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Patent # Description
US-1,013,6596 Inbred corn line KW6D1334
Inbred corn line, designated KW6D1334, is disclosed. The invention relates to the seeds of inbred corn line KW6D1334, to the plants and plant parts of inbred...
US-1,013,6595 Compositions and methods for modulating immunity in plants
Compositions and methods for enhancing disease resistance in plants are disclosed.
US-1,013,6594 Aeroponic growing system and method
An aeroponic growing system and method is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, the system includes at least one vertical column of interconnected growing pots...
US-1,013,6593 Hydroponic roof gutter system
The present invention is an apparatus that is utilized as a hydroponic growth conduit located around the perimeter of a building roof, where the plant media...
US-1,013,6592 Methods and apparatus for a hybrid distributed hydroculture system
Described herein are techniques for a hybrid distributed hydroculture system. A set of growing profiles is stored, wherein each growing profile defines a set of...
US-1,013,6591 Automatic levelling of a feller head
The present invention concerns a method for the lateral levelling equipment of a timber working head at a forestry machine with a hydraulic system for the...
US-1,013,6590 Tree, stump and post puller
An apparatus for extracting trees, stumps, posts and similar structures from the ground is attached to a 3-point hitch tractor accessory. The apparatus...
US-1,013,6589 Device for fastening and adjusting the carrying wires on a row of plants
A device for fastening and adjusting the carrying wires on a row of plants, such as a vineyard, and in particular to support and manage the row of plants, so as...
US-1,013,6588 Plant treatment material
Described is a reflective ground cover sheet material (1) in which longitudinally extending opposite side margins (A) of the sheet material are stronger than a...
US-1,013,6587 Agricultural apparatus and method
A conveyor system (4, 5) moves vertical poles (2) in an agricultural facility between a growing area (20) and a workstation (W). Each pole carries plant growing...
US-1,013,6586 Seedbed holding unit
There is provided a seedbed holding unit capable of reliably and firmly holding a seedbed with a simple structure, causing no damage to a plant. A seedbed...
US-1,013,6585 In-ground seed starting apparatus and method
A device for promoting plant seedling growth and increasing the germination rate of planted seeds provides for a growing medium, such as potting soil, to be...
US-1,013,6584 Dual reciprocating blade landscape saw with enhanced durability and performance
A dual reciprocating blade landscape saw is operably connected to a rotatable shaft of an input device. The landscape saw includes a worm assembly having a...
US-1,013,6583 Geared hand tool
A hand tool includes a first jaw; a first handle coupled to a second jaw, the second jaw pivotably coupled to the first jaw and having a first geared structure,...
US-1,013,6582 Bale loading trailer with automatic bale movement
A bale loading trailer has a bale supporting frame mounted on wheels. A fork assembly is pivotally mounted beside a front end of the frame configured to engage...
US-1,013,6581 Mid-size or big bale stack bed wagon and bale loader arm assembly
An improved stack bed wagon is provided for pickup of one or more mid-size or big bales in an agricultural field for transport that simultaneously tilts and...
US-1,013,6580 Forward support rotating assembly for a snapping roll of a snapping unit of a combine harvesting machine
A forward support rotating assembly of a combine harvesting machine is provided that has a frontally open axial seat provided in a snapping roll with an inner...
US-1,013,6579 Mower for attachment to an agricultural vehicle
A mower for attachment to an agricultural vehicle, the mower incorporating an "E" bracket including a column, a lower arm, an upper arm, and a medial arm,...
US-1,013,6578 Oscillating spreading arrangement for a combine harvester
A spreading arrangement adapted to be arranged after a straw chopper of a combine harvester is described that includes two spreader fans and a spreading...
US-1,013,6577 Fixed-line trimmer head with improved line channel
Fixed-line trimmer heads for rotary trimmer devices and associated methods are provided. A fixed-line trimmer head for a rotary trimmer device includes a...
US-1,013,6576 Navigation for a robotic working tool
A robotic work tool system (200) comprising a charging station (210) and a robotic work tool (100), said robotic work tool (100) comprising a position...
US-1,013,6575 Product row banding assembly for air delivery machines
An agricultural spreader has a hopper containing a granular product and a boom arm supporting a plurality of product delivery conduits supplying a plurality of...
US-1,013,6574 Row cleaner suspension for agricultural implement
A suspension system for a row cleaner used with an agricultural row unit. A base is connectable with the agricultural row unit and a support is provided for...
US-1,013,6573 Dual-seed metering device, system, and method of use
A seed meter comprising a housing including one or more air inlets for receiving pressurized air into the housing. The seed meter additionally includes a first...
US-1,013,6572 Gauge wheel wear extender and disc scraper for crop planters and single disc air drills
A wear extender is presented for use with planters, air seeders and drills that utilize the engagement of a flexible wheel with a disc to scrape mud from the...
US-1,013,6571 Land cultivating systems and methods utilizing high-pressure fluid jet cutting techniques
Land cultivating systems and methods utilizing high-pressure fluid jet cutting techniques are disclosed. An example system includes a mobile unit, a traveler...
US-D834,779 Paint trim tray
US-D834,778 Steam mop
US-D834,776 Vacuum cleaner
US-D834,775 Vacuum cleaner
US-D834,774 Vacuum cleaner
US-D834,772 Washing machine
US-D834,771 Pet device
US-D834,770 Pet device
US-D834,769 Bark control
US-D834,768 Pet balance beam
US-D834,767 Ergonomic pet comb handle
US-D834,766 Feeder accessory
US-D834,765 Pet food bowl stand
US-D834,764 Self-contained pet cage with elevation stairs
US-D834,763 Wheeled pet carrier
US-D834,762 Detachable chin shield
US-D834,761 Task light
US-D834,760 Front frame
US-D834,759 Grinding visor frame
US-D834,758 Helmet attachments
US-D834,757 Protective glove cuff
US-D834,756 Face shield
US-D834,755 Combination eye mask and face cover
US-D834,754 Welding helmet
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