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Patent # Description
US-9,521,812 Irrigation system
A method of operating a drip irrigation system is provided and includes providing drip irrigation lines aside a diverter line with T-junctions interleaved...
US-9,521,811 Plant tower
The stackable plant container module is adapted such that a plurality of plant container modules will nest together for storage and/or shipping while allowing...
US-9,521,810 Handheld power tool
The invention related to a handheld power tool having a linear actuator and a removable member, e.g. a blade, wherein the movable member is directly connected...
US-9,521,809 Bale processor with automatic control
A bale processor with a bale processing bin that has a bale cutter therein and an engagement section on the bale cutter for supporting part of a bale. A...
US-9,521,808 Harvester chaff pan assembly with moveable deflector components
An agricultural harvester includes a grain processing section having a chaff pan with a discharge end adjacent aft steerable wheels for the combine. The main...
US-9,521,807 Guiding unit for a device for harvesting the long agricultural products and device for harvesting agricultural...
A guiding unit for agricultural products for a device for harvesting the agricultural products comprising a supporting body (2) connectable to the frame (101)...
US-9,521,806 Farm work machine, farm work management method, farm work management program, and recording medium recording...
A farm work machine (1) operable in a variety of work modes includes a communications unit (5) that reads farm work information for a selected target farm work...
US-9,521,805 Harvester with predictive driving speed specification
An apparatus and a method for the speed control of a harvester, in which the density of a crop planting on the field is predictively determined and a speed...
US-9,521,804 Seed delivery system
A seed delivery system is provided that includes a row crop seed planter having a seed meter that can pneumatically deliver seeds to the agricultural field at a...
US-9,521,803 Seed labels and manufacturing method thereof
A seed label including a label layer removably attached to a clear film layer by an adhesive layer, and at least one seed disposed between the label layer and...
US-9,521,802 Seed testing method and apparatus
The seed test kit includes a compartment base, a lid and a holder for an oxygen scavenger. The base includes a liquid gas exchange control trough around its...
US-9,521,801 Agricultural machine with foldable extension arm
An agricultural machine for working soil or for sowing seeds, including a trailed chassis and work elements distributed over a transverse beam including a...
US-9,521,800 Triple-fold tillage implement with transport ready frontal profile
An agricultural tillage implement includes a center frame section having a pull hitch configured to be towed, and a plurality of wing sections positioned on...
US-9,521,799 Method for automatically folding a farm implement
A method and apparatus for automating some of the tasks that heretofore required operator action at headland turns or similar events are provided. The present...
US-9,521,798 Crumbler basket down pressure adjustment system
An agricultural tillage implement includes a main frame including a hitch extending in a travel direction, at least one secondary frame, a plurality of rolling...
US-9,521,797 System and method for determining ground engaging tool position based on fluid pressure
An agricultural implement is provided that includes a ground engaging tool configured to engage soil in a working position and to disengage the soil in a...
US-9,521,796 Seeding implement depth adjustment mechanism
A seeding implement is provided that includes a depth adjustment mechanism configured to facilitate rapid reconfiguration of a ground engaging tool for varying...
US-D774,722 Automated teller machine
US-D774,721 Secure barrel pallet
US-D774,720 Detachable liner engagement member for a trashcan
US-D774,719 Combination drying mat and rack
US-D774,718 Washing machine tub
US-D774,717 Robot cleaner
US-D774,716 Washing machine
US-D774,715 Washing machine
US-D774,714 Washing machine
US-D774,713 Topload washing appliance
US-D774,712 Wine glass hanger
US-D774,711 Wine glass hanger
US-D774,710 Dog toy
US-D774,709 Feline play structure
US-D774,708 Feline play structure
US-D774,707 Feline play structure
US-D774,706 Post-operative protection garment for dogs
US-D774,705 Pet bed
US-D774,704 Helmet cover
US-D774,703 Respirator helmet outer shell
US-D774,702 Respirator helmet
US-D774,701 Welding helmet
US-D774,700 Radiation protective headwear
US-D774,699 Child strap
US-D774,698 Curved armor plate
US-D774,697 Cosmetic compact
US-D774,696 Shaving razor
US-D774,695 Hair clip
US-D774,694 Hairstyling needle-tip tong
US-D774,693 Atomizer of electronic cigarette
US-D774,692 Organizer base for a lamp
US-D774,691 Organizer base for a lamp
US-D774,690 Headlamp bracket
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