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Patent # Description
US-D474,583 Portion of a shoe sole
US-D474,582 Portion of a shoe sole
US-D474,581 Portion of a shoe sole
US-D474,580 Shoe
US-6,563,053 Systems and methods for modifying ice adhesion strength
The invention includes system for modifying ice adhesion strength of ice adhered to an object. The system includes an electrode that is electrically insulated...
US-6,562,427 Airbag for shoes
An airbag for shoes has a plurality of elastically compressible cylindrical cushion members which are interconnected in a predetermined array by a connecting...
US-6,560,993 Decorative object with a movable sleeve
Decorative object, particularly jewelry such as a ring, comprises an annular body (11) on which is slidably mounted a movable member (12) having the shape of a...
US-6,560,930 Guide device for a window having a guide rail mounted to pivot substantially parallel to a plane of the window
A guide device for a window movable within a motor vehicle between an open position and a closed position for closing an opening in the motor vehicle. The device...
US-6,560,901 Shoe with insole as part sole filler and method of making same
A method of manufacture of footwear and the footwear comprising the steps of providing a last with an upper thereon, providing a mold insert on the bottom of the...
US-6,560,899 Waterproof shoe having stitch seam for drainage (I)
A waterproof shoe includes a hollow sole pad having an intermediate opening, an inner marginal end confining the opening, an outer marginal portion spaced from...
US-6,560,831 Lace lasso shoelace tie restraining device
A device to prevent the unraveling of common bow-tie shoelace knots. The four ends of a standard bow-tie knot (two loops and two loose ends) are gathered...
US-D474,334 Shoe upper
US-D474,332 Heel portion of an athletic shoe outsole
US-D474,330 Shoe sole
US-D474,329 Shoe sole
US-6,557,954 Crawler pad for the tread board of a crawler track shoe
A crawler pad to be mounted on the tread board of a crawler track shoe includes an elastic pad body (1) and a metal core (2) buried in the elastic pad body (1)....
US-6,557,932 Roof assembly for a vehicle
A roof assembly for a vehicle having an opening in its fixed roof has a stationary part to be fixed to the roof and a closure element supported by the stationary...
US-6,557,861 Three-wheeled roller skate and method therefor
A three-wheeled roller skate and method therefore, comprising a substantially shoe-shaped foot receptacle, two heel end wheels rotatably coupled to an axis, and...
US-6,557,702 Golf club travel bag
There is disclosed herein a travel bag for containing a golf bag and clubs therein formed of a fabric and rigid panel laminated structure. The travel bag...
US-6,557,672 Friction ring for a brake disc
The invention is a brake disk. The brake disk has at least one friction ring which can be engaged by a brake shoe on at least one side. The friction ring is...
US-6,557,434 Steering column tilt assembly
The steering column tilt assembly has a tilt housing that is pivotally attached to a fixed housing. A fixed shoe is attached to the fixed housing. A pivoted shoe...
US-6,557,274 Athletic shoe construction
A supportive, lightweight athletic shoe construction is described which includes an inflatable upper and a sole. The upper includes a foot conforming support...
US-6,557,273 Layered arch support and method of manufacture
An arch support device has a lower layer of a rigid or semirigid material shaped to conform to the arch of a wearer's foot and to provide an arch supporting...
US-6,557,272 Helium movement magnetic mechanism adjustable socket sole
An improved sole for use with all types of footwear, including dress, casual, and athletic shoes and sandals, which has a socket casing made of a plurality of...
US-6,557,271 Shoe with improved cushioning and support
An article of footwear of the present invention includes a sole and an upper portion, which forms a shell for enclosing a user's foot therein. The shell has a...
US-6,557,270 Sole design and structure for athletic shoe
A shoe sole structure includes an outsole that extends from a heel region to a forefoot region of a shoe, and a midsole that is disposed above the outsole and...
US-6,557,200 Automatic shoe edge processing machine
A shoe edge processing machine comprises means (26, 27) of gripping a shoe along an axis (31) virtually perpendicular to the shoe, shoe processing means (16),...
US-D474,011 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D474,010 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D474,009 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D474,008 Shoe upper
US-D474,007 Shoe upper
US-D474,006 Shoe upper
US-D474,005 Portion of a shoe outsole
US-D474,004 Portion of a shoe outsole
US-6,554,964 Shoe press and shoe support device therefor
A shoe press comprises a shoe support device mounted downstream of the press shoe of the shoe press to carry forces acting on the press shoe and having a first...
US-6,554,110 Drum brake device
A drum brake device having a brake lever with sufficient rigidity, and securing a larger space at a central region of a brake, to provide a large effective brake...
US-6,553,692 Shock absorption mechanism for shoes
A new and improved shock absorption mechanism for shoes comprising a plurality of members defining an upper support planar surface and a lower support planar...
US-6,553,691 Self-inflatable air cushion for shoes
Support is provided to the foot of a shoe wearer by an air cushion that includes a support chamber surrounding a collapsible pump operable by the foot of the...
US-6,553,603 Athletic shoe cleaner
An athletic shoe cleaner for cleaning a shoe bottom, especially the bottom of a shoe having non-metal spikes. The athletic shoe cleaner includes a cleaning...
US-D473,733 Shoe rack
US-D473,722 Footrest used to tie up or undo the shoes or boots
US-D473,711 Box with a top having an image of a bare human footprint and an underside having an image of the undersurface...
US-D473,705 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D473,704 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D473,702 Shoe upper
US-D473,701 Shoe upper
US-D473,700 Shoe upper
US-D473,697 Shoe sole
US-D473,696 Sole for a marching-band shoe
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