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Patent # Description
US-D661,888 Decorative butterflies and the placement of the decorative butterflies on a pair of shoes
US-D661,887 Shoe upper
US-D661,886 Shoe upper
US-D661,885 Shoe upper
US-D661,884 Shoe upper
US-D661,883 Forefoot plate for a shoe sole
US-D661,882 Shoe bottom
US-D661,881 Shoe sole with pattern
US-D661,880 Shoe outsole and periphery
US-D661,879 Shoe outsole and periphery
US-D661,877 Shoe
US-D661,874 Shoe
US-8,198,780 Stator for an electronically commutated DC motor
A stator (10) for an electronically commutated DC motor with a number of stator poles (1) formed as individual parts, consisting of a pole core (25), pole shoes...
US-8,197,506 Wound closing device
A wound (50) is closed using a first adhesive shoe (10) adhesively affixed adjacent to a first edge (51) of the wound, a second adhesive shoe (20) adhesively...
US-8,196,717 Drum brakes
A drum brake has a pair of brake shoes (40) moveable radially outwardly into contact with an associated brake drum to provide a handbrake function by a cross...
US-8,196,713 Mechanical type brake actuator for drum brake
To provide the mechanical type brake actuator for a drum brake that can reduce the number of operational steps and that assures the brake cable connection...
US-8,196,319 Shoe, in particular a sports shoe, comprising a clamping device
A shoe, in particular a sports shoe, which includes a front body for accommodating phalanxes of a foot, a rear body for accommodating a heel of the foot, an...
US-8,196,318 Triplanar support system for footwear
A shoe comprising: an assembly of a shoe upper and sole unit for supporting a foot, the assembly defining a foot compartment that orients a foot in an objective...
US-8,196,315 Shoe sole with tunnel-type air chambers
A main body of a shoe sole includes a recess formed at an upper surface thereof and a non-slip cushion sheet attached to a bottom surface thereof, wherein...
US-8,196,243 Functional fitting of cyclists in clipless pedal systems
A method of fitting a cyclist in a cycling shoe is provided. The cycling shoe is engagable in a clipless pedal via a cleat affixed to the cycling shoe. The...
US-D661,478 Golf shoe upper
US-8,192,585 Shoe press belt
A press belt 20 includes a multiplicity of drain grooves 21 extending along a belt travel direction, lands 22 located between adjacent drain grooves 21, and...
US-8,191,813 Laying reel for coiling rolled wire
A laying reel for coiling wire has a generally spiral laying tube generally centered on and rotatable about an axis and having offset from the axis a...
US-8,191,655 Apparatus and method for reaming a wellbore during the installation of a tubular string
An apparatus for reaming a wellbore without rotating a tubular string that is extendable to a surface. A mandrel (102) is coupled to a downhole end of the...
US-8,191,650 Hydrating drive shoe
A drive shoe assembly used in helping penetrate earthen formations.
US-8,191,620 Gripper for coiled tubing injectors
The current device relates to a gripper assembly for use within a coiled tubing injector unit. The gripper assembly comprises a carrier for securing the gripper...
US-8,191,422 Copying apparatus
There is provided a copying apparatus that copies a workpiece, including a shoe that comes into contact with a portion of the workpiece to be copied, and a...
US-8,191,340 Mandrel brake arrangement for a web supply in a packaging machine
A mandrel for supporting a roll of flexible web material has a brake mounted thereto that can be selectively activated to apply a braking force to rotation of...
US-8,191,288 Reversible snow pusher and coupler
Disclosed herein are various aspects of an improved snow or material pushers for use with loaders, backhoes, agricultural and larger home and garden tractors...
US-8,191,286 Traction cleat system for an athletic shoe
A traction cleat system for an athletic shoe is disclosed. The system includes an elongated receptacle that receives a cleat strip. The elongated receptacle may...
US-8,191,285 Soccer shoe component or insert made of one material and/or a composite and/or laminate of one or more...
A soccer shoe absorbs and stores energy from the foot at foot-strike and return some of this energy to the object being struck. The shoe may also cushion the...
US-D661,081 Shoe upper
US-D661,079 Shoe upper
US-D661,078 Upper shell for a shoe
US-D661,077 Shoe outsole
US-D661,075 Golf shoe outsole
US-D661,070 Shoe
US-8,186,702 Apparatus and methods for weight distribution and sway control
The present invention is directed to apparatus, systems, and methods for distributing the weight of a trailer to a towing vehicle and controlling the sway of...
US-8,186,645 Tilt-up concrete form brace
A brace for use in tilt-up construction is disclosed. The brace includes a bottom surface and a vertical side surface. The bottom surface of the brace is...
US-8,186,548 Shoe-cover dispenser
A shoe-cover dispenser is described, including, for example, features that facilitate the simultaneous loading of multiple shoe covers and/or features that...
US-8,186,493 Clutch for motor vehicle
A clutch vehicle includes a driving wheel driven by output of an engine of a motor vehicle. An actuator plate is jointly rotatable with the driving wheel and...
US-8,186,075 Forced air flow electric shoe dryer
A small, portable electric shoe dryer that includes an elongated, narrow outer housing with three longitudinally aligned heating elements and a fan and motor...
US-D660,878 Track-shoe
US-D660,877 Track-shoe
US-D660,581 Shoe upper
US-D660,580 Shoe upper
US-D660,579 Shoe upper
US-D660,569 Shoe
US-D660,566 Shoe
US-D660,565 Shoe
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