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Patent # Description
US-D610,331 Outsole for a shoe
US-7,663,859 Electrostatic footwear
Electrostatic footwear in the form of a cover with a sole and an upper having an opening to receive the foot or shoe of a user. The opening may be provided with...
US-7,662,174 Spinal plate with screw locks and cam locks
A bone plate for stabilizing adjacent vertebrae or ends of a bone having a span for extending across the discontinuity. The span has brackets for attaching to...
US-7,662,078 Method for creating a uniform nip pressure utilizing a compliant pressure roller
The present invention provides a method for creating uniform pressure at a nip comprising the acts of providing a stationary inner core, pivotally mounting a...
US-7,661,774 Track comprised or internal and external links
In a track with a rotatable bushing which is brought into engagement with a sprocket of a track-type vehicle, it is intended that strength is enhanced rationally...
US-7,661,208 Shoe with writing surface
A shoe is provided with a writing surface so that temporary expressive indicia can be applied to the shoe. The writing surface is preferably in the form of a...
US-7,661,206 Method and apparatus for fashion adaptable footwear
A platform shoe with detachable upper including a lower shoe member and an upper shoe member is disclosed. The shoe contains snaps or other connector components...
US-7,661,205 Automated tightening shoe
An automated tightening shoe with crisscrossed laces and a tightening mechanism which operates in one direction to cause automatic tightening of the crisscrossed...
US-7,661,204 Insole
An insole according to the present invention includes an upper layer defining at least one well containing a chemical indicator that gradually changes colors...
US-7,661,170 Systems and methods for providing a customized lower extremity product
The present invention relates to the production of lower extremity supportive products, including boot, shoes, sandals, leg braces, etc. One embodiment of the...
US-D609,939 Shoe pedestal
US-D609,898 Shoe upper
US-D609,897 Shoe upper
US-D609,893 Outsole for a golf shoe
US-D609,891 Shoe
US-D609,890 Shoe
US-D609,889 Shoe
US-D609,888 Shoe
US-D609,887 Shoe
US-D609,886 Shoe with a transparent pouch
US-7,658,020 Eyestay ornament for footwear
An eyestay ornament for a laced shoe provides a subtle but impressive way to add an aesthetic accent to the appearance of the shoe. A central marquee with...
US-D609,451 Shoe
US-D609,450 Shoe
US-D609,445 Shoe upper
US-D609,444 Shoe upper
US-D609,441 Shoe sole
US-D609,436 Soccer shoe training cover
US-7,657,054 Apparatus and methods for forming shoe inserts
Foot impression generating apparatus comprising impression platforms including buns of open-cell sponge material bonded to an supporting non-porous skins formed...
US-7,654,584 Guide bushing easily inserted into a coupling bore, and a corresponding coupling
A guide bushing for guiding a tubular element in a bore of a coupling, the bushing being provided externally with retaining elements for retaining the bushing in...
US-7,654,372 Shoe-hold apparatus for drum brake device
To accomplish both prevention of disengagement of the shoe-hold spring from the shoe-hold apparatus and improvement of the assemblability of the same. The...
US-7,654,015 Bowling shoes with interchangeable heels
A shoe with a removable and interchangeable heel that may be removably secured to a heel region of a shoe sole, thus, allowing a user to adjust a way the shoe...
US-7,654,014 Golf shoe
A golf shoe is disclosed that includes an upper shoe configured to be selectively secured to a foot. A sole assembly of the shoe includes articulating cleats...
US-7,654,013 Removable footwear traction plate
A traction plate for a shoe. The traction plate is removably attachable to the outsole of a shoe to provide traction on a surface for a shoe wearer. The plate...
US-7,654,012 Closure device for shoe
The present invention provides a fitted, supportive, comfortable shoe upper with a laceless closure device comprising one interlaced strap capable of rapid...
US-7,653,950 Stiffening device for apparel
In one embodiment, the present invention contemplates a T-shaped stiffening device to prevent a trouser leg from becoming entangled between the foot and a shoe,...
US-D608,999 Shoe
US-D608,998 Pair of infant shoe soles
US-D608,997 Pair of infant shoe soles
US-D608,996 Shoe
US-D608,995 Shoe
US-D608,994 Shoe
US-D608,993 Shoe
US-D608,992 Outsole for a shoe
US-D608,990 Shoe midsole
US-D608,989 Shoe midsole
US-D608,988 Shoe midsole
US-7,651,402 Retractable protector member for bowling lane approach section
The present invention relates to a bowling game system in which a play is possible without changing into bowling shoes. A bowling game system 1 includes: an...
US-7,651,273 Semispherical shoe and manufacturing method therefor
There is provided a semispherical shoe which is formed into a substantially semispherical shape by a convex semispherical surface 2 and a flat end surface 3, the...
US-7,650,706 Securing device
The invention concerns a securing device in the form of a strip (1) in open position, arranged to cover exclusively a shoe (4) lace (3) and comprising means to...
US-D608,540 Portion of a shoe
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