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Patent # Description
US-9,591,820 Inbred corn line 4691436
An inbred corn line, designated 4691436, the plants and seeds of the inbred corn line 4691436, methods for producing a corn plant, either inbred or hybrid,...
US-9,591,819 Cotton variety P05X.5322-11.WRF
The disclosure relates to a cotton variety, designated P05X.5322-11WRF, the plants and seeds of the cotton variety P05X.5322-11WRF, methods for producing a...
US-9,591,818 Low saturated-fat sunflower and associated methods
Provided are sunflowers, parts thereof, cultures of, and seeds that are capable of producing sunflower oil that is low in saturated fat and, optionally, high in...
US-9,591,817 Tetraploid watermelon line 54WA004
The present invention provides novel watermelon line 54WA004 and plant parts, seed, and tissue culture therefrom. The invention also provides methods for...
US-9,591,816 Onion variety dulciana
The invention relates to the field of Allium in particular to a new variety of Allium cepa L. designated DULCIANA plants, seeds and bulbs thereof as well as...
US-9,591,815 Plant cultivation device, box, end section unit
A plant cultivation device includes a plurality of boxes, a connection unit, and an end section unit. Each box is provided in an inner space thereof with a...
US-9,591,814 Light-weight modular adjustable vertical hydroponic growing system and method
A light-weight, modular, adjustable vertical hydroponic growing system and method of Native American design for cultivation plants and beneficial soil organisms...
US-9,591,813 Multi-purpose plant watering device and system thereof
A plant watering device includes a first body portion, a second body portion having a chamber therein and connected to the bottom of the first body portion, a...
US-9,591,812 Mobile tree-trimming apparatus
An apparatus, such as for tree trimming, includes a mobile carriage having a frame and a pedestal supported by the frame. The apparatus further includes a boom,...
US-9,591,811 Mobile tree-trimming apparatus
An apparatus, such as for tree trimming, includes a mobile carriage having a frame and a pedestal supported by the frame. The apparatus further includes a boom,...
US-9,591,810 Harvester head assembly
An improved harvester head assembly is provided. The harvester head includes a housing which is rotatable between a horizontal orientation and a vertical...
US-9,591,809 Split power tool
An extendable hedge trimmer includes a housing having a handle end and a tool end. The handle end includes a battery and an electrical connector. The tool end...
US-9,591,808 Gardening shears capable of switching cutting modes
A gardening shears includes a first blade, a driving arm pivoted to the first blade, a second blade pivoted to the first blade, and a link arm pivotally...
US-9,591,807 Continuous square baler
A feeding mechanism for a crop baler having a quick feeding device including hay guides which can be deflected by a semi cylinder compression mechanism. The hay...
US-9,591,806 Agricultural header with multiple finger infeed assembly
An agricultural harvester includes a header with an infeed assembly including a driving element configured to rotate; a hollow tube rotationally coupled to the...
US-9,591,805 Device for harvesting fruit hanging from a plant as well as a method for harvesting fruit hanging from a plant
A device which is suitable for harvesting fruit hanging from a plant at least having a mobile frame, which frame at least comprises two opposite, longitudinal...
US-9,591,804 Oscillating pan of an agricultural combine having a flow control guide vane
A chaff pan for attachment to a cleaning apparatus of an agricultural combine. The chaff pan includes a surface for receiving a flow of chaff from the cleaning...
US-9,591,803 Deck suspension system for lawnmower
In a riding mower having a frame, a mower deck supported beneath the frame by a pair of turnbuckles with resilient polyurethane bushings and a source of motive...
US-9,591,802 Belt sealing crop deflector for a flexible draper platform
The present invention relates to a belt guard assembly suitable for the harvesting platforms of the type that are carried on the front end of an agricultural...
US-9,591,801 Anhydrous ammonia fertilizer distribution line monitor
The monitor system for an anhydrous ammonia fertilizer injection system includes a manifold with a plurality of discharge lines connected to soil engaging...
US-9,591,800 Agricultural implement metering system and method
One embodiment describes an agricultural implement. The agricultural implement includes a plurality of ground engaging opener assemblies that each excavates a...
US-9,591,799 Metering of product in an air cart on hilly terrain
An air cart for use in an agricultural air seeding system includes at least one tank for holding a material, and a metering system associated with the at least...
US-9,591,798 Distributing unit for granular material, in particular a seeding unit
A distributing unit (10) for granular material such as seed grains (12), fertilizers or the like is disclosed, in particular a seeding unit (11) of a...
US-9,591,797 Cover systems with fusion welds
A cover system for a storage pond formed using a liner is disclosed. A cover flap, a liner flap and an anchor flap are preassembled either off-site at a factory...
US-9,591,796 Walk aerator
A walk aerator comprises a housing supported by a plurality of wheels that include a pair of drive wheels. The drive wheels are pivotally mounted to the housing...
US-D781,524 Urn
US-D781,523 Pallet assembly
US-D781,522 Forklift fork tip
US-D781,521 Shopping trolley
US-D781,520 Power barrow
US-D781,519 Container
US-D781,518 Combination dish drying mat and rack
US-D781,517 All-in-one cleaning tool
US-D781,516 Cleaner
US-D781,515 Head for a vacuum cleaner
US-D781,514 Vacuum cleaner nozzle hood
US-D781,513 Vacuum cleaner
US-D781,512 Robot
US-D781,511 High-pressure cleaner
US-D781,510 Washing machine
US-D781,509 Digital ultrasonic cleaner (CD-4862)
US-D781,508 Sight glass of welding mask
US-D781,507 Sight glass of welding mask
US-D781,506 Mandible guard
US-D781,505 Sports helmet with honeycomb-shaped facemask
US-D781,504 Sports helmet with criss-cross shaped facemask
US-D781,503 Stylized mask
US-D781,502 Protective helmet
US-D781,501 Dental flossing device
US-D781,500 Dental flossing device
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