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Patent # Description
US-1,007,6084 Roof-greening cassette
A roof-greening cassette, at least partially or predominantly having walls and/or bases made of (porous) material having pores, the porous material having the...
US-1,007,6083 Plant cultivation method
To provide a technique whereby, in cultivating a crop, factors relating to differentiation into flower buds and leaf buds, sprouting, flowering and fruiting,...
US-1,007,6082 Chopper mechanism for stalked crop
A chopper mechanism for chopping stalk-like plant wherein the chopper mechanism includes a plurality of chopping elements that are removably mounted on the pair...
US-1,007,6081 Agricultural baler with buffer chamber arranged before the pre-compression chamber
An agricultural baler equipped with a pre-compression chamber supplied with crop material by a suitable supply or arrangement or component, and configured to...
US-1,007,6080 Unloading ramp for a round baler
An unloading ramp for a round baler includes an elongated, flexible carrier that has one end that can be attached or is attached to the round baler and on whose...
US-1,007,6079 Agricultural harvester clean grain elevator
An agricultural harvester is described, the harvester comprising a processor for receiving a flow of harvested crop and processing the harvested crop, an...
US-1,007,6078 Lateral shake mechanism for agricultural harvester cleaner
An agricultural harvester includes a grain processing section having a crop material handling assembly. The crop material handling assembly is driven in fore...
US-1,007,6077 Dual sugarcane billet transportation system
A billet transportation system for a sugarcane harvester having an onboard storage for receiving billets. The billet transportation system includes a first belt...
US-1,007,6076 Extractor hood for sugarcane harvester
An extractor for use with a sugarcane harvester comprises a fan and a hood. The fan is configured to rotate about a fan axis for inducing a cleaning flow of air...
US-1,007,6075 Liquid dispensing system
A liquid dispensing system that includes a carrier having a storage tank disposed thereon for storing a liquid product. A boom is coupled to the carrier and...
US-1,007,6074 Reversible seeder transmission and seeder drive apparatus
An apparatus for transmitting power from a drive shaft (24) to a seed meter shaft of a seed metering device includes a transmission (26). A transmission housing...
US-1,007,6073 Agricultural metering system having multiple sets of meter rollers
An agricultural metering system includes multiple independently controllable sets of meter rollers. Each set of meter rollers includes at least one meter...
US-1,007,6072 Tillage implement with intra-wing gang offset
A tillage implement has a main frame, a hinged wing and a plurality of gangs each having tools along its length. The plurality of gangs includes a main frame...
US-1,007,6071 Machine for harvesting fodder
A machine for the harvesting of plants comprises an arm movable between work and transport configuration, a tool comprising lateral ends and being able to...
US-D828,974 Mailbox flag holder
US-D828,973 Foldably constructed pallet
US-D828,972 Hydraulic lifting jack
US-D828,971 Hand cart
US-D828,970 In-garbage lid container
US-D828,969 Dish cleaner with suction cup
US-D828,968 Head for an electric vacuum cleaner
US-D828,967 Pool cleaner
US-D828,966 Washing machine
US-D828,965 Bark control
US-D828,964 Pet life jacket
US-D828,963 Pet resting enclosure
US-D828,962 Bird cage
US-D828,961 Handcuff restraining apparatus
US-D828,960 Bamboo lip balm container
US-D828,959 3-in-1 floss pick
US-D828,958 Hair clipper
US-D828,957 Hair clipper
US-D828,956 Razor component
US-D828,955 Headband
US-D828,954 Cosmetic applicator
US-D828,953 Power supply device of electronic cigarettes
US-D828,952 Cartomizer for an electronic vaping device
US-D828,951 Lighter
US-D828,949 Lighting fixture
US-D828,948 Light globe and base socket
US-D828,947 Control module for attachment to a lighting fixture
US-D828,946 Multi-segmented corridor light
US-D828,945 Lamp
US-D828,944 LED panel light
US-D828,943 Laser light
US-D828,942 Light
US-D828,941 Ceiling fan light kit
US-D828,940 Flashlight
US-D828,939 Multi COB light with carabiner
US-D828,938 Multifunctional solar light
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