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Patent # Description
US-1,012,5339 Composition of fluid for impregnation in disposable wipes for cleaning indoor athletic shoes that does not...
A composition of matter for impregnation into disposable wipes for use on athletic indoor shoes such as volleyball or basketball shoes that is quick, drying,...
US-1,012,4347 Adjustable discharger ram spacing
A centrifuge discharger including a discharger subassembly having multiple wear plates, each wear plate having a receptacle of lateral dimensions set by the...
US-1,012,4242 Card shoe apparatus and table game system
A card shoe apparatus includes a card reading unit for reading from a card a code when the card is drawn from the card housing unit, and a control unit that...
US-1,012,3585 Sole for a shoe
Soles for a shoe have a midsole with a base body and a plurality of deformation elements, and an outsole with a first outsole region and a plurality of first...
US-1,012,3584 Adjustable sole support system
A removable and adjustable insert for footwear has slots placed in the insole and/or midsole of the shoe to allow access to the arch and/or metatarsal and/or...
US-D833,135 Shoe upper
US-D833,134 Shoe upper
US-D833,133 Aqua shoe
US-D833,131 Shoe outsole
US-D833,130 Shoe outsole
US-D833,128 Shoe outsole
US-D833,127 Woman's shoe
US-D833,123 Shoe
US-D833,122 Water shoe
US-1,011,7525 Uni-body merchandiser
A merchandiser including a case defining a product display area and having a base and a rear wall coupled to the base. The rear wall has a rear wall component...
US-1,011,7479 Shoe and method for making a shoe
A shoe and a corresponding method for making a shoe are disclosed. A shoe according to an embodiment includes: an upper including a main body; a midsole, an...
US-1,011,7475 Apparatus to prevent removal of an article of clothing by a young child
A loss prevention mechanism may be attached to an article of clothing to prevent the removal of the article and/or at least one covering worn by the child. One...
US-D832,570 Shoe upper
US-D832,569 Shoe upper
US-D832,568 Shoe upper
US-D832,567 Shoe upper
US-D832,566 Shoe upper
US-D832,564 Shoe sole
US-D832,563 Shoe outsole
US-D832,562 Shoe sole
US-D832,561 Shoe sole
US-D832,560 Instep strap for shoe
US-1,011,3376 Conveyor apparatus
A conveyor apparatus (2), so-called injector head, for feeding e.g. continuous tubing (7) or coiled tubing through the conveyor apparatus (2), to and from a...
US-1,011,3347 Door guide system with modular threshold track
A sliding door and floor guide assembly including a floor guide and at least one door panel including a pin guide assembly, and a guide shoe. The guide shoe has...
US-1,011,3045 Molded foam article, foamed sole, and shoe
There is provided a molded foam article including a foam obtained by foaming a formation material wherein the formation material contains a resin component, an...
US-1,011,2812 Gantry binary synchronization block-type brake
The present invention is implemented by a gantry binary synchronization block-type brake, which comprises: a gantry bracket comprised by a fixedly connected...
US-1,011,2281 Component blending tool
A component blending tool for forming a pre-determined blended area into a component utilizes a belt having a material removing surface that is contoured to...
US-1,011,2200 Composite milling component
A composite milling component comprising a composite region of ceramic material and metal is disclosed. The milling component may comprise a lifting member such...
US-1,011,2105 Table game system
A table game system is provided that includes a plurality of association tables, each of which makes it possible to obtain the correlation between codes...
US-1,011,2093 Batting stance training mat
The present invention provides a batting stance training mat for teaching a proper batting stance. The batting stance training mat comprises a center panel, a...
US-1,011,1495 Ventilated shoe
A ventilated shoe, including a sole and an upper assembly associated therewith in an upward region, the upper assembly including: an external upper, with which...
US-1,011,1491 Shoe sole, insole of shoe, main sole of shoe, and shoe
An object of the present invention is to provide a novel shoe sole including a specific layered sheet, an insole of a shoe, an out sole of a shoe, and a shoe...
US-1,011,1490 Human locomotion assisting shoe
Embodiments of footwear, in particular, a shoe, sandal or boot, may reduce the effort and improve the performance of walking, running, hiking, as well as...
US-1,011,1489 Shoe insert assembly
A shoe insert assembly includes a panel that is selectively positioned in a shoe. The panel has an opening therein and the opening is aligned with a heel when...
US-D832,531 Horse shoe
US-D832,388 Handgun trigger shoe
US-D832,165 Railroad car brake shoe key
US-D832,164 Railroad car brake shoe key
US-D832,042 Candy dispenser shoe attachment
US-D832,041 Candy dispenser shoe attachment
US-D831,942 High heel shoe
US-D831,941 Shoe interior
US-D831,940 Shoe sole
US-D831,939 Shoe sole
US-1,010,7903 Human body security inspection apparatus
The present disclosure provides a human body security inspection apparatus, comprising: a base on which an inspected human stands; a millimeter-wave transceiver...
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