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Patent # Description
US-9,580,950 Locking balance shoe and system for a pivotable window
Locking balance shoes and balance systems to be incorporated in pivotable double hung windows include, in one embodiment, a pair of retractable tabs that...
US-9,579,958 Roof apparatus
A roof apparatus includes: a front member and a rear member which are supported by a guide rail in such a way as to be able to move in a longitudinal direction...
US-9,579,410 Self-powered footwear, sanitizing system
The present invention relates to a self-powered, footwear sanitizing system configured to substantially neutralize biological contaminants on the soles of shoes...
US-9,578,927 Shoe wear-out sensor, body-bar sensing system, unitless activity assessment and associated methods
A system assesses activity and displays a unitless activity value. A detector senses activity of a user. A processor reads sensed activity data from the...
US-9,578,926 Device for automatically tightening and loosening laces
Described is a tightening device for automatically tightening a lace. The tightening device includes a housing with a power source and a pair of motors. A pair...
US-9,578,925 Waterproof footwear pocket
A waterproof footwear pocket which protects various small items from exposure to water while being secured in a pocket on a shoe. The waterproof footwear pocket...
US-9,578,924 High-heeled shoe
A high-heeled shoe having a sole and a heel of at least 4 cm height provided thereto, wherein the heel is provided with a damping element. The damping element...
US-9,578,923 Athletic shoe sole coating for traction enhancement
An athletic shoe coating for traction enhancement includes a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) and a tackyfying resin and a film former initially in solution...
US-D779,807 Shoe upper
US-D779,806 Shoe sole
US-D779,805 Shoe sole
US-D779,803 Shoe outsole
US-D779,802 Shoe outsole
US-D779,801 Single-sole shoe with stripe and outpatch sole
US-D779,800 Single-sole shoe with outpatch sole
US-D779,799 Single-sole shoe with stripe and outpatch sole
US-D779,798 Single-sole shoe with orange sole
US-D779,796 Shoe
US-D779,795 Shoe
US-D779,793 Shoe
US-9,576,708 Apparatus for replacing insulators on energized power lines
Apparatus for replacing a suspension insulator on a tower having a davit arm supporting an attached insulator and a conductor shoe attaching an energized...
US-9,573,331 Thermoplastic polyurethane infused mesh
Embodiments of the present invention relate to a thermoplastic polyurethane ("TPU") infused mesh material that is molded to form at least a portion of a shoe....
US-9,572,405 Fastening mechanism for ice skates
A securing device for attaching hockey skates to a foot. The device includes a series of fastening mechanisms distributed about the shoe along the length of the...
US-9,572,404 Shoe with composite upper and foam element and method of making same
A bonded mesh composite panel can be used to form a three-dimensional upper shell that includes extensions used for double-lasting and/or to otherwise provide a...
US-9,572,397 Heated insole with removable assembly
A heated insole for a shoe has an insole body, a heating element, and a removable assembly. The insole body has a recess, and the heating element delivers heat...
US-9,572,396 Athletic shoe
An athletic shoe configured to efficiently attenuate dorsal, anterior, posterior, lateral, medial and plantar loading forces. The shoe toebox or forefoot upper...
US-9,572,395 Human locomotion assisting shoe and clothing
Bodywear apparatus configured to be worn by a human user and attachable to footwear of the human user in order to augment the abilities of the lower limbs of...
US-D779,192 Shoe upper
US-D779,191 Shoe
US-D779,190 Shoe upper
US-D779,189 Shoe upper
US-D779,188 Shoe upper
US-D779,187 Shoe upper
US-D779,186 Shoe upper
US-D779,184 Shoe
US-D779,183 Shoe upper
US-D779,182 Shoe
US-D779,180 Shoe outsole
US-D779,179 Shoe
US-D779,178 Shoe outsole
US-D779,177 Shoe outsole
US-D779,176 Shoe outsole
US-D779,175 Shoe sidewall
US-D779,174 Shoe midsole
US-D779,173 Shoe upper
US-9,568,071 Chain guide
The present invention provides a highly durable chain guide which is simply configured, easy to assemble, and low in material cost, and in which vibration and...
US-9,568,053 Method and apparatus for limiting rotation of a drive shaft in a reverse direction
There is a braking assembly for limiting rotation of a drive shaft in a reverse direction. A hub is fixed for rotation with the drive shaft. The hub has an...
US-9,567,960 Fuel pump tappet assembly
A fuel pump assembly for an internal combustion engine includes a fuel pump housing, a cylindrical bore defined in the fuel pump housing, and a tappet assembly...
US-9,567,767 Vehicle roof-top tent
The present invention relates tents, and in particular, relates to various features and accessories for vehicle roof-top tents. The claimed inventions provide...
US-9,567,728 Telescoping outrigger systems
A system to stabilize a construction vehicle having a frame and a pair of stabilizing legs with ground-engaging shoes at the ends of the legs. The stabilizing...
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