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Patent # Description
US-9,532,506 High rise crop lifter
A crop lifter apparatus has a base member attached to a selected guard finger of a cutting header. A front lifting finger extends forward and downward from the...
US-9,532,505 Hood divider adjustment apparatus for an agricultural harvester
A row divider of an agricultural harvester is disclosed. The row divider includes a hood, a divider and an adjustment apparatus for adjusting the position of...
US-9,532,504 Control arrangement and method for controlling a position of a transfer device of a harvesting machine
Present invention is an adjustable transfer device for unloading processed crop onto a container of a transport vehicle including a control arrangement with an...
US-9,532,503 Monofilament line holder for grass trimmers
A device for holding lines in a holder secured around an object such as a shaft of garden equipment. The device comprises a hollow body having an outer surface...
US-9,532,502 Low profile sickle drive
A sickle drive incorporated into a generally flat package or enclosure or floor. The drive includes an epicyclic mechanism, including a rotatable input element...
US-9,532,501 Plant conveyor and method for harvesting plants
A conveyor includes a frame, at least two arms at least one of which is movably mounted to the frame, at least two rails wherein each rail is coupled to an end...
US-9,532,500 Digger for rhizomes and the like
An apparatus for harvesting rhizomes includes a chassis to move in a field. Coulter disks mounted on a forward end of the chassis break up soil on a top surface...
US-9,532,499 System and method to monitor gaseous concentrations
A gas monitoring system on an agricultural implement such as a tractor or cultivator includes a nutrient applicator to inject chemicals or compounds into the...
US-9,532,498 Seeder with lockout clutch
A seed planting machine for dispensing seed. The seed planting machine includes a transmission with a lockout clutch having an actuator for shifting the lockout...
US-9,532,497 Variable precharge accumulator for agricultural header
A harvesting header for use with a crop harvesting machine has a feederhouse interface and a header frame providing structural support for the harvesting...
US-9,532,496 Dynamic supplemental downforce control system for planter row units
A dynamic supplemental downforce control system for a planter row unit. The system includes closed-loop feedback circuit that cooperates with a downforce...
US-D775,774 Plastic pallet
US-D775,773 Cleaning article
US-D775,772 Cleaner
US-D775,771 Washing machine
US-D775,770 Dishwasher
US-D775,769 Animal interaction device
US-D775,768 Fish tank
US-D775,767 Bicycle helmet
US-D775,766 Work-vest
US-D775,765 Toothpick
US-D775,764 Hair dryer
US-D775,763 Eyeliner stencil
US-D775,762 Electronic smoke device
US-D775,761 Vehicle fog lamp bezel
US-D775,760 Horticulture grow light housing
US-D775,759 Solar candle
US-D775,758 Lighting fixture
US-D775,757 Suspension lamp
US-D775,756 Lighting fixture
US-D775,755 Slide lamp
US-D775,754 Light
US-D775,753 Flashlight
US-D775,752 Rechargeable device with flashlight and electronic device charger
US-D775,751 Light-emitting diode vehicle mount
US-D775,750 Vehicle tail lamp
US-D775,749 Rear light for a vehicle
US-D775,748 Vehicle front bumper cover lamp
US-D775,747 Vehicle tail lamp
US-D775,746 Lamp
US-D775,745 Lamp
US-D775,744 Light-emitting device
US-D775,743 Siding component
US-D775,742 Fencepost cap
US-D775,741 Structural post
US-D775,740 Window component extrusion
US-D775,739 Patterned glass
US-D775,738 Membrane card
US-D775,737 Hearing aid
US-D775,736 Tonometer tip
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