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Patent # Description
US-D840,162 Abrasive material
US-D840,161 Brush
US-D840,160 Hair brush
US-D840,159 Brush
US-D840,158 Oral care implement
US-D840,157 Backpack
US-D840,156 Container clip
US-D840,155 Handbag or purse with star-shaped handle
US-D840,154 Athletic footwear carrier
US-D840,153 Carrier strap
US-D840,152 Storage box for household use
US-D840,151 Container
US-D840,150 Container
US-D840,149 Handbag
US-D840,148 Belt combined with D-rings and pouches
US-D840,147 Holster
US-D840,146 Multiple compartment contraceptive compact case
US-D840,145 Medication holding device
US-D840,144 Shoe
US-D840,142 Shoe outsole
US-D840,141 Shoe outsole
US-D840,140 Sole structure for an article of footwear
US-D840,139 Shoe
US-D840,138 Footwear
US-D840,137 Shoe midsole
US-D840,136 Shoe midsole
US-D840,135 Sole structure for an article of footwear
US-D840,134 Seamless skullcap
US-D840,133 Article of clothing
US-D840,132 Bathing suit bottom
US-D840,131 Shorts with attached towel
US-D840,130 Water flotation suit
US-RE47,243 Method and apparatus for encoding video, and method and apparatus for decoding video
Disclosed are a video encoding method and apparatus and a video decoding method and apparatus. The method of encoding video includes: producing a first...
US-RE47,242 Wireless communication apparatus and control method thereof
A wireless communication apparatus and a control method thereof are provided. The wireless communication apparatus includes: a first communication unit which...
US-RE47,241 Polarized white light devices using non-polar or semipolar gallium containing materials and transparent phosphors
A light emitting device includes a substrate having a surface region and a light emitting diode overlying the surface region. The light emitting diode is...
US-RE47,240 Semiconductor storage device
a semiconductor storage device is provided with a plurality of active regions formed in the shape of a band in a semiconductor substrate; a plurality of word...
US-RE47,239 Method and apparatus for providing transportation status information and using it
A method and apparatus for providing road status information and using the same are disclosed. A method for encoding traffic information includes the steps of:...
US-RE47,238 Filtering control method for improving image quality of bi-linear interpolated image
The present invention relates to an interpolation method for enlarging a digital image or predicting a moving vector of a compressed image system as a sub-pixel...
US-RE47,237 Lithographic apparatus, fluid handling structure for use in a lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing...
A lithographic apparatus including a fluid handling structure configured to contain immersion fluid in a space adjacent to an upper surface of the substrate...
US-RE47,236 Opening device for refrigerator
A side-by-side refrigerator having a door opening device which includes a cabinet and a door to open and close a front surface of the cabinet, the door opening...
US-RE47,235 User type access HVAC control system
Systems and methods are described for .[.synchronizing an HVAC control system. A method, includes: a synchronization sequence including: reading a base time...
US-RE47,234 Retaining split ring with clamp
An embodiment of the invention provides for an assembly for securing equipment to a tank. The assembly comprises a base, a split ring, and a clamp. The base...
US-RE47,233 Albumin-binding arginine deiminase and the use thereof
The present invention provides a pharmaceutical composition containing albumin-binding arginine deiminase fusion protein (AAD) for treating cancer or other...
US-RE47,232 Assembly system for monitoring proper fastening of an article of assembly at more than one location
A more reliable and fool-proof method and apparatus for assembling an article of assembly (e.g. with predetermined screw torque requirements) in which the...
US-RE47,231 Glue composition for lung volume reduction
The present invention relates to methods and compositions for sealing localized regions of damaged lung tissue to reduce overall lung volume. The glue...
US-RE47,230 Visor assembly
Visor assembly .[.(1, 21) consisting of.]. .Iadd.having .Iaddend.an inner shield .[.(6, 26).]. and an outer shield .[.(2, 22).].. In the use position these...
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