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Patent # Description
US-6,792,696 Shoe with interchangeable strap system
The present invention provides improved footwear that overcomes many of the limitations of the prior art. A shoe according to the present invention, includes a...
US-D496,502 Shoe dryer
US-D496,153 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D496,152 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D496,151 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D496,150 Shoe liner
US-D496,148 Pair of shoe outsoles
US-6,790,926 Water vapor permeable thermoplastic polyurethane film
Claimed is a non-porous, waterproof film having a water vapor permeability of at least 1000 g/m.sup.2 day, based on a thermoplastic polyurethane, wherein the...
US-6,790,316 Method and arrangement for positioning a shoe of a shoe press/shoe calendar in a paper machine
The invention relates to a method for positioning a shoe of a shoe press/shoe clender in a paper machine. In the method, the position of the shoe (11) of the...
US-6,790,238 Ultra low friction sheath for prosthetics
Ultra low friction sheath for facilitating donning and wearing of a prosthesis on a residual limb. The sheath is configured to remain between the residual limb...
US-6,790,193 Foot lifter orthesis and method of formation
A foot lifter orthosis including a dorsal leg shell, extending over the rear foot, which can be fixed by a strapping means to the calf of the orthosis wearer and...
US-6,789,913 Multifunctional shoe flashing device
A multifunctional shoe flashing device includes at least one casing, at least one battery, a substrate, a conductive wiring, a lighting device, an oscillation...
US-6,789,456 Braking system
A braking system is provided for mitigating the linear or rotational motion of an object having an axis, the linear or rotational motion being coaxial with the...
US-6,789,334 Punch-to-fix structure of steel-head shoes
A punch-to-fix structure of steel-head shoes comprises a vamp, a steel head, and a sole, in which a covering portion and a wearing entrance are formed at a front...
US-6,789,332 Sole for a shoe with spring and damping elements
The present invention relates to a sole for a shoe, in particular for a sports shoe with a support plate, at least one damping element arranged below the support...
US-6,789,331 Shoes sole structures
In its simplest conceptual form, this invention relates to variations in the structure of such shoes having a sole contour which follows a theoretically ideal...
US-D495,868 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D495,867 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D495,866 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D495,865 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D495,864 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D495,862 Shoe upper
US-D495,861 Pair of shoe insoles
US-D495,860 Shoe outsole
US-D495,859 Pair of shoe outsoles
US-D495,857 Shoe outsole
US-6,787,487 Water vapor-permeable and waterproof material and method for manufacturing the same
The present invention provides a highly durable, moisture-permeable, waterproof material that is high in moisture-permeability and waterproofness and able to...
US-6,787,089 Method for making a shoe
A method for making a shoe includes the steps of forming a midsole in an outsole in a first mold, transferring the assembly of the midsole and the outsole into a...
US-6,787,079 Method for making a multi-layer expanded shoe sole
A method for making a multi-layer expanded shoe sole includes the steps of (a) molding a first foamable material to form a first unexpanded blank and cooling the...
US-6,786,704 Compressor with single shaft support
A piston type compressor having a drive plate (swash plate), wherein sliding friction between the drive plate and shoes is reduced and the compressor is made...
US-6,786,337 Wooden shoe rack construction
A wooden shoe rack constructed either as a unit hung on a door or as a self-standing unit. Frame sides connect with support arms at special dado joints. Shoe...
US-6,786,308 Anti-lock brake system for a bicycle
An anti-lock brake system for a bicycle having sliding assembly (having a brake shoe therein) and a plurality of springs defined in a brake shoe holder in turn,...
US-6,785,987 Adjustable heel assembly and shoe including the same
A shoe having an upper, a sole and an adjustable heel assembly including a first heel member connected to the sole at a rear portion thereof and a second heel...
US-6,785,986 Shoe and sole fitted with torsion stiffener
A shoe comprising a sole having a supporting surface for supporting a foot and an upper connected with the sole for locking a foot onto the supporting surface....
US-6,785,985 Shoe having an inflatable bladder
An article of footwear including a sole and an upper with an exterior and interior surface, and a bladder which comprises at least one of the exterior or...
US-6,785,984 Walking shoe
A walking shoe. According to one aspect of the present invention, a walking shoe includes a segmented midsole with a thickness that changes from back to front....
US-6,785,924 Method of orienting shoes in a washing machine and devices for aligning shoes in a washing machine
A method of orienting shoes in a washing machine, and devices for aligning shoes in a washing machine are disclosed. The method of orienting shoes in a washing...
US-D495,635 Brake shoe for a bicycle
US-D495,481 Shoe heel
US-D495,479 Portion of a shoe outsole
US-D495,476 Shoe sole
US-D495,475 Shoe
US-D495,474 Shoe
US-D495,473 Shoe
US-D495,472 Shoe
US-D495,470 Vehicle styled athletic shoe
US-6,784,584 Electric motor
The electric motor comprises an internal rotor and an external stator with stator windings. The rotor comprises several permanently magnetic pole shoes. The...
US-6,784,220 Polyurethane foam
A process for preparing a polyurethane foam, comprising reacting a polyol having a number-average molecular weight of not less than 1000 and less than 2500 with...
US-6,782,811 Extended-nip roll press for dewatering a fibrous web
Extended-nip roll press for dewatering a material web comprises a rotating mating roll and an extended-nip press roll. The extended-nip press roll has a...
US-6,782,643 Orthotic insert having heel post with contoured lower surface
An orthotic insert having an angled lateral surface that engages the insole so as to pivot the insert in a lateral direction and invert the rearfoot at heel...
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