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Patent # Description
US-9,538,713 Modular irrigation controller
A controller has two irrigation station module connection areas within it and can either accept two irrigation station modules at the same time or one larger...
US-9,538,712 Tower alignment system and mechanism that allows programmed changes to the alignment automatically
An alignment unit for use with an irrigation system comprises a housing, an alignment sensor, an alignment controller, and an actuator. The irrigation system...
US-9,538,711 Backpack working machine
Provided is a backpack working machine with excellent operability and durability, the machine having a configuration in which a blower is mounted on a backpack...
US-9,538,710 Crop product tracking system and method
A system is disclosed that can be used in precision farming to apply crop product to a field. The system includes a remote terminal connected with a network....
US-9,538,709 Merger and pick-up header for a merger having an adjustable skid shoe
A merger apparatus including a pick-up header; a conveyor with a conveyor belt; a skid shoe disposed below the pick-up header and the conveyor; and an operative...
US-9,538,708 Finger support for a drum conveyor
A finger support (204) for a drum conveyor (112), the drum conveyor (112) comprising an elongate drum (122) that is hollow and a plurality of fingers (124),...
US-9,538,707 Harvester header with belt length adapting mechanism
A header for an agricultural harvester has a frame with a floor surface and an auger to laterally transport crop material towards a central aperture, wherein a...
US-9,538,706 Zero turn mower steering system
A zero turn mower steering system including left and right motion control levers independently pivotable between forward, neutral and reverse positions to...
US-9,538,705 Cutter and a base cut assembly
The present invention relates to a cutter (1) for a base cut assembly (11) applied to a sugar-cane harvesting machine (100). The base cut assembly (11)...
US-9,538,704 Horizontal rotary mower with thin replaceable blades
A lawnmower with a plurality of blade holding elements in a horizontally rotating blade assembly holds a plurality of replaceable blades in a blade channel. The...
US-9,538,703 Easily serviceable and removable self-adjusting knife arm and head assembly for a sickle
The knife head mounts to the sickle to hold a plurality of knife sections thereon while allowing removal of the knife sections individually without major...
US-9,538,702 Robotic mowing of separated lawn areas
A method of mowing multiple areas includes training the robotic mower to move across a space separating at least two areas, and initiating a mowing operation....
US-9,538,701 Method for controlling a device for changing the spreading ring sector of a disc spreader and disc spreader...
Method for controlling a device for changing the spreading ring sector of a disc spreader including a controllable metering device, a distributor disc arranged...
US-9,538,700 Materials spreader
A material spreader attached to and towed by an agricultural vehicle for spreading material such as organic material and fertilizers over a ground surface. The...
US-9,538,699 Adjustable ground speed and acceleration control devices, systems, and methods for walk-behind equipment
The present subject matter relates to adjustable ground speed control devices, systems, and methods for walk-behind equipment. A variable speed control system...
US-9,538,698 Land roller
A land roller implement includes a wheel aligned with the respective gap between the inner roller and the outer roller of each wing in which the wheel is...
US-9,538,697 Damping flange for agri-hub
A hub-bearing assembly for rotatably mounting a tilling disc about an axis of rotation. The hub-bearing assembly includes an annular hub providing an axially...
US-9,538,696 Guidance and control of vehicle travel path and components
A vehicle, a tool carriage assembly, and a system are disclosed. The vehicle includes drive wheels and a steering assembly which are responsive to control...
US-D776,399 Automated teller machine
US-D776,398 Foldably constructed pallet
US-D776,397 Foldably constructed pallet
US-D776,396 Conveyor belt scraper blade
US-D776,395 Winch
US-D776,394 Trailer axle jack stand
US-D776,393 Conveyor unit
US-D776,392 Carrier lift for plumbing
US-D776,391 Waste management cart with advertising panels
US-D776,390 Wastebasket collar
US-D776,389 Washboard for washing machine
US-D776,388 Collapsible ironing board leg structure
US-D776,387 Dish rack
US-D776,386 Combination drying mat and rack
US-D776,385 Drying rack
US-D776,384 T shaped razor blade
US-D776,383 Hydraulic fluid drying device
US-D776,382 Cleaning tool
US-D776,381 Portion of a floor steam cleaning device
US-D776,380 Brush for vacuum cleaner
US-D776,379 Vacuum cleaner
US-D776,378 Floor cleaning roller core
US-D776,377 Washing machine tub
US-D776,376 Door of washing and/or drying machine
US-D776,375 Vacuum cleaner
US-D776,374 Washing machine
US-D776,373 Washing machine
US-D776,372 Dishwasher tub bottom
US-D776,371 Small pet toy ball
US-D776,370 Pet toy
US-D776,369 Horseshoe
US-D776,368 Base for dog bed
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