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Patent # Description
US-D846,850 Tongue-less shoe
US-D846,849 Ballet shoe
US-D846,848 Single-sole shoe with green outpatch sole
US-D846,847 Dual-sole shoe with green stripe and outpatch sole
US-D846,846 Single-sole shoe with yellow sole
US-D846,845 Shoe with color outpatch soles
US-D846,844 Single-sole shoe with stripe and outpatch sole
US-D846,843 Shoe
US-D846,841 Shoe upper
US-D846,840 Shoe upper
US-1,026,7299 Double-headed piston type swash plate compressor
A double-headed piston type swash plate compressor includes a rotation shaft, a housing, a swash plate, two cylinder bores, a double-headed piston, and two...
US-1,026,6689 Composition and process of manufacture for a shoe sole component for footwear
This disclosure provides for a new composition of matter, said composition of matter featuring a previously unattainable combination of softness, resiliency,...
US-1,026,5757 Guided keeper assembly and method for metal forming dies
A guided keeper assembly for metal forming dies includes a base having a mounting face and a fastener aperture to mount the base to an associated die shoe, as...
US-1,026,5732 High-speed, dual-sided shoe sorter with offset induct
A sortation conveyor has an endless apron supported for longitudinal movement on an elongate frame that includes a pair of lateral side frames. An induction...
US-1,026,4854 Article of footwear having an upper with a matrix layer
Articles of footwear, including athletic footwear, include one or more of: (a) a sole structure; (b) an upper having lateral and medial side elements engaged...
US-1,026,4850 Flexible cushioning device for shoes and methods of producing the same
A cushioning device for high heel shoes includes a layer of energy field generators producing electric/magnetic fields, and a chamber filled with an ER/MR...
US-1,026,4847 Footwear with metatarsal offloading
A high heeled shoe and shoe sole insert are provided that are configured to provide relief from the forces on the foot created by walking in high heels. The...
US-1,026,4844 Sports shoe
A sports shoe, including a sole and an upper that rises up from said sole, wherein the upper includes an inner part or core, in which the sports shoe and/or the...
US-D846,254 Shoe upper
US-1,026,0339 Systems and methods for formation sampling
A system includes a formation sampling tool having a body, a probe shoe extendibly mounted to the body, a packer coupled to the probe shoe, and an inlet fixedly...
US-1,026,0306 Casing wiper plug system and method for operating the same
The present casing wiper plug system and method includes a novel top wiper plug and a dissolvable blocking element. The top wiper plug includes a rupture disk...
US-1,025,9528 Bicycle shoe/pedal system
A generally cylindrical sleeve is slidably received on a generally cylindrical shaft for rotation there around. A base plate with cleat bolts attaches a cleat...
US-1,025,8281 Patient interface for reusable optical sensor
A disposable patient interface includes a reusable sensor that removably mounts within a shoe of the disposable patient interface when at least one protrusion...
US-1,025,8121 Apparatus and methods for carrying footwear
An apparatus for carrying foldable footwear that comprises a drawstring pouch having a side pocket that reversibly adjusts between undrawn and drawn states....
US-1,025,8111 Inflatable shoe insert
Provided is an inflatable shoe insert for inserting in a shoe. The insert comprises first and second web plies that are sealed together at a plurality of seals...
US-1,025,8110 Shoe, in particular sports shoe
A shoe, in particular a sports shoe, having a sole connected to a shoe upper. The sole includes: a first sole part having a bottom plate arranged with a number...
US-1,025,8109 Structure for attaching shoelace winding apparatus
A structure for attaching a shoelace winding apparatus in which a shoelace winding apparatus can be attached to a shoe is provided. The structure includes a...
US-1,025,8107 Shoe with a heel cap and/or ankle collar
Shoes, in particular sports shoes, and methods for their manufacture can correspond to a shoe that has an upper with a textile region in at least one of a...
US-1,025,8106 Skin film for uppers of shoes
The present invention relates to a skin film for uppers of shoes, which includes a polyurethane skin or a thermoplastic polyurethane film having a colored layer...
US-1,025,8104 Sole for a shoe
Described are soles for shoes, in which the sole includes a porous mesh and a continuous first layer arranged at least partially on a first side of the porous...
US-1,025,8101 Silicon rubber healthcare footwear article with silicon rubber insole and its manufacturing method
A healthcare footwear article includes an upper shoe body and a sole member provided underneath the upper shoe body and is connected with the upper shoe body to...
US-D845,610 Shoe strap
US-D845,609 Shoe
US-D845,608 Shoe
US-D845,607 Shoe
US-D845,606 Shoe
US-D845,605 Shoe
US-D845,604 Shoe upper
US-D845,603 Shoe upper
US-D845,602 Shoe
US-D845,601 Shoe
US-D845,599 Shoe
US-D845,597 Shoe
US-D845,596 Shoe outsole
US-D845,595 Shoe sole
US-D845,594 Shoe
US-D845,591 Shoe
US-1,025,3845 Method and device for connecting a wire cable to a cable guide
A method for connecting a wire cable to a cable shoe for a belt buckle mounting comprises the steps of: pre-bending a retaining portion of the cable shoe to...
US-1,025,3830 Brake shoe
Brake shoe, in particular of a drum brake for utility vehicles, includes a lining plate and a bridge unit, wherein the bridge unit is formed as a one-piece body...
US-1,025,3574 Releasably lockable, retrievable, mule shoe assembly
A mule shoe assembly for use in directional drilling which advantageously has releasable locking means to free the directional orienting tool from engagement...
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