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Patent # Description
US-1,001,5930 Positioning and safety apparatus suitable for control of concave suspension in a combine harvester
An apparatus that controls the position of a component of a mechanical system, such as an adjustable concave in a combine harvester, while at the same time...
US-1,001,5929 Combine harvester sickle safety guard apparatus and storage unit for same
Sickle safety guard apparatus comprising an elongated rib laterally bifurcating into a pair of spaced apart longitudinally and laterally extending side wall...
US-1,001,5928 Method and stereo vision system for managing the unloading of an agricultural material from a vehicle
A spout identification module is adapted to identify a spout (e.g., or an associated spout position) of the harvesting vehicle in the collected image data. A...
US-1,001,5927 Energy management system for an agricultural vehicle arrangement
An energy management system for an agricultural vehicle arrangement includes an electric power supply unit for the supply of a large number of electrical...
US-1,001,5926 Seed labels and manufacturing method thereof
A seed label including a label layer removably attached to a clear film layer by an adhesive layer, and at least one seed disposed between the label layer and...
US-1,001,5925 Shaft-hub assembly
A split shaft with a setting adjustment, including a first part and a second part with threaded cylindrical sections, that may optionally also optionally...
US-1,001,5924 Agricultural implement
A disk harrow having a carriage frame and diverging forward and rear secondary frames extending laterally with respect to a travel direction. Gangs of disk...
US-1,001,5923 Linkage control system on a vehicle
A vehicle having a linkage for attaching an implement including a control system for controlling a draft mode of operation in which the linkage is automatically...
US-1,001,5922 Device for hitching a tool, such as an agricultural tool, onto a hauling system of a vehicle such as an...
The invention relates to a hitching device including: a hitched frame mounted onto a tool, such as an agricultural tool; a hitching frame mounted onto a hauling...
US-1,001,5921 Vertical tillage system
A vertical tilling implement to be pulled behind and agricultural vehicle having a number of gangs of fluted-concave disc blades, rolling baskets, and wheels...
US-D822,939 Winch handle
US-D822,938 Forklift
US-D822,937 Apparatus for handling loads
US-D822,936 Handle of a barrow
US-D822,935 Container dolly
US-D822,934 Tool tray
US-D822,933 Garbage container
US-D822,932 Debris cart
US-D822,931 Construction pan assembly
US-D822,930 Dish drying rack
US-D822,929 Dish dryer
US-D822,928 Glass cleaning tool
US-D822,927 Combined scrubbing sponge with handle and holder
US-D822,926 Sponge for substrate cleaning
US-D822,925 Casing for a blower
US-D822,924 Washing machine
US-D822,923 Floor cleaning device
US-D822,922 Bark control
US-D822,921 Bark control
US-D822,920 Pet toy
US-D822,919 Pet toy
US-D822,918 Pet toy
US-D822,917 Animal toy
US-D822,916 Combination leash handle and ID tag
US-D822,915 Wearable pet monitor
US-D822,914 Pet feeder in S-shape
US-D822,913 Automatic pet water fountain
US-D822,912 Animal enclosure cover
US-D822,911 Dog mattress
US-D822,910 Animal bed
US-D822,909 Shin guard
US-D822,908 Pot lid holder
US-D822,907 Helmet
US-D822,906 Helmet
US-D822,905 Helmet
US-D822,904 Cosmetic makeup sponge/blender container
US-D822,903 Trimmer
US-D822,902 Razor handle
US-D822,901 Razor handle
US-D822,900 Hairdryer with touchscreen
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