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Patent # Description
US-D513,362 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D513,361 Shoe upper
US-D513,358 Shoe sock
US-6,979,491 Antimicrobial yarn having nanosilver particles and methods for manufacturing the same
The present invention provides a yarn with antimicrobial effects. The antimicrobial antifungal effect of the yarn is derived from nanosilver particles (diameter...
US-6,979,003 Heeling apparatus and method
A heeling apparatus includes a shoe with a unique feature in the heel that allows one to walk, run, or roll seamlessly. The appearance is that of normal footwear...
US-6,978,865 Safety chock
A safety chock (16) for large wheeled vehicles. A torque arm component (26, 24, 20, 21) maintains and positions an underside face (37) of a shoe (30) in proper...
US-6,978,708 Self-contained mobile chassis for bomb deactivation
A bomb deactivator is formed in a self-contained unit that is able to deactivate a bomb by rendering it inert and then, in one embodiment of the invention, by...
US-6,978,684 Apparel that dynamically, consciously, and/or reflexively affects subject performance
Pieces of apparel, such as foot-receiving devices (e.g., shoes, socks, or the like), form systems and perform methods for applying stimulus to at least a portion...
US-6,978,560 Shoe having an upper with a welt-like fold line
A shoe includes an upper with an open bottom portion which is a welt-like fold line unit. The fold line unit is defined by an outward turning part and an inward...
US-6,978,557 Method for manufacturing shoes and shoes manufactured by the method
A method for manufacturing shoes is provided. The method includes preparing an upper and an outsole, applying an adhesive agent to the outer surface of an upper...
US-D513,115 Pair of shoe midsoles
US-D513,114 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D513,113 Shoe
US-D513,111 Shoe
US-6,976,928 Sports ball spotting apparatus
An apparatus used to officiate sporting events in which the positioning of the ball on the field by the officials is critical to the play. The apparatus employs...
US-6,976,322 Molded orthotic insert
A one-piece molded orthotic insert having a shape for controlling and directing the motions of the foot. The insert has a unitary body that is formed of a rigid,...
US-6,976,320 Method and apparatus for improved shoe construction
The invention relates to a method and apparatus for providing a sandal or shoe having an outsole with a socklining on top of and in direct contact with the...
US-D512,828 Pair of shoe midsoles
US-D512,827 Pair of shoe midsoles
US-D512,826 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D512,825 Shoe upper
US-D512,824 Golf shoe upper
US-D512,823 Golf shoe upper
US-D512,822 Golf shoe upper
US-D512,821 Shoe outsole
US-D512,819 Pair of shoe outsoles
US-D512,818 Pair of shoe outsoles
US-D512,817 Shoe sole
US-D512,816 Set of over shoes
US-D512,815 Shoe
US-6,975,232 Apparatus and method for "seeing" foot inside of shoe to determine the proper fit of the shoe
A thermographic infrared apparatus and method for seeing, and thus measuring, a foot inside of a shoe. The apparatus includes one or more thermographic...
US-6,974,307 Self-guiding wind turbine
A self-guiding wind turbine made of two reinforced parallel girders whose side center of thrust is displaced from the column axis where it is supported and...
US-6,974,019 Conveyor with a motorized transport element
A conveying system including individually motorized transport elements or shoes that transport articles laterally across a conveyor. The motorized transport...
US-6,973,942 Weft carrying grippers for weaving looms and in guiding means thereof
Weft carrying grippers (1, 2), of the type wherein the grippers are made of metal and are driven in their back-and-forth movements through the shed by ...
US-6,973,746 Soccer shoe having independently supported lateral and medial sides
A soccer shoe includes an upper and a cleat assembly coupled to the upper. The cleat assembly further includes a medial support bar located on the medial side...
US-6,973,745 Athletic shoe having an improved cleat arrangement
An athletic shoe having an improved cleat arrangement is provided. An angled or v-cleat is provided near the first metatarsal region to provide improved traction...
US-6,973,743 Gold shoe insole insert
Golf shoe insole inserts for improving the position of a golfer's body during a golf swing while stabilizing the feet against both over-pronation and...
US-6,973,742 Thermal foot cover
The thermal foot cover is an article of footwear to be worn when the wearer's foot is subjected to cold temperatures. The thermal foot cover has an upper cover...
US-D512,557 Golf shoe upper
US-D512,556 Golf shoe upper
US-6,971,652 Connecting mechanism for pivotally connecting a shoe to a sporting device
Connecting mechanisms for pivotally coupling a shoe with a sporting device are described. In one embodiment, the connecting mechanism can include a support...
US-6,971,488 Simplified truck mounted brake system
A brake rigging comprising first and second brake beams. A brake shoe assembly including a brake shoe adjacent each end of brake beams. A first force transfer...
US-6,971,457 Moldable fabric
Apparatus for boring a hole from an inside of a casing outwardly at an angle relative to a longitudinal axis of the casing comprises a drill shoe having a...
US-6,971,192 Padded shoe
A padded shoe includes a flexible, resilient sole having a substantially outer surface. A shoe upper is adjoined to the sole, the shoe upper having closed-cell...
US-6,971,191 Method and apparatus for a shoe having improved construction
The invention relates to a method and apparatus for providing a shoe having an outsole having a top surface and a lip, where the lip extends around a portion of...
US-6,971,135 Inflatable stuffing for footwear
An inflatable stuffing is inserted into and removed from footwear. The stuffing has an insert and a gas inlet. The inlet allows gas to be admitted into the...
US-D512,214 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D512,213 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D512,212 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D512,211 Portion of a shoe upper
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