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Patent # Description
US-9,769,985 Work apparatus with safety equipment
An engine-driven brush cutter (100) equipped with a safety device (42) that includes an acceleration sensor unit (24) attached to a drive unit (4) in an aslant...
US-9,769,984 Work apparatus with safety equipment
An engine-driven brush cutter (100) equipped with a safety device (42) that includes an acceleration sensor unit (24) attached to a drive unit (4) in an aslant...
US-9,769,983 Lawn mower lifting system
A lawn mower lifting system for selectively raising and lowering a lawn mower deck includes a lawn mower that has a deck. A lifting unit is provided and the...
US-9,769,982 Method and apparatus for automatically controlling a cut height of an agricultural harvester
A method for automatically controlling a cut height of a header of an agricultural harvester. The method includes positioning the header to a predetermined cut...
US-9,769,981 Anhydrous ammonia tank trailer
An anhydrous ammonia trailer including first and second longitudinally extending frame members having first and second cross-members selectively removably...
US-9,769,980 Slurry applicator for an agricultural machine
A trough is cut in the ground surface by a rotating member. The rotating member displaces soil upward with respect to the ground surface and rearwardly with...
US-9,769,979 Method for planting potatoes at high speed and equipment for carrying out that method
The method for planting potatoes at high speed includes the steps of providing a press wheel behind the seed release mechanism; opening a furrow in a soil;...
US-9,769,978 Seed delivery apparatus, systems, and methods
An apparatus and methods for delivering seed from a metering device to a furrow. In one embodiment, a seed meter entrains and releases seed from a seed disc at...
US-9,769,977 Pressure control system and method for an agricultural planter
A planter system includes a planter having an unloading valve and a controller. The unloading valve is fluidly coupled between an inlet and an outlet of a pump....
US-9,769,976 Flow control assembly for an agricultural metering system
A flow control assembly for an agricultural metering system includes a first gate control shaft configured to drive a first gate of a seed meter to transition...
US-9,769,975 Versatile no-till seed planter
A seed planter comprises a frame including a main frame section and a furrowing disk frame section. A plurality of planter assemblies may be connected to the...
US-9,769,974 Combination C-shaped spring and system
A C-spring contains an inner spring that is spaced apart from the outer primary spring. In one example usage, the upper and lower legs of the C-spring have rear...
US-9,769,973 Attachment arrangement with double shear configuration for frame members of an agricultural tillage implement
An agricultural tillage implement includes a carriage frame assembly having a longitudinal frame member extending in a travel direction, and a cross frame...
US-9,769,972 Aerator fertilizer apparatus
A self propelled aerator and fertilizer apparatus 10. The apparatus 10 includes an elongated frame 12, having front wheels 20 and rear wheels 22 coupled to the...
US-9,769,971 Gauge wheel and universal scraper for use with a conventional row planter assembly
A ground opening disc scraper assembly comprising: a scraper arm having a proximal end and a distal end, wherein the proximal end is configured for mounting to...
US-D798,524 Pallet truck
US-D798,523 Windlass hoist
US-D798,522 Winch
US-D798,521 Tool station dolly
US-D798,519 Broom block
US-D798,515 Nozzle for blower
US-D798,514 Vacuum cleaner
US-D798,509 Dishwasher window
US-D798,505 Electric nail file
US-D798,478 Taillight for a vehicle
US-D798,464 Heel protector
US-D798,461 Abdominal dressing
US-D798,439 Frame assembly cover for a patient interface
US-D798,437 Breathing apparatus
US-D798,418 Spray gun
US-D798,386 Credit card
US-D798,385 Credit card
US-D798,382 Fluid cartridge
US-D798,375 Eyeglass nose pads
US-D798,373 Sunglasses
US-D798,339 Wireless audio adapter
US-D798,338 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
US-D798,329 Display screen or portion thereof with a graphical user interface for a video communication device
US-D798,321 Display panel portion with transitional graphical user interface
US-D798,280 Antenna
US-D798,278 Antenna
US-D798,275 Wireless presenter
US-D798,251 Printed circuit board of solid-state memory
US-D798,230 Tire
US-D798,218 Vehicle wheel cap
US-D798,215 Automobile wheel
US-D798,213 Vehicle wheel rim
US-D798,208 Vehicle side mirror
US-D798,190 Pendant
US-D798,165 Tray assembly
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