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Patent # Description
US-D664,342 Shoe
US-D664,341 Shoe
US-D664,340 Shoe
US-D664,339 Shoe
US-D664,336 Shoe
US-D664,335 Shoe
US-D664,334 Shoe
US-D664,333 Shoe
US-D664,332 Shoe
US-8,225,888 Casing shoes having drillable and non-drillable cutting elements in different regions and related methods
A casing bit, which may comprise a composite structure, for drilling a casing section into a subterranean formation, and which may include a portion configured...
US-8,225,887 Casing and liner drilling shoes with portions configured to fail responsive to pressure, and related methods
A casing bit, which may comprise a composite structure, for drilling a casing section into a subterranean formation, and which may include a portion configured...
US-8,225,878 Method and apparatus for expanded liner extension using downhole then uphole expansion
An expansion and cementing assembly is run into the well as the expandable liner is made up. A work string is tagged into the expansion assembly and run to...
US-8,225,829 Transferable purse organizer
Transferable organizers provide stabilization and ease of location for objects carried in handbags and other bags. The organizers may be independently usable...
US-8,225,536 Removable footwear cleat with cushioning
A removable cleat for footwear. The cleat includes a disc with opposing faces. A shoe coupling element is attached to one face of the disc. The other disc face...
US-8,225,533 Component for use in a shoe
A component for supporting a wearer's foot includes a central plate joined at its periphery to one or more tubular portions.
US-8,225,532 Shoe and removably securable shoe insert
A shoe insert for adjusting the fit of a shoe on a person's foot, and the combination of such insert and a shoe with elements providing for removable securement...
US-8,225,529 Overshoe for athletic shoes
A lightweight yet durable, self-adhering, protective overshoe with integrated cleaning bosses providing a more efficient and complete method for athletic cleat...
US-D663,941 Supplemental padded shoe tongue
US-D663,940 Shoe upper
US-D663,939 Upper for a shoe
US-D663,938 Upper for a shoe
US-D663,937 Upper for a shoe
US-D663,936 Golf shoe upper
US-D663,935 Golf shoe upper
US-D663,934 Golf shoe upper
US-D663,933 Golf shoe upper
US-D663,932 Golf shoe upper
US-D663,929 Shoe bottom
US-D663,928 Shoe
US-D663,927 Shoe outsole and periphery
US-8,220,612 Step for escalator, and escalator with such a step
The step (1) comprises cheeks (5) which are manufactured from deep drawing sheet metal, and a tread element (22) and a deep drawn seating element (24). The arc...
US-8,220,597 Parking brake of a drum brake
A parking brake (10) having a drum containing first and second brake shoe portions (11, 12), a handbrake lever (18) pivoted (19) adjacent one end on one (11) of...
US-8,220,592 Motion control apparatus
A linear motion brake (10) includes a channel shaped shoe guide (90) straddling a linear race (20) and having shoe bores (95) defined in leg plates (92) for...
US-8,220,185 Article of footwear with suspended stud assembly
An article of footwear with a suspended stud assembly attached to a sole is disclosed. The suspended stud assembly includes a base portion attached to the sole...
US-8,220,184 Footwear having interchangeable components
Footwear, namely a shoe or sandal for a human foot fabricated from multiple interchangeable components which can be easily manufactured, assembled and manually...
US-8,220,073 Leg protection arrangement
A protection device for a person's legs is disclosed that includes a knee pad means that has a concave portion for receiving the knee of the person, and further...
US-D663,519 Shoe upper
US-D663,514 Shoe
US-D663,513 Shoe
US-D663,510 Shoe
US-D663,509 Shoe
US-8,218,069 Camera body with which various flash devices can be interchangeably used
The camera body includes an imaging element, a hot shoe, an internal light source, and a camera controller. The imaging element is configured to convert an...
US-8,217,788 Shoe wear-out sensor, body-bar sensing system, unitless activity assessment and associated methods
A shoe wear out sensor includes at least one detector for sensing a physical metric that changes as a sole of a shoe wears out, a processor configured to...
US-8,217,282 Combination switch
A rotary switch section R includes a brush unit 60 rotatably operated by a lever 72 and a plurality of fixed contacts. The brush unit 60 includes a pair of main...
US-8,215,524 Device for pulling on and removing socks
A mechanical device for pulling on and removing socks which does not require any excessive bending or other extraneous body movement by the user. The device is...
US-8,215,439 Dry clutch, and motorcycle equipped with the same
In some preferred embodiments, the dry clutch is capable of suppressing transmission of engine rotational fluctuations from the engine to a rider via a vehicle...
US-8,215,409 Method and apparatus for expanded liner extension using uphole expansion
An expansion assembly is run into the well as the expandable liner is made up. A work string is tagged into the expansion assembly and run to depth. Pressure...
US-8,215,038 Spike saver
A spike saver for attachment for protecting a spike-bearing shoe that includes a sole for protecting the bottom of the spike-bearing shoes and with two double...
US-8,215,035 Athletic shoe having an improved cleat arrangement and improved cleat
An athletic shoe having an improved cleat arrangement is provided. An improved cleat having a v-shape is also provided. An angled or v-cleat is provided near...
US-8,215,034 Active shoe cleat system
An active shoe cleat system with a shoe having a fluid filled chamber in the shoe operably connected to cleats on the bottom of the shoe, at least one fluid...
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