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Patent # Description
US-D828,684 Sole for footwear
US-D828,683 Shoe with illuminable heel light sequence
US-D828,682 Upper for a shoe
US-D828,681 Collapsible hat
US-D828,680 Collar stay
US-D828,679 Pocketed shirt
US-D828,678 Dress
US-D828,677 Jersey
US-D828,676 Feathered pocket square
US-D828,675 Folded scarf of a travel support structure
US-RE47,054 System for digital time shifting and method thereof
A multiplexed packetized data stream carrying real-time multimedia programs is received at a first hardware demultiplexer. Based on a user input, a video and...
US-RE47,053 Method and system for subscriber-based audio service over a communication network
Disclosed is a method and system for providing audio service to a client through a communication network. A user subscribes to the service and the user's access...
US-RE47,052 Control signal transmitting method and apparatus in relay station
A method of transmitting a control signal of a relay station is provided. The method includes: receiving a control signal and data from a base station in a...
US-RE47,051 Customization of manufactured products
A system, apparatus and method for a person to communicate customized design information for an object, such as a product at a time prior to its manufacture. A...
US-RE47,050 Electronic device with serial ATA interference and power saving method for serial ATA buses
In an electronic device with a serial ATA interface, upon detection of the issue or reception of a preset command, a confirmation device, such as a CPU,...
US-RE47,049 Microphone array system
A method and system for enhancing a target sound signal from multiple sound signals is provided. An array of an arbitrary number of sound sensors positioned in...
US-RE47,048 Flow meter with ultrasound transducer directly connected to and fixed to measurement circuit board
An ultrasound flow meter unit arranged to measure a fluid flow rate with one or more ultrasound transducers (606), and a circuit board (602) with an electronic...
US-RE47,047 5-[(3,3,3-trifluoro-2-hydroxy-1-arylpropyl)amino]-1H-quinolin-2-ones, a process for their production and their...
The present invention relates to compounds of formula I, ##STR00001## processes for their production and their use as anti-inflammatory agents.
US-RE47,046 Flip up cap
The invention relates to a closure device (2) for closing a refill opening of a tank such as, a fuel tank or a lubricant tank. The closure device includes a...
US-RE47,045 Compositions and methods for treating macular degeneration
Methods of retarding formation of a lipofuscin pigment in the retina and of treating or ameliorating the effects of a disease characterized by an accumulation...
US-RE47,044 Endoscope and method for assembling components of an optical system
An endoscope has a tubular shaft whose interior contains components, in particular lenses, spacers, diaphragms, prisms and filters of an optical system, said...
US-RE47,043 Adjustable mounting bracket for flat panel display
A mounting bracket apparatus for adjustably supporting a flat panel display from a wall. The mounting bracket includes a wall bracket, a display bracket and two...
US-RE47,042 Article of headwear
An article of headwear includes a crown and a bill. The bill defines an inner edge that is operably coupled to the crown. The bill projects away from the crown...
US-RE47,041 Handrail
US-RE47,040 Black wine rack face
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