rotor
A blade rotor includes a mower disk, at least one mowing blade, at least one bearing pin mounted on the mower disk for pivotable mounting of the mowing blade,...
US-9,485,909 Mower and grass mowing machine including the same
There is provided a mower in which a guide member does not easily protrude on the side of the mower, and a grass mowing machine including the same. A mower for...
US-9,485,908 Secondary cutting device arrangement for an agricultural harvesting machine
An agricultural machine suitable for the harvesting of grain-like crops, comprising a header, the header comprising a first cutting device whose position is...
US-9,485,907 Modular agricultural flail cutting unit for a working machine
A modular agricultural cutting unit for a harvester has a plurality of cutting modules each having a horizontally arranged shaft drivable in rotation and a...
US-9,485,906 Turf-care vehicle operator presence detection
An operator detection system for sensing the presence of an operator at an operator control station of a turf-care vehicle is provided. The system comprises at...
US-9,485,905 Harvester with predictive ground speed regulation
A combine harvester (10), has driven wheels or tracks (14) for moving the combine harvester; a system for detecting characteristics of crop plants (96) in front...
US-9,485,904 Method for increasing crop yields
Among the problems in achieving high yields of sown crops in agricultural production are the timely sowing thereof, maintaining moisture in the soil and...
US-9,485,903 Seed boot mounting system
A system comprising an air seeder assembly has a base mount with base ears including a first pair of base bores and defining a channel therebetween with a...
US-9,485,902 Device for dispensing seeds singly
A device is provided for dispensing seeds singly. The device includes a drum, a dispensing disc, a vacuum chamber and a seal of the vacuum chamber, between the...
US-9,485,901 Drill/planter blade with concave edge
A seed planting apparatus has a first disc is rotatably disposed about a first axis which is substantially perpendicular to a line of travel. A following...
US-9,485,900 Agricultural implement plug detection
A plug detection system for an agricultural implement with a ground-engaging tool may include a rotational speed sensor, a ground speed sensing system, and a...
US-9,485,899 Method and device for hitching an agricultural implement to a three-point lifting system of an agricultural tractor
The invention relates to a device for coupling an agricultural implement to an agricultural tractor (1), comprising two frames (10) each provided with two base...
US-9,485,898 Tine holding apparatus and method for aerating soil
An apparatus for retaining soil aerating tines during soil aerating operations comprising a tine holding assembly having a plurality of holes therein, wherein...
US-9,485,897 Assembly for attaching a replaceable wearing part to an implement
An assembly for attaching a replaceable wearing part to a leading edge of an implement includes a wearing-part holder configured to be received and fixed to a...
US-9,485,896 Weed and sweep tool
A tool includes a handle having a sweeping end and an opposed weeding end. The sweeping end encompasses a broom having a plurality of semi-rigid bristles. The...
US-D771,347 Mailbox
US-D771,346 Hoist apparatus
US-D771,345 Fork lift
US-D771,344 Trash can
US-D771,343 Trash container enclosure
US-D771,342 Drip tray for shoes
US-D771,341 Paint can drip edge crown
US-D771,340 Bucket
US-D771,339 Round pail
US-D771,338 Floor squeegee device
US-D771,337 Sand-removing hand mitt
US-D771,336 Inner cover for door of washing machine
US-D771,335 Door for washing machine
US-D771,334 Debris capturing net
US-D771,333 Cleaning robot
US-D771,332 Cleaning robot
US-D771,331 Computer cleaner
US-D771,330 Washing machine
US-D771,329 Washing machine
US-D771,328 Washing machine
US-D771,327 Handheld control unit for electronic remote training collar system
US-D771,326 Pet toy
US-D771,325 Lizard rope pet toy
US-D771,324 Retractable pet leash
US-D771,323 Pet leash pouch set
US-D771,322 Needle support device
US-D771,321 Safety helmet
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