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Patent # Description
US-9,549,510 Inbred corn line IT7EE42
An inbred corn line designated IT7EE42 is disclosed. The invention relates to the plants and seeds of inbred corn line IT7EE42 and methods for producing a corn...
US-9,549,509 GLK genes for improved fruit quality
The present invention provides methods for improving fruit quality in plants that have low or reduced levels of Golden2-like (GLK) activity in the green fruit...
US-9,549,508 Offset stacked vertical planting containers
Stacked growing containers. The growing containers are stacked so that they are offset to each other in order to expose their corners to optimum light. Each...
US-9,549,507 Method for cultivating plant
A plant-cultivating method is provided which comprises a step (A) of irradiating a plant with a red light and a step (B) of irradiating a plant with a blue...
US-9,549,506 Harvester with rear active bottom floor
A harvester assembly has a feeder assembly, a bottom floor assembly, and a crop collection channel. The rear portion of the bottom floor assembly is capable of...
US-9,549,505 Agricultural vehicle conveyance linkage
In one example, a conveyance system comprises a conveyance mechanism and a linkage configured to movably couple the conveyance mechanism to a vehicle, wherein...
US-9,549,504 Transaxle system for vehicle
Transaxle systems for a vehicle are disclosed where each of right and left transaxle units includes a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic motor and a casing...
US-9,549,503 Mount for a cabin of an agricultural harvester
An agricultural harvesting machine a chassis, a cabin and at least one mount coupling the cabin to the chassis. The mount has a first connecting feature...
US-9,549,502 Conversion method of harvester picking head
A method is provided for converting a bow rod harvester into a trunk shaker harvester. In the bow rod harvester, a plurality of bow rods are attached to an...
US-9,549,501 Trimmer head for a vegetation cutting machine
The invention relates to a trimmer head comprising: a body to be coupled to a driving shaft of a vegetation cutting machine for rotating about a rotation axis,...
US-9,549,500 Electrical system for riding lawn care vehicle
A riding lawn mower is provided with an electrical system. The electrical system includes a control module, transceiver modules, and a wiring system. The...
US-9,549,499 Solid carrier sprayer apparatus and methods of using same
A solid carrier sprayer apparatus, including a solid carrier container, a liquid container, a solid carrier spreading apparatus, and a liquid application...
US-9,549,498 Supply line connecting device in a foldable agricultural machine
An agricultural machine comprises a first frame part and a second frame part pivotably arranged about a vertical shaft relative to the first frame part. At...
US-9,549,497 Method for automatically leveling a farm implement
A method and apparatus for automating some of the tasks that heretofore required operator action at headland turns or similar events are provided. The present...
US-9,549,496 Tillage implement with foldable frame
An agricultural tillage implement including a main frame section having a pull hitch tube extending in a travel direction, and a tool bar coupled with and...
US-D777,399 Foldable tailgate ramp
US-D777,398 Plate with inner cleat
US-D777,397 Apparatus for handling and sorting packages
US-D777,396 Multipurpose mobile caddy
US-D777,395 Recycle bin system
US-D777,394 Bag-retaining insert for waste container
US-D777,393 Handle for cleaning device
US-D777,392 Hand held cleaning sponge handle
US-D777,391 Cleaning article
US-D777,390 Cleaning article
US-D777,389 Cleaning tool
US-D777,388 Finishing pad
US-D777,387 Cyclone cone barrel
US-D777,386 Door for a laundry appliance
US-D777,385 Protective work glove
US-D777,384 Ear guard
US-D777,383 Helmet mount
US-D777,382 Fingertip cover
US-D777,381 Headwear
US-D777,380 Light up face mask
US-D777,379 Head mounted display helmet
US-D777,378 Plate carrier
US-D777,377 Combination dental floss and pick
US-D777,376 Shaver
US-D777,375 Shaver without shaving head
US-D777,374 Hair pin
US-D777,373 Combined dosage packaging and washing agents
US-D777,372 Atomization core for electronic cigarette
US-D777,371 Lamp post of a lamp
US-D777,370 Luminaire mounting interface
US-D777,369 LED light fixture having a support that is not in-line with the axis of the cylinder
US-D777,368 Luminaire
US-D777,367 Tap light
US-D777,366 Lamp
US-D777,365 Hanging lamp
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