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Patent # Description
US-D625,097 Shoe upper
US-D625,096 Upper for a shoe
US-D625,095 Upper for a shoe
US-D625,094 Shoe upper
US-D625,093 Shoe insert
US-D625,090 Shoe
US-D625,089 Shoe
US-D625,086 Shoe sole cover
US-7,807,083 Method of making a concrete block
Molds and processes that permit high-speed, mass production of retaining wall blocks having patterned or other processed front faces, as well as retaining wall...
US-7,806,386 Winch and braking device thereof
A braking device for a winch comprises a braking bush, a brake driving shaft having one end connected to an output shaft of the motor and another end of the...
US-7,806,194 Mechanical shoeing for hoof, which is intended, in particular, for sport horses
A mechanical shoeing and, more specifically, a shoe which is intended to be mounted to the hoof of a sport horse that comprises: a front central part (3) or toe...
US-7,806,012 Attachment assembly and drive unit having same
A drive unit includes a gear set driving a drive pulley that in turn drives a flexible drive member which is attached to a driven member by an attachment...
US-7,805,859 Therapeutic shoe sole design
A therapeutic device includes a supporting member that continuously and flexibly supports and bounds a plurality of small sized hard surfaced force members that...
US-D624,745 Shoe upper
US-D624,744 Shoe upper
US-D624,743 Shoe upper
US-D624,742 Shoe upper
US-D624,741 Shoe upper
US-D624,740 Shoe upper
US-D624,739 Shoe sole
US-D624,738 Shoe
US-D624,732 Shoe cover
US-D624,731 Shoe
US-D624,727 Elongated shoe horn with clip
US-7,803,237 Nickel-base alloy and articles made therefrom
A wear and oxidation resistant nickel-base alloy, exhibiting resistance to thermal cracking in high-stress elevated temperature environments, comprises, in...
US-7,802,806 Nerf bar structure and replaceable foot peg inserts for utility and off road vehicles
A foot rest and foot holding apparatus is disclosed that protects a users foot from ground obstructions. The foot holding apparatus has multiple friction points...
US-7,802,459 Conduit bender with method and system for making ninety degree bends
A bender for conduit which may make ninety degree bends in a length of conduit. The bender includes a bending frame, a bending deck, a rising shoe assembly and a...
US-7,802,381 Footwear for use during and after a pedicure and method of using same
Footwear is described for use during or after a pedicure, and for normal wear when one desires a comfortable shoe with magnets. The footwear includes a main body...
US-7,802,380 Shoe construction with double tongue
A novel shoe construction provides a unique aesthetically pleasing appearance to a shoe while also reinforcing the shoe construction. In the shoe construction,...
US-D624,561 Piston and shoe assembly for a hydraulic piston pump
US-D624,299 Shoe lace assist device
US-D624,297 Shoe upper
US-D624,296 Shoe upper
US-D624,294 Shoe sole
US-D624,293 Shoe sole
US-D624,292 Shoe
US-D624,291 Shoe midsole
US-D624,289 Shoe with injected pattern design
US-D624,288 Shoe
US-7,799,708 Coated fabrics with increased abrasion resistance
A silicone coating is applied to fabrics to increase the abrasion resistance while enhancing the natural absorbency and breathability. These fabrics can be used...
US-7,799,304 Highly-structured silica having a low water uptake, preparation method thereof and uses of same
The invention relates to a highly-structured precipitated silica having a low water uptake and high dispersibility in different pasty or solid matrices or media,...
US-7,798,499 Wheeled luggage usable as a seat
A wheel assembly for use on wheeled luggage usable as a seat A seat cushion is located on the upper end of the luggage. The wheel assembly includes a wheel...
US-7,798,306 Retractable diverter nose
A diverter assembly for a positive displacement sorter apparatus having a plurality of interconnected slats that define a conveying surface adapted to convey...
US-7,798,225 Apparatus and methods for creation of down hole annular barrier
Methods and apparatus are provided for performing an expedited shoe test using an expandable casing portion as an annular fluid barrier. Further provided are...
US-7,797,857 Transformational shoes
A transformational shoe construction comprising an upper surface, lower surface (sole) and an upper-lower attachment means; said upper surface consisting of an...
US-7,797,856 Lightweight sole for article of footwear
A sole for an article of footwear comprising a midsole having a plurality of polygonal-shaped openings, or cavities, therein. In alternative embodiments, the...
US-7,797,779 Semi-bed shoe construction method and products produced by the same
The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing footwear. More specifically, the present invention relates to a construction method wherein a first...
US-7,797,762 Cuff clip releasably attaching shoe and garment
A cuff clip secures a loose trouser leg to a shoe, and support the lower edge of such trouser leg above the ground. A fastener is embedded within a lower portion...
US-D623,843 Shoe upper
US-D623,842 Shoe upper
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