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Patent # Description
US-9,497,907 Indoor/outdoor hydroponic nutrient delivery system for plants
The embodiments herein provide a hydroponic system having a self-contained reservoir. The system comprises, a plurality of plastic pipes, a plurality of plant...
US-9,497,906 Method of assembling a platform to support a tree and rootball for tree relocation
A method of removing a tree and rootball includes the steps of excavating around the rootball, driving a plurality of pipes through a lower portion of the...
US-9,497,905 Grow light systems and methods for controlling the same
Grow light systems and methods for controlling the systems are described herein. The grow light system can include an integrated lamp and light emitting diodes...
US-9,497,904 Plunger slot cover assembly for an agricultural baler
An agricultural baler includes a main bale chamber having a pair of opposed side walls, with each said side wall including a plunger slot arrangement defining a...
US-9,497,903 Combine harvester residue management system
A combine harvester including a residue management system having a chaff spreader and a straw chopper, coupled by a mechanical linkage. Movement of the straw...
US-9,497,902 Forced-air conveyance harvesting system for small produce
A forced-air system for conveying a produce within a mechanized harvester of a row crop. The mechanized harvester includes a straddling over-carriage having a...
US-9,497,901 Boundary definition system for a robotic vehicle
A method for defining boundaries for a work area of a robotic vehicle may include receiving map data descriptive of a parcel of land and receiving information...
US-9,497,900 Planter with post seed tube mounted row cleaner and depth control tool
A planter unit for planting seeds as it traverses a field in a direction of travel includes a seed delivery tube and a furrow opener configured to open a furrow...
US-9,497,899 Sensor for air cart metering system
An agricultural particulate delivery system includes a tank operable to contain particulate, a metering structure including a metering element operable to...
US-9,497,898 Agricultural harvester unloading assist system and method
Disclosed is an improved articulated combine of a forward grainhead carried by a forward bogey devoid of grain storage and operated by an operator and a rear...
US-9,497,897 Agricultural implement having diverse hitch and gang operation modes
An agricultural implement (10) has front and rear gangs (12, 13) of rotatable tillage tools arranged to follow each other along a line of travel. The front and...
US-9,497,896 Farm implement with steering tracks
A toolbar implement with steering tracks connects to a tractor and a plurality of row units are connected to the toolbar implement. The toolbar implement...
US-D772,522 Lock box
US-D772,521 Money order printing ATM
US-D772,520 Urn
US-D772,519 Rotary shackle
US-D772,518 Rotary shackle
US-D772,517 Conveyor belt drive roller
US-D772,516 Combined trash can receptacle and planter
US-D772,515 Steam generating base for irons
US-D772,514 Wet paper towel heater
US-D772,513 Paint can topper
US-D772,512 Cleaner
US-D772,511 Intake for cleaner
US-D772,510 Combined handle and head
US-D772,509 Washing machine
US-D772,508 Laundry detergent holder
US-D772,507 Frontload drying appliance
US-D772,506 Frontload drying appliance
US-D772,505 Topload washing appliance
US-D772,504 Door for washing machine
US-D772,503 Door for washing machine
US-D772,502 Washing machine
US-D772,501 Washing machine
US-D772,500 Washing machine
US-D772,499 Washing machine
US-D772,498 Washing machine
US-D772,497 Washing machine
US-D772,496 Washing machine
US-D772,495 Clothes dryer
US-D772,494 Pet feeder tilted table
US-D772,493 Cat food bowl
US-D772,492 Seal
US-D772,491 Goggle stopper
US-D772,490 Baseball glove
US-D772,489 Football helmet facemask
US-D772,488 Cup cooling liner
US-D772,487 Animal shield
US-D772,486 Dental flosser
US-D772,485 Dental flosser
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