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Patent # Description
US-1,028,5342 Elastomeric emitter and methods relating to same
An irrigation drip emitter, and methods relating to same, are provided for delivering irrigation water from a supply tube to an emitter outlet at a reduced and...
US-1,028,5341 Dripper gripper
A water line support device includes a pair of stakes that extend perpendicularly downward from a horizontal support member and a plurality of water line...
US-1,028,5340 Geotextile-based structure for vegetative growth enhancement and erosion resistance
This application discloses a geotextile-based structure for soil stabilization, erosion control, and vegetation-growth enhancement that is made from a cage...
US-1,028,5339 More efficient structural cell for facilitating tree root growth
A structural cell system for supporting hardscape, allowing tree root growth, and managing stormwater underneath the hardscape. The system may include: a base...
US-1,028,5338 Netting material with reinforcing flap and eyelets
A netting material having a length dimension and a width dimension much smaller than the length dimension comprises a flap folded from a fold region of the...
US-1,028,5337 Compact plant enclosure
The present invention is a compact plant enclosure intended for use in locations with peripheral space restrictions. The top and one side of the enclosure form...
US-1,028,5336 Plant container assembly with nested growth substrates
Plant container assemblies with nested growth substrates are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a plant container assembly includes a base; an inner frame on...
US-1,028,5335 Planter and support system
A plant support assembly having a container and a support assembly retained on the container. The support assembly and the planter have equivalent geometric...
US-1,028,5334 Tarp apparatus for catching trimmed plant leaves and branches
A foldable tarp apparatus with enhanced strength to collect trimmed leaves and branches of a plant for a disposal is provided. The tarp apparatus includes a...
US-1,028,5333 Pathogen resistant citrus compositions, organisms, systems, and methods
The present disclosure relates, according to some embodiments, to pathogen resistant citrus compositions, organisms, systems, and methods. For example, a...
US-1,028,5332 Round baler and feeding roller for wrapping material
A round baler is equipped with a bale-forming chamber, a storage reservoir for wrapping material, and a feeding roller that can be set into rotation at a...
US-1,028,5331 Draper seal for crop header
A draper seal for a crop harvesting header is provided. The header includes a forwardly disposed cutter bar assembly and a rearwardly disposed draper deck...
US-1,028,5330 Agricultural implement for recovery of plastic mulch and processing of the same
A mobile plastic mulch processing apparatus recovers plastic mulch by first cutting away any vegetation growing above the plastic mulch with a mower head which...
US-1,028,5329 Method for determining calibration data for grain-loss sensor
A method for determining calibration data for a grain-loss sensor on a combine harvester includes measuring grain-loss quantities, which were left behind by the...
US-1,028,5328 Lawn mower cutter blade
A lawn mower includes a cutter blade that is an elongated member extending in opposite horizontal directions with respect to a vertical rotation shaft. The...
US-1,028,5327 Mower deck cleaning system and method
A lawn mower deck cleaning system and method is provided for cleaning mower decks and other interior surfaces that become layered with debris over time. The...
US-1,028,5326 Methods of sowing seeds
A method of sowing watermelon seeds includes seeding triploid watermelon seeds and watermelon pollinizer seeds in separate cells within a seedling tray. The...
US-1,028,5325 Seeding apparatus and method of determining a seed spacing variability value
A seeding apparatus and a method is disclosed in which a seed spacing variability value is determined and displayed to the operator during a planting operation....
US-1,028,5324 Method and device for dispensing granular material
A method and a device for feeding granular material in an agricultural implement and an agricultural implement comprising such a device. The method includes...
US-1,028,5323 Agricultural tillage implement fold sequence control
An agricultural tillage implement with a hydraulic system having a left wing hydraulic subsystem with an outer left wing hydraulic circuit supplying hydraulic...
US-1,028,5322 Stacking planter toolbar without four-bar linkage
An agricultural implement including a stacking toolbar assembly. The stacking toolbar assembly includes a center toolbar, a center support beam, at least one...
US-1,028,5321 Pivoting bearing assembly
A sleeve type bushing/bearing is assembled/pressed into a pivoting frame structure. This bearing runs on a spindle tube which is bolted rigidly to a support arm...
US-D848,704 Rosary
US-D848,703 Cremation urn
US-D848,702 Container
US-D848,701 Container
US-D848,700 Container
US-D848,699 Container
US-D848,698 Container
US-D848,697 Combination paint brush scraper and washsponge holder
US-D848,696 Paint tray
US-D848,695 Liquid dispensing container
US-D848,694 Bristles of a brush
US-D848,693 Drawertype washing machine
US-D848,692 Bulk dispensing drawer
US-D848,691 Bristles of a brush
US-D848,690 Door for clothes washing machine
US-D848,689 Vacuum cleaner
US-D848,688 Vacuum cleaner
US-D848,687 Dryer
US-D848,686 Cat scratching post
US-D848,685 Treadmill for pet
US-D848,684 Pet toy
US-D848,683 Pet toy
US-D848,682 Pet toy
US-D848,681 Pet tunnel
US-D848,680 Pet grooming tool
US-D848,679 Hearing protection headset
US-D848,678 Adjustable mask
US-D848,677 Electric callus remover
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