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Patent # Description
US-1,008,5392 Control system for an irrigation system
A control system for a low-volume irrigation system includes a plurality of valve controllers for opening and closing valves; an irrigation system controller...
US-1,008,5391 Irrigation mat for supplying fluids to the root region of plants and irrigation system
An irrigation mat for supplying fluids for a root region of plants which has at least one lower layer and one upper layer that are each composed of a textile...
US-1,008,5390 Backpack type blowing apparatus
A backpack type blowing apparatus includes an intake pipe that connects an air cleaner fixed to a fan case of an air blower to a carburetor that supplies an...
US-1,008,5389 Modular plant support system
The modular plant support system is a modular trestle system adapted for use in horticulture. The modular plant support system comprises a plurality of stakes,...
US-1,008,5388 Hurricane dissipation system and method
A storm dissipation system having: means for moving water from a body of water located in the proximity of said storm, and means for mixing said water with the...
US-1,008,5387 Planter bottom member and planter using the planter bottom member
A planter bottom member is attached to a side wall member formed of a wood material and having a cylindrical shape that is open at upper and lower sides. The...
US-1,008,5386 Method of manufacturing a plant receptacle as well as a plant receptacle
Method of manufacturing a plant receptacle wherein the following steps are performed: .cndot.a) providing a mixture of fibers, said mixture at least comprising...
US-1,008,5385 Plant cultivation apparatus
A plant cultivation apparatus of the present disclosure includes a first light source unit configured to include a first laser diode radiating a first light...
US-1,008,5384 Strap sealing assembly for agricultural implement
An agricultural baler includes a baling chamber configured to receive a compressible material and a track positioned about at least a portion of the baling...
US-1,008,5383 Helical auger flight assemblies and thresher formed therewith
A threshing drum has a cylindrical exterior, and a cuttings intake end having a seating surface. A helical auger flight, affixed to the cylindrical exterior of...
US-1,008,5382 Agricultural baler, agricultural baler system, method for configuring an agricultural baler, and method for baling
An agricultural baler including a bale chamber; a feeder duct communicating with the bale chamber for charges of crop material to be transferred from the feeder...
US-1,008,5381 Portable hops harvester
An agricultural implement for the harvesting of hops that accommodates the automated removal of hops from bines.
US-1,008,5380 Lawn mower
A lawn mower includes a housing, a drive source, flaps, a grass clippings container, a grass clippings container weight detection unit, an internal pressure...
US-1,008,5379 Grain quality sensor
A grain quality sensor comprising a photosite array, an illumination source, a filter, and an electronics module, wherein the illumination source directs light...
US-1,008,5378 Agricultural chopper with movable pan
An agricultural vehicle includes a chassis defining a rear; a header carried by the chassis and configured to collect crop material from a field; a track...
US-1,008,5377 Cooling system and air delivery system for a farm machine
A cooling system for cooling a component on a farm machine according to the present disclosure can include a rotary blower and a manifold. The rotary blower can...
US-1,008,5376 Meter roller for an agricultural metering system
A meter roller for an agricultural metering system includes a spindle having a driven shaft, a first ring, and a second ring. The first ring and the second ring...
US-1,008,5375 Sectional control system for delivery of agricultural product according to location
An agricultural delivery system which allows for the selective delivery of agricultural product (e.g., seeds or fertilizer) along one or more paths to row units...
US-1,008,5374 Agricultural seeder implements
An agricultural seeder implement includes a seed boot connected directly to an opener. The seed boot includes an inlet and an outlet to a shoot on either side...
US-1,008,5373 Harvester combine header assembly
A header assembly for mounting upon a front end of a harvester combine's feeder house, the header assembly incorporating a central header which is adapted for...
US-1,008,5372 Traction machine and equipment combination with driver assistance system
An agricultural machine arrangement includes at least one traction machine and at least one attachment device adapted to the traction machine with a driver...
US-1,008,5371 Steerable rear axle on a field cultivator
An agricultural tillage implement has a steerable rear axle which facilitates the implement more faithfully following a towing unit. The implement has a solid...
US-D830,034 Eco scattering urn
US-D830,033 Power unit cover for an industrial vehicle
US-D830,032 Cart
US-D830,031 Receptacle topper
US-D830,030 Waste disposal device cover
US-D830,029 Trash can
US-D830,028 Barbecue grill scraping device
US-D830,027 Brush cleaning pad
US-D830,026 Window cleaning appliance
US-D830,025 Cosmetic brush cleaning mat
US-D830,024 Suction nozzle for vacuum cleaner
US-D830,023 Vacuum attachment
US-D830,022 Detergent inlet for washing machine
US-D830,021 Detergent container for washing machine
US-D830,020 Washing machine
US-D830,019 Washing machine
US-D830,018 Door for washing machine
US-D830,017 Vacuum cleaner
US-D830,016 Vacuum cleaner
US-D830,015 Electric vacuum cleaner
US-D830,014 Electric vacuum cleaner
US-D830,013 Vacuum cleaner
US-D830,012 Pool skimmer mounting wall insert
US-D830,011 Vehicle washing installation
US-D830,010 Litter scooper stand
US-D830,009 Animal litter box
US-D830,008 Cat activity toy
US-D830,007 Animal's bowl
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