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Patent # Description
US-7,905,850 Device and method for combining an athletic shoe and conventional ankle brace to limit active ankle inversion
A device and method is provided wherein a non-extendable strap is attached to the interior of an athletic, or other type of shoe, commencing on the instep side,...
US-7,905,334 Partially lined disk brake
A spot-type disc brake with a housing comprising a housing bridge, with at least one housing leg having an actuating assembly comprising an actuator unit and a...
US-7,905,034 Golf shoe outsole
The present invention is further directed towards a golf shoe having an outsole comprising of forward and rear base sections that are connected and molded...
US-7,905,033 Energy-return shoe system
An energy-return shoe system includes a shoe portion for containing a foot, with an upper sole on a bottom surface of the shoe part. The upper sole has an upper...
US-D634,112 Shoe tree
US-D634,111 Shoe upper
US-D634,108 Shoe
US-D634,107 Shoe
US-D634,106 Shoe
US-D634,105 Chameleon shoes
US-D634,104 Shoe
US-7,903,966 Accessory device
An accessory device of the present invention is configured to be mounted on an accessory shoe of an image pickup apparatus. The accessory device includes an...
US-7,902,727 Apparatus and method for generating electricity using piezoelectric material
An apparatus and method for generating electricity using piezoelectric material. The apparatus comprises a first elongate member and a second elongate member...
US-7,901,268 Method for grinding journal section of workpiece
For grinding one of axially spaced journal sections of a workpiece each having a cylindrical surface and a pair of shoulder surfaces extending radially outward...
US-7,901,260 Swimming fin with heel strap fastening buckle
A swimming fin comprising a blade extending from a shoe open at its rear side, and a rear heel strap connected to the sides of the shoe by at least one buckle,...
US-7,900,903 Hopper mounting mechanism
A hopper is provided including a hopper sidewall and a hopper shoe, the hopper shoe secured to the sidewall, the hopper being pivotable with respect to the...
US-7,900,731 Shoe with retractable motorized wheels
A pair of shoes is provided having retractable motorized wheels. Each of the shoes has an upper, a sole, and first and second wheels mounted on the sole and...
US-7,900,495 Powered conduit bender
A powered conduit bending tool comprises a portable drive housing including a handle and having a powered drive gear. A bracket is secured to the housing...
US-7,900,400 Adjustable window hinge
The present invention corrects sash sag in casement windows by implementing an adjustable hinge. The adjustable hinge includes a sash arm, a support arm, a...
US-7,900,377 Energy-return shoe system with simplified toe mechanism
An energy-return shoe system includes a shoe portion for containing a user's foot, an upper sole with an upper toe sole area and an upper heel sole area, the...
US-7,900,376 Shoe spring and shock absorbing system
Footwear with a powerful arch spring made with spring boards that can be utilized by the heel and ball of the foot areas during impact for efficient energy...
US-7,900,375 Ballet pointe shoes
Disclosed herein is an improved design and construction for Ballet Pointe Shoes using a box and shank that interlock in an over-under fashion, where the shank is...
US-7,900,273 Closure system
A closure system comprises a hook and pile material having hooks on one side and pile on the other side. With regard to footwear, the present invention is a shoe...
US-D633,710 Shoe stretcher
US-D633,709 Shoe upper
US-D633,708 Shoe upper
US-D633,707 Shoe upper
US-D633,706 Upper for a shoe
US-D633,705 Upper for a shoe
US-D633,704 Upper for a shoe
US-D633,702 Vented golf shoe
US-D633,701 Shoe upper
US-D633,700 Shoe sole
US-D633,699 Shoe midsole
US-D633,698 Shoe midsole
US-D633,697 Shoe
US-D633,695 Athletic shoe
US-7,897,685 Thermoplastic elastomer compositions
Polymer compositions having thermoplastic and elastomeric features are provided. These polymer compositions, which are also characterized by superior...
US-7,896,444 Conveyor pan with improved edge shaping
A conveyor pan for use with a shearer with a skid-type shoe in a longwall mining operation, the conveyor pan including a side member having a surface adapted to...
US-7,896,352 Seal with stacked sealing elements
A hybrid seal for sealing the circumferential gap between a first machine component and a second machine component comprises at least one shoe extending along...
US-7,896,178 Industrial vehicle counterweight system
Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to a pipelayer and a method for of loading a pipelayer or excavator for transportation. One embodiment...
US-7,896,110 Shoe
A tubing shoe (10) for use on work strings in well bores as are typically utilised in oil and gas production. The shoe comprises a cylindrical body (12) upon...
US-7,896,012 Shoe washer
A shoe washing device including a motor for driving a rotor onto which the shoes are directly mounted as by aligning the soles of the shoes parallel to the axis...
US-7,895,774 Shoe tags
The present invention relates to a shoe tag comprising two parts. At least one part of the tag attaches with a left shoe and at least one part attaches with a...
US-7,895,773 Golf shoe
A shoe comprising an upper, a midsole, and an outsole, wherein a collapsible support element is positioned in a recess proximate to a wearer's first metatarsal...
US-7,895,772 Climbing shoe
A climbing shoe having a vamp; a sole fixed to the bottom of the vamp; a substantially horseshoe-shaped first binding covering the tip portion of the vamp...
US-D633,290 Upper for a shoe
US-D633,288 Portion of a shoe
US-D633,287 Portion of a shoe
US-D633,286 Portion of a shoe
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