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Patent # Description
US-6,533,885 Apparatus and method for manufacturing a shoe upper
The present invention is directed to an article of footwear and method for making the same, where the article of footwear has a minimal number of upper pieces....
US-6,533,371 Elastic crawler shoe
With the objective of providing an elastic crawler shoe capable of securing desired ground contact pressure on an icy road or a pressed snow road, thereby...
US-6,533,246 Shoe clamp
A clamping apparatus is provided with a shoe mountable on a work surface, and a clamp having a foot adapted for removable engagement with the shoe. Also provided...
US-6,533,127 Over-door shoe racks
A shoe rack for mounting to an upright surface, or for hanging over a door, includes a pair of plastic, vertical side frame members and a plurality of ...
US-6,533,101 Integrated transport carrier and conveyor system
A system for transporting articles. The transport system includes a conveyor system which includes a transport carrier for carrying one or more articles between...
US-6,532,686 Continuous form disposable shoe cover and method of making same
A continuous form disposable shoe cover, separably linked to at least one other shoe cover or a shoe cover lineal, and the production process of the shoe cover...
US-6,532,664 Method of manufacturing shoe
A method of manufacturing a shoe according to the present invention comprises a step of cutting a columnar raw material 1 to a given length to provide a...
US-D471,698 Supportive sole insert for a shoe
US-D471,696 Shoe sole
US-D471,694 Outsole of a shoe
US-6,532,216 Central office based ADSL test platform
An apparatus for testing the installation of Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSLs) that includes an ADSL Transceiver Unit - Central Office (ATU-C), an ADSL...
US-6,530,854 Belt for shoe press
A shoe press belt for papermaking is composed of heat-resistant base and resin layers, the resin layer containing a filler for either increasing or decreasing...
US-6,530,434 Farrier hammer
An improved hammer for attaching a horseshoe to a hoof of a horse and having a head member at one end for driving a horsenail through the shoe and a portion of...
US-6,530,162 Sports shoe cleats
A golf shoe cleat has a main body member having a dome-shaped outer face and a planar inner face, a threaded stud molded integrally with the main body member and...
US-6,530,105 Spike cleaner
A golf shoe spike cleaner particularly adapted for use in association with a golf cart comprises a frame for mounting at least one spike cleaner thereto, at...
US-D471,350 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D471,349 Shoe upper
US-D471,348 Shoe bottom
US-D471,344 Shoe
US-6,528,140 Shoe sole with dual energy management system
An article of footwear provides a dual energy management system to improve the biomechanical properties of the article of footwear. The article of footwear...
US-6,527,916 Pressing section for a paper machine
Pressing section of paper machine including first and a second pressing stations, a common lower felt arranged to run through first and the second pressing...
US-D471,004 Jazz tap shoe key ring
US-D471,002 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D471,001 Shoe insole
US-D471,000 Shoe bottom
US-D470,999 Shoe bottom
US-D470,998 Shoe outsole
US-D470,997 Shoe
US-D470,996 Shoe
US-D470,995 Shoe
US-6,525,487 Light driver for shoe
A light driver for shoe comprises a power source, a switch unit, a controller, and a plurality of LEDs. The power source is composed of a first battery and a...
US-6,524,202 Blade-type chain tensioner
A blade-type tensioner for chain drives which is suitable for use as a tensioner on the timing chain of a motor vehicle engine. The present invention is a chain...
US-6,523,652 Drum brake device
This invention provides a duo-two leading type drum brake device which simplifies a drum brake structure as well as improves a transmission efficiency of a...
US-6,523,500 Rotating tether for securing an animal
The present invention provides a device for tethering an animal such that it has freedom to roam, yet is confined in an area that is devoid of fencing. A common...
US-6,523,289 System and shoe enabling the determination of fit from outside of the shoe
A system and shoe for determining the fit of a shoe from outside the shoe wherein the shoe has an outsole that has a reference gauge for placing a person's heel...
US-6,523,281 Footwear for heel strikers
Footwear for a human foot containing an elongated sole piece having a front, middle and rear section and having a ground engaging bottom surface and an upper...
US-D470,652 Shoe sole
US-D470,651 Shoe upper
US-D470,650 Portion of a shoe bottom
US-D470,649 Portion of a shoe bottom
US-D470,647 Shoe cover
US-D470,646 Shoe
US-D470,645 Shoe
US-6,521,676 Use of polyether-polyurethane for safety clothing
Safety clothing is produced by molding polyether-based plastic-forming compositions. Particularly preferred articles of safety clothing produced by this process...
US-6,520,705 Clamping assembly
A clamping assembly comprising two shoes, each shoe having a base from which depend spaced-apart ears, the ears cooperating with the base to form tapered...
US-6,520,603 Low-noise endless crawler belt having embedded core bars and detachable crawler shoes
The crawler belt 20 is structured of a plurality of inner shoes 21; a plurality of outer shoes 30 arranged to oppose each of the inner shoes; an endless...
US-6,520,301 Friction lining attachments
An attachment between segments (12) of a friction lining material and a brake shoe (11), in which the lining (12) is attached to the brake shoe (11) by a...
US-6,519,879 Golf shoe soft spike/cleat design
The invention relates to a cleat for providing traction for footwear. The cleat provides traction and durability without damaging turf when in use.
US-6,519,878 Shoe soles
A shoe sole having a resilient outsole including a weight for applying a larger-than-normal load on the leg muscles. The outsole has a single recess formed on...
US-6,519,875 Driving and walking shoe
A driving shoe that is also comfortable for walking includes extensive cushioning in the shoe's heel regions and sides and a line of substantially constant...
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