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Patent # Description
US-D608,081 Golf shoe outsole
US-7,646,130 Stator segment and method of assembly
A stator assembly is provided for an electric motor having a longitudinal axis. The stator assembly includes at least one stator segment having a first end...
US-7,645,046 Flash photography reflector system
A flash photography reflector system is mounted on a camera of the type wherein the camera's flash unit is positionable above the camera's accessory shoe. A pair...
US-7,644,522 Soles with adjustable and interchangeable supports
A shoe insert system with adjustable and interchangeable supports comprising: a base sole, a longitudinal arch, a heel insert, and a transverse arch; the base...
US-7,644,519 Waterproof shoes with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) insteps
This present invention describes a system of waterproof shoes with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) insteps, including vamp, instep and sole, in which the...
US-7,644,518 Structural element for a shoe sole
The present invention relates to a shoe sole including a cushioning element. The shoe sole can include a heel cup or heel rim having a shape that substantially...
US-D607,635 Outsole for a golf shoe
US-D607,633 Shoe sole
US-D607,631 Shoe slipper
US-7,641,576 Reversible locking device for a timing chain tensioner
A reversible locking device 1 for a tensioner 100 of a timing chain 20 includes a locking device body 3, integral with the tensioner 100 and protruding with...
US-7,641,039 Skewed slat control system for article conveyor
A positive displacement article sorter and method of monitoring a positive displacement article sorter, wherein the article sorter includes a frame, an endless...
US-7,640,811 Ultrasonic inspection apparatus, system, and method
Improved apparatus, systems, and methods for inspecting a structure are provided that use a pedestal robot mounted on a rail system, a probe extension coupler,...
US-7,640,810 Ultrasonic inspection apparatus, system, and method
Improved apparatus, systems, and methods for inspecting a structure are provided that use a pedestal robot mounted on a rail system, a probe extension coupler,...
US-7,640,681 Electric massage shoe assembly
An electric massage shoe assembly includes a shoe with a conductive unit received therein which has a receptacle, a first wire and at least one conductive rod...
US-7,640,640 Shoelace containment device
A shoelace containment device for securing shoelaces after tying on a sports shoe. A flexible body member defines a lace retainment pocket with a closure flap...
US-D607,197 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D607,196 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D607,195 Shoe base
US-D607,193 Shoe sole
US-D607,192 Shoe
US-D607,191 Shoe
US-D607,190 Shoe
US-D607,189 Outsole for a shoe
US-D607,187 Shoe
US-D607,186 Shoe
US-D607,185 Walking shoe
US-7,637,367 Low profile over-under conveyor
This invention is a low profile, over-under conveyor with two continuously moving chain loops that form upper and lower tracks on which flexible work platforms...
US-7,637,361 Combined retainer and anchor for floating shoe drum brake
A one-piece sheet metal combination retainer and anchor for use in a non-servo floating shoe drum brake assembly (10) having a pair of laterally extending ears...
US-7,637,035 Collapsible shoe
An article of footwear including an upper formed of a flexible upper material and a sole formed of a flexible sole material, wherein the sole is rolled, folded,...
US-7,636,978 Polishing implement for polishing shoes
A polishing implement for polishing a shoe or the like, including a structure to be handheld provided with an absorbing fiber layer for forming a first polishing...
US-7,636,965 Bedding accessory for article storage
A bedding accessory for storing shoes in the space fully beneath a bed frame includes a sheet portion, side portions appended to an edge of the sheet portion,...
US-D607,023 Pulper blade wear shoe
US-D606,733 Shoe
US-D606,732 Shoe
US-D606,730 Shoe
US-7,636,036 Detector of unauthorised objects in a protected access zone
A device for the detection of an unauthorised liquid or solid substance in a zone with protected access. The device includes a support base designed to receive a...
US-7,635,419 Shoe press apparatus of a paper machine and paper production method
A shoe press apparatus of a paper machine for pressing wet paper through a nip includes a counter roll, and a shoe module disposed adjacent to the counter roll....
US-7,635,255 Long piston hydraulic machines
Smaller and lighter hydraulic pump/motors provide remarkably improved volumetric efficiency with pistons having body portions substantially as long as the axial...
US-7,634,861 Footwear with longitudinally split midsole for dynamic fit adjustment
An article of footwear is constructed to dynamically provide width adjustment by cooperative expansion and contraction of a longitudinal split midsole with an...
US-D606,296 Threaded shoe lace
US-D606,295 Shoe upper
US-D606,293 Pair of shoe soles with a surface pattern
US-D606,292 Shoe sole
US-7,632,785 Method for simultaneous removal of asphaltene, and/or paraffin and scale from producing oil wells
A method for cleaning oil wells to increase the flow of oil thereof by use of a unique aqueous cleaning emulsion comprising of water, hydrocarbon solvent, and...
US-7,632,239 Sensor device for gait enhancement
A foot sensor device and method for gait enhancement, the device including: (a) a sensor unit having a casing, the sensor unit for disposing within a shoe of a...
US-7,631,440 Shoe with anatomical protection
The present invention provides a floating anatomical protector for use in articles of footwear, and is particularly suited for footwear employing a wraparound...
US-7,631,420 Apparatus for a wire wrapping process
A mounting apparatus includes a base and at least one pair of shoe plates. The shoe plates are formed on a top surface of the base. Each of the shoe plates...
US-7,631,383 Waterproofed breathable sole for shoes and method for the manufacture thereof
A waterproofed and breathable sole for shoes, which comprises a tread made of leather, or similar breathable and water-permeable material, which is at least...
US-D605,847 Shoe upper
US-D605,844 Side element of a shoe upper
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