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Patent # Description
US-6,578,324 Spillage control safety floor matting
A thin flexible floor mat system is configured to resist penetration by high heeled shoes and be capable of being easily rolled up in long segments. The floor...
US-6,578,291 Shoe wear indicator
The invention provides a shoe having a built-in, electronic wear indicator device capable of signaling (a) extent of shoe sole wear, (b) loss of ability to...
US-6,578,290 Shoe sole
A shoe construction having a sole in which the upper surface of the sole when in normal use on a flat surface is lower at the heel bed than at the foresole...
US-6,578,289 Adjustable heel assembly and shoe including the same
A shoe having an upper, a sole and an adjustable heel assembly including a first heel member connected to the sole at a rear portion thereof and a second heel...
US-D475,848 Shoe shine handle
US-D475,847 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D475,846 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D475,845 Shoe upper
US-D475,844 Shoe cover traction pattern with heel and toe areas
US-6,575,893 Magnetic field applicator for heating magnetic substances in biological tissue
A magnetic field applicator to heat magnetic substances in biological tissue, having a magnetic yoke with two pole shoes across from each other and separated...
US-6,574,889 Flexible shoe sole
A shoe comprises a flexible outersole, an insole and an upper, the upper being formed from a flat Thermo Plastic Rubber blank, a toe cap first being fabricated...
US-6,574,888 Expandable shoe and shoe assemblies
An improved expandable shoe and inner assembly are disclosed. The expandable shoe includes an outer shell and an adjustable inner assembly is disposed within the...
US-6,574,887 Footwear with reversible tongue
Footwear, incorporating a reversible a tongue, wherein one side or the other of the tongue may be adhered for pivot to the upper central vamp portion of the...
US-6,574,845 Pincers for assembling and disassembling the spring of the brake shoes in a drum brake
A pair of pincers for assembling and disassembling the spring of the brake shoes in a drum brake includes a position lever and a hook lever preset in its form,...
US-D475,523 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D475,522 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D475,521 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D475,520 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D475,519 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D475,518 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D475,514 Shoe bottom
US-D475,513 Shoe cover traction pattern with heel and toe areas
US-D475,512 Shoe sole
US-D475,511 Shoe cover traction pattern
US-D475,510 Shoe cover traction pattern
US-D475,509 Portion of a shoe sole
US-D475,508 Shoe
US-6,572,713 Grain-refined austenitic manganese steel casting having microadditions of vanadium and titanium and method of...
An austenitic manganese steel microalloyed with nitrogen, vanadium and titanium used for castings such as mantles, bowls and jaws manufactured as wear components...
US-6,572,502 Chain tensioner device for use in a confined space
A chain tensioner apparatus utilizes a synthetic plastic (e.g. nylon) bracket that permits a fastener at a pivot end of the bracket to serve as a pivot pin for a...
US-6,572,452 Disc for toroidal type continuously variable transmission and working method therefor
An inner surface 16a of a torque transmitting disc of a toroidal type continuously variable transmission can be finish-worked without also enhancing accuracy of...
US-6,572,121 Shoe and wheel combination having detachable structure
A shoe and a wheel device include one end detachably secured together with a projection-and-lock notch engagement. A toe member and a separate heel member are...
US-6,572,054 Under floor air cooled housing system for aircraft passenger digital system entertainment boxes and the like
An under floor housing system for a passenger seat electronic units within an aircraft, where the aircraft includes a passenger cabin with a floor supporting the...
US-6,571,881 Farrier's shoeing appliance
An appliance for assisting in the shoeing of horses and other animals is made of malleable galvanized sheet metal. It is formed of a pair of wings which extend...
US-6,571,850 Floating anvil useable against a heat sealing shoe
An anvil assembly having a housing and two rotatable inserts with flat upper surfaces against which the heated shoes of a package sealing machine may press a...
US-6,571,491 Shoe having a fabric outsole and manufacturing process thereof
A method of construction a shoe is provided wherein the shoe includes an upper, a lower attached to the upper, and an outsole attached to the lower. In one...
US-6,571,490 Bladder with multi-stage regionalized cushioning
A bladder which is particularly useful for a sole assembly of a shoe is formed of multiple layers of barrier film to provide multiple pressurized layers of...
US-6,571,438 Double-bow shoe lace device
A double-bow shoe lace device for a shoe includes a shoe lace, a clamp member, and an assembly of two loops and a decorative knot. The shoe lace has a first lace...
US-6,571,437 Double-bow shoe lace device
A double-bow shoe lace device for a shoe includes a shoe lace, a clamp member, and a positioning unit. The shoe lace has first and second lace portions, each of...
US-D475,192 Shoe upper
US-D475,191 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D475,190 Side element of a shoe upper
US-D475,188 Shoe upper
US-D475,187 Shoe upper
US-D475,186 Shoe upper
US-D475,185 Shoe upper
US-D475,183 Shoe sole
US-D475,181 Shoe sole
US-D475,180 Irish ghillie dance shoe
US-6,568,918 Lubrication coating for the sliding portion of a swashplate compressor
A swash plate slides on a plurality of shoes. A lubrication coating is applied to the swash plate. The lubrication coating includes a non-graphite solid...
US-6,568,513 Drum brake
An adjustment arrangement for a non-servo drum brake having a hydraulic actuator that engages a first web of a first brake shoe and a second web of a second...
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