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Patent # Description
US-9,504,212 Real time injection for agricultural sprayers
A system comprises a distribution boom, a first pump device configured to provide a flow stream of a carrier substance for the distribution boom, a second pump...
US-9,504,211 Planar linkage, methods of decoupling, mitigating shock and resonance, and controlling agricultural spray booms...
The current invention discloses several methodologies that mitigate shock loading and propensity to resonance in agricultural spray boom structures. These...
US-9,504,210 Watering device
A watering device comprising an inlet valve operably to be connected into fluid communication with a water source, a primary manifold coupled to and in fluid...
US-9,504,209 Irrigation sprinkler nozzle
A spray nozzle for an irrigation sprinkler is provided, where the nozzle includes a constriction having a reduced cross sectional flow area achieved using a...
US-9,504,208 Planter system
A planter system has a base and an insert. The base is to be placed in the ground and includes a top, outwardly extending lip to limit the depth that the...
US-9,504,207 Light emitting device
This light emitting device is provided with: a light emitting element which emits excitation light; and a far-red phosphor which is excited by the light of the...
US-9,504,206 Plant graft production line
A plant graft production line for automatically grafting a rootstock and a scion si disclosed. The aforesaid plant graft production line comprises (a) a...
US-9,504,205 Variable stroke cleaning system drive in an agricultural harvester
A cleaning section of an agricultural harvester including a sieve and at least one variable stroke sieve drive wherein the sieve is positioned in the harvester...
US-9,504,204 Removable concave threshing bars for an agricultural combine
A concave for an agricultural combine includes first and second frames connected together for movement between closed and open positions. The first frame...
US-9,504,203 Transmission arrangement for harvesting vehicles
A transmission arrangement is disclosed for a cotton harvester. A power take-off shaft may be configured to receive rotational power from an engine of the...
US-9,504,202 High clearance mower hitch
A rotary mower has a center mower deck and a hitch arm assembly adapted at a front end for connection to a tractor drawbar. A hydraulic pump is mounted on the...
US-9,504,201 Synchronized shaker head
A trunk shaker harvester includes a shaker assembly with four synchronized shaker drives. The shaker drives are mounted on a frame of trunk engagement members....
US-9,504,200 Rechopper
A rechopper for chopped crop includes first and second rollers having axially parallel rotational axes, peripheral surfaces disposed opposite one another...
US-9,504,199 Agricultural implement having a feed device for airflow-based feeding of a granular or powder material
An agricultural implement including at least one container for granular or powder material and a feed device for airflow-based feeding of the granular or powder...
US-9,504,198 Crimping device for agricultural field preparation
An agricultural device associated with reduced tillage techniques in a field includes a frame and a separator supported by the frame. The separator is...
US-9,504,197 Disc blade clamping device
An agricultural tillage implement, including: a frame tube; and a disc blade hanger mounting assembly. The disc blade hanger mounting assembly includes: a disc...
US-9,504,196 Post-hole digger with foot rests
A foot rest for a post-hole digger and post-hole diggers using the foot rest are disclosed. The foot rest includes two portions, one attached to each shaft of...
US-D773,147 Memorial marker
US-D773,146 Boom lift
US-D773,145 Trash can
US-D773,144 Electric steam iron
US-D773,143 Pant rack
US-D773,142 Combination dish drying mat and rack
US-D773,141 Squeegee with a pivotable blade
US-D773,140 Laundry bag
US-D773,139 Vacuum cleaner head
US-D773,138 Surface cleaner base
US-D773,137 Hand tool
US-D773,136 Articulating vacuum attachment
US-D773,135 Dust collecting barrel
US-D773,134 Top panel for a laundry appliance
US-D773,133 Washing machine
US-D773,132 Washing machine
US-D773,131 Cleaner
US-D773,130 Vacuum cleaner
US-D773,129 Washing machine
US-D773,128 Washing machine
US-D773,127 Cat feeder
US-D773,126 Collapsible feeder
US-D773,125 Sleeping basket for a domestic animal
US-D773,124 Fish tank
US-D773,123 Fish tank
US-D773,122 Fish tank
US-D773,121 Mask
US-D773,120 Helmet
US-D773,119 Hair waving apparatus
US-D773,118 Hair dryer
US-D773,117 Soap bar
US-D773,116 Battery case for electronic cigarette
US-D773,115 Charger for electronic cigarette
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